“Om” Akapan Get’s Shy When Having To Show His Abs

Taking on the roll of a full fledged actor in the lakorn, ‘Sao Chai Hi-Tech’ for Channel 7, actor, “Om” Akapan Namart was met with a scene where he has to take off his shirt for fans of lakorns to get a view of his 6pack abs. It was required for Om to take of his shirt not just in one scene, but there were plenty of scenes. The young actor admitted with a smile on his face that every scene where he was required to take his shirt off he was utterly shy.

“I do show it sometimes when a scene calls for it. I’m the type that works out already and I don’t have any problems with it at all. If you ask me if I’m confident in showing my body? I’m not that confident (smiles). Every time I take off my shirt I get embarrassed every time and I get shy because whenever I get ready to take my shirt off there are a lot of people surrounding us, like the production team and crew, so I get embarrassed when I have to take my shirt off. I get embarrassed in every scene where I have to take my shirt off, but I think of it as just what the script calls for.”

Reporters joked around with Om saying that his figure is nice, there is nothing for him to be embarrassed about and the actor shyly smiled than replied with,

“It’s not to the point where I’m not confident in myself. As for my friends talking about this, they don’t talk about it much because they have probably seen it many times until they’re used to it, so they don’t have to criticize my body anymore (laughs).”

[Source via Siambunterng]

12 responses to ““Om” Akapan Get’s Shy When Having To Show His Abs

  1. HMM .. I wonder why lOl .. he needs to work out to have them nice tone abs — i mean, when Aum takes of his shirt — you’ll see his bicep and abs — that’s why he’s not too shy of taking his shirt off — I like OM but man, he needs to really work it to look hot .. when the shirt is off, it’s a turn off for me lOl ..

  2. funny to read about him being shy showing his abs. either way, i love him. he’s just so cute and adorable even at his age.

  3. Lmao, he don’t need to be shy because he does have a nice body. I can tell that he does because he totally wears a tuxedo nice up from top to the bottom.

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