Film afraid to pursue Janie, fear of losing their friendship

“Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsub denies any news of him flirting with “Janie” Tienposuwan off-set. He said that he’s afraid of pursuing her because he fears of losing their friendship, but is happy that he was in the news with her because it looks like their viewers are really into the lakorn.

Their lakorn “Suay Lert Chert Sode” is currently receiving really good ratings. Fans of the on-screen couple seem to be happy with the recent gossip of p’ek “Film” Rattapoom falling for and flirting with n’ek “Janie” Tienposuwan. But after interviewing the famous singer-actor, this is what we got

“Of course, I’ve heard it many times. I’m used to it already. I don’t think it’s anything bad because we’re friends. It’s good though. It makes the lakorn look good, too. I probably wouldn’t take it to the level of pursuing her. Janie is a good person and cute. Whoever is close to her will like her. Honestly, I probably don’t have the guts to pursue her. Most importantly, I don’t want to lose our friendship. When the lakorn is over, we might call each other and talk because we’ve worked together for a long time since we were little. Even til now, I have never thought of pursuing her. It’s good the way it is now. And we’re not flirting off-screen either, but thank you na for cheering us to be a couple. It looks like our viewers must really like us and the lakorn, too.”

Will your fans have a chance seeing you guys as a couple?

“Well, I don’t want to say anything. What if she doesn’t think anything of me? Or, what if she just wants to continue being friends like this? I don’t like pursuing anyone either. But if I’m just joking, I do it all the time. It’s my style. Whoever I’m joking with, I’m always in the news with. I’d rather be friends. I’m already happy like this.”

Source: Zupzip

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19 responses to “Film afraid to pursue Janie, fear of losing their friendship

  1. Love this lakorn sooo much .. on one mind i can’t wait to see the last episode, but on the other i don’t want the larkorn to finish 😦 hope they create a good lakorn/movie like this (with Flim and Jennie) for us to see more often. Love the storyline, love Film, love Jennie, love the people who made this lakorn possible XD

    For now they might be just friend, but it seems that Film have some heart for Jennie, love this couple and hope they are together in the near future. they would make a the best celeb couple of the year (in my opinion) 🙂

  2. “Well, I don’t want to say anything. What if she doesn’t think anything of me? Or, what if she just wants to continue being friends like this?”

    They way he talks makes it seem like he’s trying to give himself some hope lol

  3. im against this on screen couple to be real couple. but then again, if it does happen, im happy for janie, if she is.

  4. He admitted to liking her in Ratree Samorsorn………i think he really likes her but Janie only sees him as a friend. On set they seem to be really close. I kinda feel bad for the poor guy, he’s afraid of losing their friendship.

  5. lol Oh please even if he does pursue her it’s not like she’s going to go for him cus he’s not filthy rich.

      • No J I don’t know her but we all know she won’t go for guys like Film cus he’s not rich. She always associate herself with rich guys. That’s something that she herself portray to the world,k I didn’t just make it up.

    • sadly, i kinda agree with you(c-indy) on this 😛

      their chemistry in this lakorn has improved greatly since their last one!

    • cute couple and lakorn onscreen! for some reason i wasn’t into their first lakorn so i didn’t finish it but this one i like. in real life i don’t think she’ll go for him either lol cuz he’s not rich

  6. Wasn’t Film in a scandal with that Sia? The guy who bought him his mini cooper and loan his family money. There were also pix lol. Anyway it’s crazy how they swing both way… we’ll I guess money makes anything goes round.

  7. whatever, you can always have both FILM! Janie can be your lover/bestfriends 🙂 Actually it will make the relationship stronger!

  8. uhhh is this the lakorn that is based on kwan usamanee’s life kinda-ish?? cuz i heard there would be a lakorn based on her lol

  9. I never really took a liking to Janie’s acting. I always felt that in her other lakorns she overacts a bit to her role. I really love this lakorn cause Film makes this soooooo good. It’s good to finally watch a boy next door type of guy and not a I’m too hot for this show actor. In the Ratree Samorsorn interview, didn’t Film confirmed that this was going to be his last lakorn for awhile cuz he was going to focus on his music? I hope i didn’t hear that right!!! As for Janie and Film getting together, she made way too many disgusted faces at interviewer when asked about their relationship. sooo sad.

  10. they will make a perfect match they look
    cute together..
    i also like where this is going love janie and film..

  11. Well I like these couples together. A lot. I couldn’t get enough of their ending kiss! My gosh! It’s just too cute. It’s what floats my boat. I like her acting actually.

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