“Aum” Artichart Denies Blepharoplasty Only Got The Fat Sucked Out

There are rumors going around saying that actor, “Aum” Artichart Choomnanont went to see a Plastic Surgeon for Blepharoplasty (eye surgery) to make his eye lid look deeper than before. The actor firmly denied that he has never had any plastic surgery on his eyes like the rumored stated, but instead he went to have liposuction (having fat sucked out) instead.

“I didn’t get blepharoplasty. It’s probably because I have to put make-up on my face everyday and it accumulates so then I went to see a doctor to suck the fat out on my eyelids instead. My eyes have always been like this and I didn’t get blepharoplasty added to it. I have seen the news and it’s probably having an affect on how we view ourselves. I had went to consult a doctor and the doctor only sucked out the excess fat and made the level of my eyelids the same. This is already OK enough for me. If I got double eyelid surgery it might be weird on me.”

[Source via Siambunterng]

15 responses to ““Aum” Artichart Denies Blepharoplasty Only Got The Fat Sucked Out

  1. i want this for one of my eyes too — there’s some fat on there and now it’s a bit droopy T_T .. it became one fold lid — i used to have double lid for both eyes so yup, it’s weird looking at my eyes now b/c one side has more fat than the other lOl .. (too sad, it cost to much for a normal person like me to have it suck out *sighed* .. anyway, i love Aum as p’SUER!

    • lol You just don’t like the Ateam do you? Which is fine, it’s your rights to not like someone. Was it because of Jamleuy Rak?

  2. I think that’s actually pretty BOLD of him to admit to any type of surgery @ all. Most actors/actresses who have had surgery would deny it and blame it on weight loss but Aum actually admits to it. No biggie 🙂

  3. I like Aum a lot (after watching Peanjai tee pookpan, my like for him had appear again) and he seems like a very honest person admitting to this. I hope he continue to do good work and about his love life – he needs to stop being a player and really mature up.

    For some reason, I hated him so much with Nat. That’s one reason I haven’t been able to like him for a while and that’s go with Aff too. I know I shouldn’t have my say but I did.

  4. He got a nice nose, no need to bother enhancing it. Like Lee Min Ho, I like his real nose more compare to his current

  5. Maybe he should get surgery to pull those dumbo ears back too. JOKING =) I have respect for him for admitting it. I liked him and thought he was hot and attractive when he first started waaay back then. Now he is just okay looking to me.

  6. ^ lmao.. i know aum has big ears but that’s another thing of his that attracts me lol..

    gosh.. he’s looking mighty fine like always ^_^.. so fresh and clean ^____________^

  7. This man right here is the hottest of the hot!! Love him in every lakorn. Plus he reminds of Mark Wehlberg! oh yes

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