Willy and Yelli not giving up on having a baby

“Willy” is not giving up yet in reproducing naturally. He asks for 1 more year. If they don’t have a child by then, they would have to accept the fact. In addition, he expresses that “Yelli” wants to be pregnant and have experience of being a mother. Poor girl, she had a miscarriage before she could even think of ways to carry a child! He also lost 1 baht (not the Thai currency) of gold to Pern Nakorn because of a bet where he guessed of his friend having a boy. Yelli expresses that it would be good if she can have her own child. But if she can’t, they both can live just the two of them and take care of their nephews. They also said that they haven’t thought about having a child by surrogate.

After losing their twins so suddenly 3 years ago, this husband-wife duo Willy McIntosh and Yelli Ricordel haven’t had any news of future heirs for us to hear about. Both are not discouraged and probably aren’t giving up in trying for an heir either. Willy brings Yelli to update saying that they aren’t raising the white flag just yet, but if we count 1 year from now and still no baby, they will probably have to accept it.

Willy: “About having a baby, we are still talking to the doctors about it. We are still going to keep on trying first. I’m hoping that I won’t be disappointed or give up. I mean, I hope I don’t give up. If she can get pregnant this year, the better. But if she doesn’t, we’ll have to talk about it again next year. The person who will be hurt is Yelli, not me. It’ll have to be up to her how much she can take it. Because I see of people from our family who’ve been trying and trying and still can’t have any. We can’t give up yet if we really want it. We’ll just have to keep waiting.”

Yelli: “But right now we are relaxed. We’re not too serious about it. We gave it our best many times. Our health is ok, but we’re more distant with it because we always had problems with it at first. Therefore, if I get pregnant we’ll be happy. But we’ve been trying less and less now. Right now, I must confess that I might want a baby, but if we can’t, we’ll just live together just the two of us. It’ll be ok because we have our nephews. We’re not giving up, but we have to understand that at this age….”

Willy: “We are accepting it because age is a factor to conceive a child. So, after passing that point, we can’t have any anymore. We’re just thinking of waiting for a little bit longer. Just one more year. If we can’t have any by then, we probably won’t anymore. We are interested in different techniques used by the doctors though. If not, we probably won’t have the need to. It’s just that Yelli wants to have a baby. She wants to have the experience of being a mother. She wants to get pregnant and give birth naturally. But if she also wants to do it by surrogate, ok, up to her. From then, we’ll have to see who will be the surrogate. Thailand’s laws and other country’s laws are different.”

Yelli: “I think that his is something that we have to take step-by-step. We want to have a baby, we tried already. But having a surrogate can’t just be anyone. It’s already hard and it’ll be a big problem. It’s not something small that we can talk about right now.”

Willy reveals that he lost a bet to his friend “Pern” Nakorn Silachai when Yelli lost the baby. Willy bet that his friend’s baby would be a boy, but instead they got a girl.

“I lost 1 baht of gold to p’Pern because we bet that if p’Pern has a baby, it will be a boy. But instead, they got a baby girl. We bet with other people too. The bet was that if I win, p’Pern has to take us out to eat at a restaurant of our choosing. But if p’Pern wins, p’Pern will get 1 baht of gold from everyone.”

“Lets just say that p’Pern gave birth to a baby girl and got rich right away. It’s probably around 10,000 baht sure, because 1 baht of gold is about 19,000 baht. We don’t know of the money will ever get to the child. I would like to ask the media to update on that na if the money ever got to the child. And the most important part is to give it to the child na. We didn’t give it to them. This is the media’s duty, you have to update on them (laughs).”

“After seeing baby named August (Pern’s daughter), they baby is lucky to take after the mother. But she does look a little bit like her father too (laughs). I was the first person to go see them in the hospital, so I’m not really sure since the baby was just born. Probably in the next 2 weeks, she probably won’t look the same. When babies are first born, they look like they’ve been soaked in water for a while. But after 2-3 weeks, they will change. They baby’s skin is really beautiful. I must admit that it’s one thing that the baby got from her mother June (Pern’s wife). They did a good job. The baby’s skin is so pink and doesn’t have fat on it. I’ve seen a newborn with fat all over, but this one is better because she got it from her mother. Good thing she didn’t take after her father (laughs).”

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9 responses to “Willy and Yelli not giving up on having a baby

  1. oh no I would cry if I couldnt have a baby! thats so sad I never knew about their twins! ): I sure hope they can, I say go to the doctor & get them to mix it outside, spray it in & then bed rest for yelli so the baby stays. My mom miscarried twice & at an older age like 35 so when she was pregnant with me the dr told her to do nothing.

  2. Good luck to them, i wish the best. I remember when i was little and i used to wish him and Ann T to get together, i was obsessed with them.

  3. I wish the best of luck to them both. Yelly really wants to be a mother. She really wants to give birth to her own child, the experience is amazing, at least that’s what I heard. Im too scared to have kids.

  4. Missmonica: OMG!! Me tooo! I love him and Anne onscreen, they’re still one of my favorite couples EVER! Lol. But aww, I really hope him and yelli can have children real soon. I feel so bad for the two.

  5. Don’t give up hope yet. Keep trying and eventually it will happen. Having your own child to love and care for is one of the best thing in life.

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