PookLook Asks For Encouragement Through Facebook

“PookLook” Fonthip is low in spirits and releases her feelings on her Facebook with tears after being scrutinized for not being suitable as a contestant for Miss Universe pageant.

From the case of, “PookLook” Fonthip Watchratrakul who is now in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A. Holding the title of “Miss Thailand Universe 2010” whom is representing Thailand had came out to express her feelings through her Facebook with tears in her eyes on August 17th. Fonthip expressed her feelings in both Thai and English regarding the criticisms made towards her.

“How can I make it through to the preliminary rounds when there is something bothering my heart? I still want to be Thai! stop your action plz. For Thailand!!”

“What I posted on Facebook was meant towards 1 person. I didn’t mean anything in regarding the pictures and if I had made anyone feel bad, I apologize right here right now. I will have to bow and humbly accept the criticisms and comments like in the past. Those who are fans of beauty pageants know that I can take the criticisms anytime since I’ve accepted this honorable position. I can’t progress if there are not good comments from fans of the pageant.”

“It’s only that right now is a sensitive position for me than I can explain. No one understands these feelings if they have not been in this position. I am accepting everyone’s expectations in the country of 26 62 million people ? and a 20 year old young adult only. Right now I’ve expressed everything I have to say already and I hope that those who doesn’t know who I am will understand me much more. As for the fans of the beauty pageant, I know you will always be by my side.”

“I think it’s a good thing that this has happened because I know how much fans of the beauty pageant love me. Another thing is that those who have never followed the beauty pageant, but only did because of the “wave” has been giving me encouragement from the incident that has happened. I believe that that the sky after the storm will always be beautiful. Thai’s love each other. This is what I believe and have confident in from the moment I stepped foot at the airport in Las Vegas.”

[Source via SiamDara]

You can click to give encouragement and rate Fonthip on the official Miss Universe Website here.

23 responses to “PookLook Asks For Encouragement Through Facebook

  1. Many beauty pageants fans are putting her as favorite to make the top 15. I think Thais should give more encouragement to their representative.
    Thailand has a population much higher than the 26 million she quoted. As a Miss Thailand i think she should know general fact like this.

  2. Ok now her picture is very clear then from the last news. Seeing her whole face here, she isn’t that ugly… But I still don’t seem to like her. But I guess for a beauty queen she should get more encouragement, unless no one wants to……….

  3. she shouldn’t of been so snobby in the first place and put out a message like this instead of her, i have been like this since the day i was born crap. everything is just image. she’s in this “spot light” because of her face and how she looks, so of course, her words are going to be looked it either spoken or unspoken. words and looks are part of the image process. i didn’t care about her poses (though they made her look trashy, but hey that’s her right to look trashy), but it was her response that irked me. she’ll win some sympathy from this message, but to me, she’s still snobby and unlikable, but best wishes to her in the competition. the girl is not ugly nor is she hot and sexy, but she’s still unlikable.

  4. I agree with hola. Her poses were not my cup of tea but that is her choice to make, not mine. If she wants to come across as looking sluty and trashy than more power to her. If she is so confident in herself like she posted on her first post than why is she asking for support and understanding now? How do you go from basically saying “this is the real me, take it or leave it” to asking for understanding and support because you are only 22 and as a beauty queen have a lot on your shoulder? News flash, true beauty is from within not just your looks. I for one will not be supporting her. Thailand is known for their conservative image, she should have been humble about the critizime she received instead of acting like her shit don’t stink than maybe ppl would be more incline to support her.

  5. She is now looking for support? She should have thought of that before. Too late now. I do not like her and as much as I love Thailand, I do not want her representing Thai people.

  6. no sympathy from me. she can cry me a river.

    “stop your action plz. For Thailand!!”
    -i dont support her, doesnt mean i hate thailand or i have something against the country.

  7. she doesn’t look that pretty. i don’t think she’s gonna make it far because it sounds like she’s losing confidence and she doesn’t sound too smart either. the girl from last year was snobbish too. geez i know thailand got some pretty talented girls but where are they?

    • omg yeah the girl from last year was not smart her answer made her sound like some dumb bitch. I havent watched any of this girls interviews yet though

  8. If the person is falling, please do not stomp her any further. It is your choice that you do not like her. What is the point of making someone feeling bad?

  9. I think those who take the time to defend PookLook should take their time to rate PookLook on the official Miss Universe website and give her a higher rating than a 2.8.

    Even if she doesn’t win or make it through preliminary rounds at least let her come back home with the title, “Miss Photogenic”. Stop the arguing and help PookLook out!

    @cynthia: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. What one doesn’t like doesn’t mean another has to like.

    PookLook is pretty and my advice to her is don’t get online and read the comments! As long as she has the encouragement from her family and friends it should be enough to boost her up. I wouldn’t even bother taking comments to the heart because at the end of the day, does PookLook think the ones that are putting her down are thinking about her when they go to sleep at night? — That would be a no.

  10. I am not telling anyone to support her. Just stop bashing her. Have you never made any mistakes in your life? No wonder why Thailand is in such deep shit because ones are destroying others.

    • I never said you were telling us to support her, but I had no intention to target you and say that you should stop arguing and support her. I’m sorry if you thought I had any intentions on targeting you.

      All I said to you was “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. What one doesn’t like doesn’t mean another has to like.”

      What is wrong with what I said to you? You’re entitled to voice your opinion while others are also. Even if it’s putting her down. This is the internet where everyone is entitled to say whatever they want. If the internet didn’t matter than they would have never asked netizens to vote online to get their favorite contestant on the list for Miss Photogenic.

      I was trying to be nice and I didn’t even bash her at all. All I did was give her some advice and said she
      shouldn’t even bother getting online reading the comments if it’s only going to make her lose encouragement. If I was put in this position I wouldn’t even bother getting online reading comments because all it would do is hurt me. I rather use my time really well to win over judges and my peers. Not worry my head and heart to let it affect how I do in the pageant.

  11. I actually think she is pretty and she walks with confidence which is definitely what Thailand and many asian country needs. Sometimes to win in an international competition such as miss universe you need to have that spicy attitude which is definitely what most asian pageants lack, thats why we usually never win and she definitely has that. I think she will make it far in Miss Universe.

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