Khun Dang Holds Hand On Head When Complaints of Seeing Weir-Pancake Everywhere Get’s Boring to Viewers

Anti-fans of couple, “Pancake”-“Weir” might have caused a ruckus when the couple was put on halt from jobs for a recent period of time.

Being known as the favorite child who normally is given work constantly from past to present by Khun Dang, couple “PancakeKhemmanit Jamikorn and Weir Sukollawat. There were many actor and actresses who had move channels like the trade off/drafting season of baseball and rookies are being feared of getting work due to the fact that in the future, they will be the ones moving channels also.

That is why we are always bombarded with the faces of Nang Aek “Pancake” and Phra Aek “Weir” constantly when we turn on our television channels and turn to Channel 7. Their fan club are smiling big and smiling small, but it doesn’t mean that it’s referring to the other majority of lakorn fans because recently there is a wave of anti-fans who said they’re tired of seeing Pancake and Weir all the time. That they are taking it to various websites and forums on the internet to express their feelings towards the couple. After this was said and done now there are reasons saying that the big bosses of Channel 7 had heard their opinions and had halted jobs for the couple until all the hot air dissolves.

[Source via Gossip Star]

41 responses to “Khun Dang Holds Hand On Head When Complaints of Seeing Weir-Pancake Everywhere Get’s Boring to Viewers

  1. I’m tired of seeing them too. Sorry… so overrated… and lately when they show up together… it looks so fake.

    • lol… i freakin agree. pancake has no emotions at all. i don’t know how to describe it but she all has this face expression on that i can’t stand. like okay i get that you give him space, but its okay to show a little expression every now and then.

  2. Finally… somebody has gotten the freakin message!!!! i’m not an anti fans of theirs, but honestly i am sick and tired of watch this couple on television. Either they are or are not together i still get sick and tired of watching them on tv. they promote pancake way too much to the point where i don’t even watch her lakorns at all. sorry to her fans but omg… i can’t stand her lakorns at all. she CAN’t act. she plays the same role over and over. play other roles like other actresses for once. it won’t kill you or your “miss innocent” image. i would rather see pancake play the bitch in the lakorn then to watch her be the main lead. sorry, but this is my opinion. no offense.

    • TOTALLY agree with you LYNN08, but I think their recent lakorn DRA failed miserably with the rating and it hurts Khun Daeng’s pocket for her to finally get it thru her head that peoples are sick of seeing Pan and Weir all the time 🙂 . I’ll bet if DRA did well, she wouldn’t care to halted their works. To her money and rating is everything, she doesn’t care what fans want. LOL.

      • OH DL *why I can’t give “thumb up’? Everytime I click on it, it goes back to zero or whatever the number was already there?

    • same here…i dont really care about weir ….i like pancake acting with other guy better than with her boyfriend….but i obviously dont get tired of her…

      • actually the reason why im still watching ch7 lakorns is because of pancake only….if pancake moves to another ch i’ll properly stop watching ch7 lakorn

  3. i love pancake. but i havent watched her lakorns but they should lessen it a lil but dont halt their jobs because of anti fans its not fair for them and its not fair for the real fans. atleast lessen them ya know. love pancake!

  4. Hi! I disagree with some of the comments regarding Pancake cannot act. She can act. I think that Pancake keep appearing on the T.V screen too often that why people are getting bore of her. Channel 7 should give pancake a break because people and fans are tire of seeing her on the screen.

    • i reckon if she cant act she wouldnt become a actress right…….keep cheer up for pancake everyone who like her…..go go pancake

  5. I dislike the couple very much. I don’t even watch their lakorn. Ch7 need to stop gave Pancake all the good lakorn. She ruin all the classic damn it.

  6. I love Pan and Weir as much as the next fan, but it is very true that they’re everywhere. She’s in too many remakes, i need to see a fresh face that isn’t hers. Her in Tawi Pop is really gonna bother me, i kinda hoped for Min Peechaya or Kwan Usamanee. Pan wouldn’t suit playing in a boran type lakorn.

  7. Hmmm, i bet Pan and Weir must get sick of being constantly on the screen as much as we get sick of seeing them onscreen. Lol. they should take a vacation! without paparrazzis!

  8. i think they always appear on screen because you all know that khun dang always tell them that they’ll have lots of news and more dollars to khun dang….and i’m sure that they’re just a set up couple in ch7…

  9. i agreed I can’t stand Pancake now because she has too many lakorns for this past year and this year. I stop watching Duay Rang Atit than because of her.

  10. I also disagree with the comments regarding she can’t act, she’s ugly, she’s flat face, she’s oriental. She’s a decent actress, not the best, but still decent enough to watch. I’m sure if she can’t act, I wouldn’t be watching her lakorns. Also the fact that she looks oriental or has a flat face doesn’t make her any less of a beauty.

    2nd, I do agree with the fact that she gets too much onscreen exposure and it can be sickening, so they should lessen it down a bit. But I feel that all the newbies in Ch7 are getting too much screen time like Min Pechaya for example. We’ve seen 2 of her lakorns back to back and her 3rd one is about to air. So yes it does get tiring.

