Janie is over dating Hiso men, dares Film to make a move on her

After television lakorn drama series “Suay Cherd Lert Sode” ended recently, the viewers are cheering on for the leading cast “Janie Tienpohsuwan” and “Film” Rathapoom Tohkongsub to become an item in real life.

Film has also been giving neverending compliements to his female co-star – but how does Janie feel about his compliments?

“It’s normal. Maybe because we’ve known each other for a long time now and like he said, friendship isgood already and it’s better than developing into something else. What if we turned it into something else and it doesn’t work out? It might not be a good idea. Besides, I don’t feel like he’s making a move on me at all? Or maybe I have no feelings (laughs) I’m probably so close to him I wouldn’t even think about him trying to pursue me. Maybe he might say things but he doesn’t do anything. Also, he seems to admire everybody”

If he does try to court you, do you think it’s possible?

“I haven’t seen him try it yet. Nowadays he works a lot and I work a lot too. I don’t know what the future holds, that’s another story”

Do you still talk to him on the phone?


Maybe he doesn’t show it because he’s afraid of losing your friendship?

“That’s okay, let him show it first, I don’t think it will hurt our friendship”

Is Film your type?

“I don’t have an ideal type anymore. When I had one I never got it  so now whoever comes along, I’ll just see them and decide. I’m older now, if I think too much I’ll be 35 and wrinkly (laughs) now Nana is telling me that I should have a boyfriend because she’s tired of me, I’m a burden she says, she calls me Pa now, short for ‘Para’ (burden in Thai)”

“On the day after their wedding. They were resting in their wedding room and I called them at 9pm. They were sleeping so I told them I was coming up to see them, when I got there I went and laid down in the middle of the bed and I fell asleep (laughs) I think Way is used to it now. His marraige came with a friend package. But then again when I have a boyfriend they get really possessive too”

You haven’t had a boyfriend for a long time now

“Now I want to meet the right man. I don’t want to have to start counting back at one again, I’m scared of love, I’m scared of pain. Sometimes I meet people and they’re not the one. I think to myself, let’s not waste your feelings and your body. I think I react too fast, men are probably afraid of me”

What happened to the socialite?

“No more, maybe because I’m older now and I can take care of myself. I just want someone with a mature mind, someone who can be older or younger, I don’t want to have kids later in life, I want to have kids as early as possible”

Source via Entertain Teenee

23 responses to “Janie is over dating Hiso men, dares Film to make a move on her

  1. There is something very modern and blunt about her that is obnoxious yet refreshing at the same time. And the fact that she is not the most prettiest actress is great, she’s like a normal woman that could be one of your friends.

  2. I’m thinking about the comment she made when they asked her about dating the hi-society people and she answered “No more, maybe because I’m older now and I can take care of myself” … So basically in the past she dated them because they were able to take care of her? Because obviously her pass hi-society boyfriends were never handsome at all, but only loaded with money. So it’s basically like she was young so she wanted to take the easy way out or something by her comment.

    • See what did I tell you (well not you wpblogger). I said before that she wouldn’t date Film cus he’s not rich and some people gave me the thumbs down for it. So I didn’t make it up (stick tongue out at those who gave me the thumbs down).

      People, just because you like a certain actresses or actor doesn’t mean they can’t ever be gold diggers or do no wrong! Take off those blinders, you’ll walk better without it.

  3. Does anyone get the feeling like Film and Janie are kinda milking this news between the two of them for publicity? Or if it’s not to that extent, are just bad at putting it to rest? Cuz I just don’t see it! lol I admittedly don’t know all or too much details regarding their relationship as friends or co-workers etc, but it just seems so fake and baseless. And when they get asked about it, their answers are, to me, misleading. Basically coming off as a “maybe” or “I would, but I rather not ruin our friendship…” Janie says she’s tired of the guys she used to date but I can’t see her entertaining the idea of dating Film on ratreesamosarn, she could not deny the thought any faster. It’s definitely more Film than Janie who’s looking shady…

    • Their friendship is not fake. They’re really close with each other. After their first lakorn together, they went out together sometimes as group of friends. But they’re closer than before after their recent lakorn. Sometimes, Film went to pick Janie up to shoot lakorn together and sometimes Janie gave him a ride. Janie also said Film also helped to give her some advice about guys she date with sometimes.
      In Nana, Janie’s best friend’s wedding, Film and Janie also went there together.
      Anyway, I think it’s hard for them to get together. But I support them, though.

