Kwan admits talking to Pok

“Kwan” Usamanee Waitayanon admitted that she is talking to “Pok” Passornkorn Jirathiwat after flying back to Thailand. Constantly being in the news with other guys, Kwan reinstates that they are just talking as friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend. She also points out that they guy in the picture with her is only just a friend.

Having been single for a while, young n’ek “Kwan” Usamanee is continuously being paired up in the news with many young guys. Latest news, a picture was taken of her with a young man from outside the industry. After meeting her at the “Environmental Conservation” event in Bangkok, which was presented to The Queen of Thailand, we had the opportunity to ask her about the gossip. Kwan says,

“We’re really friends. There’s nothing to it. I had other friends with me, too, na. We didn’t go one-on-one. I remember that picture was taken because someone asked to take a picture. I have a lot of friends that are guys. The word friend means friend, there is no way of changing it to something else.”

Is this friend the one that you go to Siam with all the time?

“Ohhh not that one. That’s Big. He’s more girly than I am. He even walks more girly, too. I don’t think too much of that anymore. Also, I’m already used to it. If you want me to be careful by not going out anywhere at all, I can’t do that. It gets frustrating. What’s wrong with me living my life like this? I am a public figure and my friends understand that. At first, they were afraid of walking with me, they feared being in the news with me. Like, some of them already have girlfriends so it makes it hard for me. But in the end, everything passes by ok.”

The famous n’ek also said,

“When it’s time, love will come by itself. There’s no need to hurry. It’s probably because my personality is like a guy, that’s why I have a lot of guy friends. In turn, it all becomes gossip. Right now, no one is bold enough to pursue me at all because I’m a public figure. When I’m with my friends, I don’t hide anything and my friends always take care of me. Whoever comes to pursue me, they have to go through my friends first.”

Right now, “Pok” Passornkorn is back in Thailand. Have you seen or talked to him?

“If you ask me if we went out to eat, honestly, we both are afraid of offending each other when going out to eat (ต่างคนต่างเกรงกันเรื่องข่าว). Whenever we see each other, we just greet and talk normal. We’re not afraid of being in the news with one another, but I don’t know how to manage my time. On one hand I have work, and on the other I have school. Right now, it’s during exam time, too. I’m not afraid of not being able to talk to him if he has a girlfriend because, in the past, we were not boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t get into personal stuff. If you have something to ask, it’s probably better to ask him.”

Source: Zupzip

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12 responses to “Kwan admits talking to Pok

  1. I love her answers straight up forward.Love how she says she can’t hide anything from them completely anyways. You Go Kwan. Love you 🙂

  2. Why can’t the media leave her alone. she wants to enjoy life. gosh…. and why can’t other actresses be straight forward like this.

  3. I think Kwan has some of the most straight forward questions ever…lol…others need to learn how to answer like her…

  4. Kwan probably don’t get along well with girls like my best friend Ashley. I’m the only girl–friend she has.

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