Chompoo, Queen of Events?

You can say that right now is the intermittently time of receiving money for actress, “Chompoo” Araya A. Hartgett because in the month of August that had just had passed on by the actress has been out to events day after day that she has been nicknamed the “Queen of Events.” The actress revealed that every time around this month of every year she would have a lot of work around this time and recently someone had contacted Chompoo for a couple job with her boyfriend, “Nott” Witsarut Rungsisingpipat, but the actress denied the offer and would not consider it because she knows that the male side would not be OK with it at all.

“This time is not a lot, but there are periods of time when there are a lot of work. It’s true from the statistics when I look at my schedule from August – September of every year there would be a lot of work.”

Are you the “Queen of Events” or not?

“Oh, no I’m not because there are others who accept more jobs than I do, but I don’t know if this month is my month or not. Like last year this month it was a good time.”

Are you running around continuously accepting work?

“Oyy… I don’t accept them, I don’t run around much. My manager is the one that’s tired and he’s lazy (laughs.) I do it my fullest, but it’s nothing major, 4 events, but usually it’s 2 events. Just enough to get money or sometimes I won’t get much, but there are some things that I would have to do on the day of the event. There are some weeks when I don’t get work and we don’t always meet with each other always. There are different types of events.”

Have there been couple jobs contacting you?

“I don’t accept those. There are some, but I don’t accept them. Both of us won’t accept them. It’s not because we’re both shy, but it’s not the time and I think that it’s not necessary for both of us to go together. Like if we know the host both of us than we’ll go, but if he was to accept events just for the heck of it, that’s not him. He has other responsibilities that he has to do that’s more important than this.”

Have there been a lot that contacted you?

“Ohh, it’s not that much, but there are some. I won’t do it anyhow and he won’t accept it, so we don’t talk about it at all together.”

[Source via Siambunterng]

11 responses to “Chompoo, Queen of Events?

  1. ive never seen her boyfriend!! and how he look like?? lorrr mai?? lol how long they been dating?? its so secretive i respect that hehe

  2. I might be out of the loop but is it because she’s with Channel 3 now that she’s been getting more work? I feel like I’m seeing a lot of her every where.

  3. She scares me now. She used to be alright when she was still at ch7 , now she seems like a bitch. Haha she’s trying to beat aump as the queen of sexy. I find she thinks way beyond herself. Look at her always showing her cleavage now. And her face, I don’t see no colour if cutness or admiration or happiness in her. Ehhhhh

  4. her sooo called boyfriend is aump patcharapa’s boyfriend note’s brother and his name is nott.they both look a first when there were news about aum and her boy i was confuse that he looks like chompoo’s boy.anyways chompoo is soo pretty but she is overrated.i see her everywhere on tv..magazine…everything.

  5. LOL she’s right behind Pancake and Aum in terms of endorsements deals. I don’t blame her, if I were offered them I’d take them too, an actor isn’t a job that is long-term so why not take advantage of it while you’re still hot.

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