    3rd, I think the fact that she is getting all these remakes is because the older stars like Kob and Noon are already married and Kob especially wants an heir, so she wants time off. As for Noon she has other lakorns lined up already and probably doesn’t have time in her schedule especially with hosting and all. Aum only takes like 2 lakorns a year since she has to focus on her businesses and also her event works. So who else are they gonna consider for the role other than their next hot stuff Pancake? Are they gonna pass it to Tangmo? Most likely not since Mo is a worse actress than Pan. Cheer? Most likely not either since most will complain she’s not suitable too. Min? Probably not since she’s fairly new. Kwan? Most definitely not since she has 2 lakorns already filming and Fah Jarod Sai down her belt. Poo? Of course not, since she’s studying abroad and only has time to film lakorns in between breaks. Another thing is, I think they have Pancake to help promote Om too. Look at Tle Thanpol whose pra’ek status was established after lakorns with Pan.

    Overall, it’s a good thing that Khun Dang is going to lessen exposure of this “golden” couple. Seeing other faces is good and seeing new onscreen couples like Om and Pan is good too. I’m pretty sure people are gonna be tuning in and criticizing, so I really hope they put in their best effort. In the end though, there’s always going to be fans who love them and fans who hate them since we’re all allowed to voice our opinions 🙂

    • I’m stuck on your last statement about Om…does it mean that he’s going to play the pra’ek in Tawi Pop with Pancake? That’s an interesting combination. I’m not saying that its bad or good. For some reason, I was thinking Vee would play that part.

  11. its not that ch7 doesnt have options but its the fact that they want pancake, so weather she suit the role or not they will choose her anyway. honestly, i dont think any of channel 7 stars suit this role but i would of love to see someone else rather than pancake. then again, who does ch7 have? they have been promoting same faces over again. we have been seeing same faces switch around back n fourth

  12. I don’t believe it is fair to Pancake and Wier because it isn’t their fault. They were offered lakorns and because they are working class young people of course they will accept. If anyone is to blame it is that stupid Khun Deang who do not know how to spread the wealth around. If she equally supports everyone then they wouldn’t lose their fame so fast. Khun Deang should be fired and barred from ever managing the entertainment business. She is like RS, doesn’t know how to create stars that will stay with us for a very long time. She doesn’t believe in developing them to their fullest potential by making them take acting classes. She just want them to make lots of money for her and make it right now. Once they are no longer making money for her, she kicks them to the curb and promote someone else.

  13. really? the dang girl just noticed it now? no…she’s a biatch.

    pan really loves that hair color doesn’t she

  14. I want to keep this short and simple: I don’t know why people hate each other, if you like a celebrity go praise that person, but why taunt the celebrities you don’t like? They are all humans and they are just doing their job. If you were in their position (weir and pancake), how would you like it if you didn’t do anything wrong but your jobs have to be halt because of people like you who are selfish..! THINK ABOUT IT, AND IF YOU STILL THINK THE SAME THEN I HOPE YOU GET LAID OFF AT WORK SOYOU CAN SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT TO BE IN WEIR’S AND PANCAKE’S POSITION..

  15. Rather Tawee Pope suits Pancake or not. Let her grow. She has to play other roles as well even if it does consider seeing her wearing thai traditional clothes. Also I see nothing wrong with Pancake and Weir attending events together. It’s just work. Cry a river build a bridge and get over it. There’s so many celebrities that are everywhere!!!

    • I agree she need to play other role in order to grow. People complain about Pancake that she always play the same rich girl role, now she get to play something different.

  16. I have been tired of them for years lol.
    I find them both too overrated
    It’s funny to see that people just react now
    It’s not like CH7 doesn’t have new faces !

  17. I love them both! People always complain this and that then do something about it! Maybe if people would stop watching their Lakhorn then their ratings wont go up so high and they won’t star or get that role! They’re cute together whether or not they’re a couple. Jealous! Just because they’re successful; people have to hate. Be them then talk!

  18. good to hear that finally someone got thru to the big bosses of ch 7. just know that they are not the only ones that make up ch 7. there are other actors and actresses that help make up the ch. In real life we cant always depend on fame to get what we want. whether its fame, appearances, talents, or whatever, we have to know how to use it and use it well. otherwise in the end we won’t have any fans or supporters.

  19. Let’s just say this…. They are famous, got lots of fans/ lovers, but they are doing what khun dang demands. She is the boss right? You can’t reject the boss unless you’ve got a good reason.
    I love this couple but giving them a break off screen would be good , so they have more time together and get a break from rumours they’ve been getting.
    And just curious, why don’t people ever get tired of Ken and Ann??? Because they can act? Pretty/hot?? Famous?? It’s just the same with every famous actor/actress.
    But they should get a break and spend lots and lots LOTS of time together!!!

    • love this comment babimel…….i also dont understand y they dont get tired of ken and ann?? i dont think they hot …they can act or anything…i just watch like 3 lakorns of them but i already got sick of them…i think there r more of their lakorn but i dont know……ITS NOT FAIR FOR PANCAKE AND WEIR

    • I agree with the Ann and Ken thing. They are so sickening to watch together now and I actually really like them both-just not together. Although I have to admit that Ann’s lakorns with other people other than Ken really do suck majorly! I loved her older lakorns-ones that were way before Oum Ruk was a success. Back to the actual topic, I’m really excited to see Pancake and Om Akapan in Tawee Pope. They would make a hot onscreen couple and I hope the will have skyrocketing ratings too! Sattuuuu!

  20. Oh well this news won’t bug weir and pan because of their anti-fans. We all know and can tell and it’s pretty obvious they’ve got more fans then anti-fans. If not, they wouldn’t be EVERYWHERE, wouldn’t be in the top hot awards and other awards, and they’re still being given jobs after this news. Oh well everyone is good at something and this is what they’re good at.

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