“Boy” Chokechai Metro Guy

“Boy” Chokechai is a representative of young men that indicates the new modern man mixed in with the easy going and comfortable man.

Boy pairs up with a new, stylish, and elegant design for Nokia E72 that makes Boy look cool and mysterious that it makes those who see it want to know more about him.

[Source via SiamDara]

What are your thoughts? Does it make you want to approach Boy?

8 responses to ““Boy” Chokechai Metro Guy

    • D, you said it!

      I’ll probably get many thumb-downs for this, but I have to put in my two cents. Unless you’re in an 80s (maybe even early 90s) glam-rock band, no self-respecting grown man should wear pants that tight. I know it’s a fad. Gosh, I hope it passes quickly. Not an attractive look in my opinion. Besides, it couldn’t feel very comfortable in Thailand’s hot & humid climate.

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