Aff smiles sweetly in the wedding scene of “Wanida”

Starting off the first scene of Ch.3’s lakorn “Wanida” we are immediately taken to a sweet scene between p’ek-n’ek couple, Tik Jessadaporn and Aff Tucksaorn. This is scene is when Nai Dao (played by Poo Montri), the father of Wanida (Aff), makes a plan to have Major Prajuck (Tik) marry Wanida in order to payback his debt owed to his younger brother.

This scene was taken at the Department of Accounting Sang Hee when the director called for all actors to come ready. Aff came out in a beautiful Thai outfit and Tik in a military outfit to play the scene where they sprinkle the holy water. The scene had p’Poo Montri as the first person to sprinkle the holy water. At this time, the p’ek is unhappy because he was forced to get married.  Standing next to the p’ek is Boy Pisanu, who played as the p’eks groomsman. As for the n’ek, she just smiles likes she’s so happy.

But before being able to film Aff, an ant bit her around the left eye leaving her with tears. The film crew had to hurry in to help her. After a while, 2 guys were joking with her saying that she’s so sweet and beautiful that an ant had to bite her. After they finished filming, we asked Aff when will you really get married like this? Aff didn’t answer much. She just smiled sweetly as her face gets red. She said

“You guys should go ask Songkran yourselves.”

Please stay tuned to watch this scene Tuesday night (Thailand time) on Ch.3

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25 responses to “Aff smiles sweetly in the wedding scene of “Wanida”

  1. ติ๊กหล่อที่สุดนะค่ะ ชอบดูวนิดามากๆๆๆค่ะ

    • เช่นกันคะ! พี่แอฟสวยมากกกกกกกกกกก และพี่ติ๊กก็หล่อๆ

  2. it’s such a sweet scenes — i like the whole khun Dao manipulation — he makes Tik sign a bunch of contract without having him read .. then use it back to attack him when he refuse to do anything for Wanida lOl .. you can say he bad dad but i think he just worry about his daughter — he just want her to have a good happy life.

    Episode 2 has so many cute scenes between them — hope everyone can watch it soon na.

  3. Love this lakorn, it’s cute and a bit funny. Aff is so cute even with her squeaky voice and Tik is as handsome as ever. I’m also being forced to watch the old version because I said the nang’ek in the old one was weak so my sissy is trying to prove me wrong lol. God their hairstyle back then was horrible! haha Pra’ek was ugly too, can’t compare to Tik lol.

    • I beg to pardon lOl — i think Tua was handsome in that era with mew — perhaps i was so enmesh to the character that i find him handsome as major prajak mahasak. I think mew as wanida is awesome too .. there’s no perfect pairing than them .. however, there are so many boring scene in there with the bickering mom and the crazy girlfriend that half of the time, i would fast forward them just to see the pranang together. I know they don’t’ have that many cute scenes like this 2010 version but all in all, it was enough to convey their love story. Though Mew didnt’ get to do many things that Aff did in this version — her version definitely defined her character well with the things she went through and handle with care and judgement. Tua/Mew’s version is good in there in own way while this one is good on its own .. what matter is the essence of the lakorn at the time it is on air (at least to me)

      • heck yeah tua was very handsome in that era and mew’s not my type of nang’ek but she was cute as wanida and her other lakorns are good too.

        but tik oh my gosh reminds me of his prince character in prissana which i also loved! gritttt……

        • I guess, she didn’t influence you — i suppose me finding Tua handsome is due to my late grandmother b/c she’s a fan of him — she thinks he’s handsome too and when i heard that tik and aff’s doing this remake, i watch their version just to catch up on their talk about romance — at first, i didn’t really enjoy it b/c he was quite mean but afterward when he become nice and show some simple emotions toward Mew .. i find him quite attractive lOl .. again, i have this thing for sweet elder man so i suppose that could be why I like him just like how i find Nok’s character likable in Nampueng Kom lOl

      • tua is Handsome. He is those type of guys that doesnt appeal to you at the first glances. But keep staring at him and watching him portray his roles, make you fall head over heels for him :))

      • Well i don’t like apples or bananas so yeah. Still think Tua is ugly though but hey it’s only my opinions, it’s not like I’m trying to persuade anyone else.

  4. I just started to watch this yesterday and every time I’d see Aff and Tik together my heart melted a bit.

    Poor thing got her eye bitten by an ant! At least she was to carry on with the scenes.

  5. O M G! I Miss the First Episode! I’m so pissed!
    I was waiting for this lakorn for so LONG! And i
    thought I was going to see it the day it comes out
    but then my laptop’s charger have to just be broken
    and now I cannot play my laptop but I’m using my sister’s
    laptop to GOSSIP only not to watch my lakorn! So sad!

    • IKNOW me too!! lol. right on time school just started for me :(( boo hoo lol. I will have to wait until my schedule calms down and my hw list =)))

  6. awww, this scene is so cute but too bad tik isn’t feeling the same way aff feels for him. the way she was smiling when he said he likes her and for her to marry him, you can tell she wants to because she already has feeling for him.

  7. That’s s sweet smile? Others may find it sweet but I don’t. I’m sick of seeing her -.- and fans of her, don’t judgey comment cuz it’s only my point of view/ opinion of her.

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