“Boy” Pakorn Smiles and Accepts Title “Future Cousin-in-law of Navin Tar”

Even though his work is distracting him, but no matter what well-mannered actor, “Boy” Pakorn will still find time to spend with his girlfriend, “Nong O” Sutthida, cousin of singer/actor/”Ploy” Chermarn’s boyfriend, Navin Tar. Plus everyone in Nong O’s household is pleased with Boy for showing some respect to Nong O for coming out and admittedly accepted that she is his girlfriend. If you add that with Boy’s househould who loves and is kind to Nong O especially because of her cute attitude and down to earth personality. It had made Boy’s mother hope to have Nong O as her future daughter-in-law. Boy smiled and accepted it because he is dying to become Navin’s future cousin-in-law!

[Source via Gossip Star]

8 responses to ““Boy” Pakorn Smiles and Accepts Title “Future Cousin-in-law of Navin Tar”

  1. Awww… I’m heartbroken. I didn’t know Boy had a girlfriend. 😦

    On top of that she’s Navin Tar’s cousin!

  2. Awww! Thats cute! hehe! But hey is Nong O the actress in Kulab Rai Nam that plays as the cousin servant? Cause she looks like her! Let me know if im wrong. 😀

    • Actually on Gossip Star it said she’s cousin with Navin Tar not Ploy.

      “…ก็ยังหาเวลามาสวีทหวานกับแฟนสาว น้องเอ๋ยสุทธิดา ลูกพี่ลูกน้องของ นายนาวิน ต้าร์…”

      So, I’m not sure if Gossip Star mistaken her for Navin’s cousin or not?

  3. I never saw what was so hot about Boy, i dunno his facial hair and his face just turns me off. But that’s just me i like clean shaven dudes.

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