Oriental Pearls Official Trailer

Remember how we have been spazzing out over our favorite model, Richie Kul‘s appearance in Vietnamese Production, ‘Oriental Pearls?’ Well the wait is finally over. The official trailer was finally released by the production team and we have the first look.

Here is a little synopsis regarding the movie in general:

Oriental Pearls is a feature ensemble of six stores of different aged women, exploring the interwoven interiors and exteriors of their lives. Through space and time their spirits are distilled into strikingly beautiful pearls.
The story of unattainable love, disappointment, expectation, forbidden sensual desire, a memory of novelty in life, and purity of childhod love.

For the first time in Vietnam’s film history, director Cuong Ngo brings all female movie stars together on the spectacular breathtaking landscape from the North to the South of Vietnam. Oriental Pearls is adapted from the award-winning short stories of Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc.

Cast: Ngoc Minh Nguyen, Nhu Quynh, Truong Ngoc Anh, Ngo Thanh Van, Hong Anh, Phuong Quynh, Huy Hoang, Huy Khanh, Kris Duangphung, Richie Kul, Thai Hoa Le and Leon Le.

Directed By Cuong Ngo
Produced By Igor Szczurko & Tom Yarith Ker
Written By Cuong Ngo
Cinematography by Mikhail Petrenko
Edited by Patricia Philipopoulos, Igor Szczurko, Cuong Ngo

We couldn’t be more happy for Richie. Tell us your thoughts after having seen the trailer on what you think about it.

Thanks to Oriental Pearls

7 responses to “Oriental Pearls Official Trailer

  1. Thank you! It looks wonderful at first I went to see the other trailer posted on youtube while waiting to see this one. Richie looks hot!

  2. one of the most dramatic trailer i’ve seen. it seems like a music video, instead of a trailer. i like the music though.

  3. Gave goosebumps all over. The trailer was able to show the emotions behind all the stories. One can tell this will be a hit.

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