      • Yeah, I agree with bunbun I’ve been hearing that for a while that they are friends. Other people in the entertainment industry also had noted that the fact that they are friends – it’s not just made up. Also, I don’t think Janie and Film are are trying to generate the news for publicity, but rather it is mostly generated by the public, fans, and reporters because of the closeness between the two in the lakorn as well as behind the scene. Have you watched Suay Rerd Cherd Sode? In the lakorn, they have so many close contact and kissing scenes together and they look very comfortable acting it out that it makes you wonder could there be something more between the two of them. The kissing scenes aren’t fake or just a little peck on the lips… they are real.

        In my opinion, I don’t blame Janie and Film for saying that their relationship in the future is a “maybe” rather than denying it since no one knows what the future holds. I think it is better than saying “no” because if they decide to become a couple in the future, people would criticize them even more for denying it or accuse them of “lying” about their relationship.

  4. Maybe she meant she’s financially stable now since she’s older. Lol. I’m just kidding. But at least she wants to get on with her life and have chlidrens not like some actress that should be married by now but is not and they’re still talking about marriage is still a long way ahead. Ugh! Maybe she’s trying to tell Film something…

  5. lol yeah it does seem like she said she dated them for the money haha… film i don’t know but i don’t think janie is in it for the publicity because she has always done well and she gets continuous work.

  6. maybe she realizes now that money can’t buy her happiness plus she’s also financially stable so she doesn’t have to date older hiso guys. maybe her friend nana’s wedding had an affect on her because that couple is happy together and they don’t have to be rich OR maybe she still go for hiso rich guys but didn’t want to sound like a gold digger in interviews lol so much speculating for her we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • hehe or according to my sister, Janie probably now knows that even if she dated those rich guys she won’t get much or anything from them.

    • lol. my thoughts exactly. they certainly do have something in common, don’t they? they’ve both had sugar daddies.

  7. It would be so cool if they date. I fully support them. Keeping my fingers crossed…I admit I used to not be a huge fan of Janie. I watch her lakorn from time to time but after Suay Rerd Cherd Sode, I gotta admit. I am a fan now. Especially after watching her on Ratree Samosorn with the cast. She seems real and straightforward. In my opinion, she is admitting that she dated the hiso guys for money but now that she’s more stable financially, she doesn’t need to do that any more. After looking at or seeing the pictures of guys she dated, people immediately think she dated them for money because 1. they are way older. 2. they are not well endowed in the looks department. I think it’s great that she can admit it. Because if she deny it, then she’ll just be called a liar. I respect that.

  8. I’m crosing my fingers for them also..
    they’ll make a cute n hott couple
    they match together..

  9. Seems to me that Janie may be interested in Film too..
    Just the stuff she says.. I guess if Film was to make a move on her she would go out with him. Also she’s always been stating that shes into older men.. But in this interview she’s stating that she doesn’t mind if the guy is younger.. some signs here..

    • true. what happened to her? she always said in the past that she likes older guys. anyway, i’m a little iffy on film because of sia ode. i don’t know if he’s really a good guy for janie. i had always hoped for ken if she did hook up with a costar. too bad he’s married.

  10. Film is also a gold digger and one that doesn’t admit to it too until he was caught. I used to like him when he did his lakorn with Donut. I thought he was cute but after the news, I don’t care for him anymore. I can’t look at him the same way as I did before. Janie is pretty and I hope she can find someone that is really good for her because I don’t think Film is the right guy for her judging from his scandal in the past.

  11. they can’t date now film is making baby’s!! lol unlease she wants to deal with childsupport.. do they have childsupport in thailand?

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