Emmy; “I’m not a call girl”

Transgender/university student “Emmy” Ratchada Krutramars strikes back after leading actress “Aump” Patcharapa came forward to say her socialite boyfriend “Note” Wiset did invite Emmy into the condo but she was kicked out afterwards.

Emmy clarifies that she was never kicked out from the condo and the male party has called her on the telephone, although they do not share an intimate romance and from now on, Emmy confirms she won’t be speaking to Note again because now she knows he’s dating Aump.

“Honestly, this is a personal matter and now that it leaked of course people want to know about it”

“The news stated that I went into the condo and was kicked out? I just want to say that no one kicked me out. I went up there with a friend who can confirm that I never got kicked out from the condo. I don’t have photos on my BB, I don’t have anybody’s BB”

Did he ask to see your identification card?

“I didn’t go to a pub so I don’t think anyone needs to go to the point of checking for ID’s”

“If you ask me if I know him, well if I didn’t know him it wouldn’t be a big deal. I probably do know him but not for a long time. I am not his fling or a third hand and right now I don’t talk to him or keep contact with him anymore”

What were you doing up in that condo?

“I went there to talk. But there was nothing intimate going on”

He said maybe you wanted publicity

“I felt bad about it. If he didn’t know me at all why does he have to call me? Why do a threeway? Gosh, of course we know each other. And if he said I’m trying to create publicity, well thank you for that. Honestly no one wants this to happen because this is personal and now that it’s happening, you just got it let it happen”

You’ve spoken to him on the phone?

“Yes, but not often”

Has he tried to hit on you?

“No, we just know each other normally, nothing intimate”

Does he still try to contact you?

“Not anymore. It’s been a long time now. This happened a long time ago”

How come you don’t keep in contact with him?

“Because now I know he’s dating her. Before that I didn’t know he was seeing anyone. I only discovered that the second time I saw him. Right now I just want this to end. I want people to pay more attention to my work and not to this, or people will accuse me of seeking publicity again”

Since the news came out how do  you feel?

“I’m able to deal with it a little now. I can’t force anyone to believe but some of the news are upsetting. They said I was kicked out and sent home in a taxi, no I wasn’t. I drove my car there and he was the one who came down to pick me up. At the condo there were strict security, random people can’t just go in there”

“As for another TV show who said I was a call girl. If you ask if I want to sue that show, no I don’t. I’m just going to let it go but I am upset about the news. I feel sorry for my parents and I don’t understand how people want to relate transgenders to call girls.”

“I am not a call girl. I don’t want to talk about this but I know what I am and that is enough. I am so upset by the news I don’t want to look on the internet at all because I feel a lot of people hate me and I understand why they hate me”

Source via Gossipstar

11 responses to “Emmy; “I’m not a call girl”

  1. how ??? waaa??? i mean this is aump! sexxxy aump!!! y wuld he go looking for someone who isnt even 20x better than her! i jus dont get it lmaooo aump shuld just leave note i mean theres so many guys chasing after her and she deserves better!

  2. omg, that emmy girl looks creepy, look at her eyes. ahhhhh!! Aum is pretty, wth, does he go look for other girl. guys i tell ya, nothing ever satisfy them, til they’re gone, then they realize, when its too late.

  3. Hmm, maybe my reading comprehension needs help. So she said she knows him then she said she probably knows him but not for a long time?” Ok so does she know him or does she not know him?

  4. this is just soooo funny… Note has a women every guy fantasizes about yet Emmy exists to him.. Whatever floats his boat, but Emmy’s eyes are too far apart..

  5. ok why is aum with a bi or whatever he is who also likes transgender? thought she had better standards. i really don’t know what’s going on between these 3 but it’s yuck.

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