Miss Thailand Universe 2010 Poses Garners Criticisms; Takes Anger Out on Facebook

Pook Look” garners criticisms for the way she has been posing in pictures more then a beauty queen who has been chosen to represent Thailand for the Miss Universe 2010 pageant. A post on her personal Facebook had garnered more attention when “Pook Look” put, “Feeling annoyed. This is the real me.”

After having packed her bags and heading all the way to the States to compete in the Miss Universe 2010 pageant, “Pook Look” Fonthip Watcharatrakul has been garnered with a lot of criticisms for the way she has been posing in pictures. Most of the pictures that were posted shows “Pook Look” always lifting her leg up even with her very high slit red dress. In each picture “Pook Look” makes herself outstandingly lavish and in control then her peers that the media and netizens criticized her saying the pictures were more then a beauty queen should be acting.

Because of her poses in her picture and criticisms the beauty queen took to her Facebook to “express” how she feels about the situation.

“Annoyed!! It’s too much, it’s too little!! What will be good enough for you??? This is me. No matter if it is too much or too little, this is me!! I’m not trying to make myself more then my abilities. I’ve been like this since I was born. The end! If I want to raise my leg, I’ll raise it. If I could raise it up 180 degrees then I would’ve done it already. I am this kind of person!! What do you want me to do? Should I just wear my sash and walk around in it? Is that a Thai woman? This is once in a lifetime, how can I stay still? People criticize so much!! You can forget about Thailand if you want to criticize. I’m tired of it!! Have you ever given me support? In the end, that’s it! This is me!!”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

150 responses to “Miss Thailand Universe 2010 Poses Garners Criticisms; Takes Anger Out on Facebook

  1. From these pictures, I don’t find her pretty. She doesn’t look Thai too. She seems like a bitch by just reading her status. Damn she isn’t representing thailand that well, acting like this. :S I wonder what Thai people think about this, I mean I’m not saying she can’t Show her legs but her status shows disrespect toward Thai netizens. Just my opinion.
    And when she said once we ca not be peace? Umm from the news, they were just criticizing her about her poses, nothing else so why is she sUing it like she doesn’t have peace? Just because of her leg poses? I don’t get her ……..

    • You are such a sorry asshole who must look like trash shit..just cos you dun look good doesnt give you the right to tarash others..just shut the hell up ok..live your own life and dont go poking your shitty face/nose into others..GET A BLOODY LIFE !!!!!

      • Alve,
        did my comment really offend you that much?? 😦
        aww sadly for you, im not sorry for what I said and how do you know I dont look good?? only people who go around bitching/spazzing at others OPINIONS looks trashy . I am living my life, can’t you tell?? what the hell bring some peace in yourself.

      • To Alve.
        Your aptness to render myopic presupposition interpolations is clear evidence to have a peanut for a brain and after more than one hundred negative responses to your childish messages surely its time you looked for another vocation. May I suggest you try finding work as a cleaner of public toilets as you seem obsessed with the word Shit ! You certainly have the qualifications peanut brain and a shit mouth!

    • I don’t think that is bad. She is wearing a gown that emphasize her legs when ever she raise it up together with the rest of the contestant. She cannot just stand there like a stick. It is a competition, she has to be noticed constantly. She will wear a bikini anyway… so what is this to that?

      I find her very beautiful and had the chance. Just support her instead of criticizing. That is what she need right now. Look at Miss Philippines she is flooded by supports so that she could get it throug.

    • she’s trailer trash.(if Thailand had trailers) Not all that pretty and stumpy legs. Just wait till all the entrants don their skimpy bikinis.

  2. wow, i never knew she had this kind of attitude. you are representing the country, should act more appropriately especially since you know that the Thai culture is more conservative than many others. besides, if you look good lifting your legs up than more power to you but if it looks awkward (aka especially when no other ladies in the picture are doing it), arrogant or just repetitive (do you always have to pose like that?) than please stop.

    • i agree! sure she can lift up her legs, but if she’s gonna do that at least make it look classy or something. if that’s her signature move when she does her “model pose”, then she needs help, pronto!! from all of the pictures, she seems to thinks she’s the shit and like she wants to show off her pooh-na-nee. look how high up her leg is compared to all of those contestants. i don’t care if the girl wants to put her legs up to her head.. more power to her!!

    • WHAT ATTITUDE YOU DUMB ASS…She jsut replying to this utter nonsense and its considered a bad attitude..what,you want her to prostrate on the floor and cry and ask for your forgiveness..GO EAT SHIT YOU MISREABLE ASS..GET A BLOODY LIFE SHIT FACE

      • hahaha looks like we struck a nerve! no, more like we chopped off a leg. some super fan comes crawling in and sounds just as dumb as the beauty queen. all looks and no brains. like i said, if she wants to go lift her leg over her head or flash her pooh-na-nee for the world to see, then more power to her.

        yeah, i obviously have no life that’s why i’m on here. it takes one to know one!! i bet you know how shit tastes like that’s why you’re recommending it to me. sorry, but i don’t eat shit like you, fuckin’ moron!!

      • dude you are really mad and my question is why? do you think that is appropriate? i can understand doing it when every one else is but dang she doing it like she’s erotic dancer !!!! Good Lord!!!!!!!!! like the other comment above atleast do it with more class not trash!!! lol

    • WHAT ATTITUDE YOU DUMB ASS…She jsut replying to this utter nonsense and its considered a bad attitude..what,you want her to prostrate on the floor and cry and ask for your forgiveness..GO EAT SHIT YOU MISREABLE ASS..GET A BLOODY LIFE SHIT FACE

  3. This girl sounds so snobby! Oh, she’s is gonna get her ass handed to her by thai netizens. hahaha

    The pictures make her look trashy and the added facial expressions that she’s making does not make her look hot. makes her look kind of like a whore, well at least that’s what i think of when i saw it and since she says that’s how she is, then i guess that’s how she is. nothing wrong with that. you can’t expect those miss whatever contestants to be down to earth and humble?!! what do you guys expect? the girl and those like her have probably been praised for their looks all of their lives, so of course, they’re gonna act like they’re the shit. don’t expect someone who’s humble.

      • To Alve.
        Your aptness to render myopic presupposition interpolations is clear evidence to have a peanut for a brain and after more than one hundred negative responses to your childish messages surely its time you looked for another vocation. May I suggest you try finding work as a cleaner of public toilets as you seem obsessed with the word Shit ! You certainly have the qualifications peanut brain shit mouth!

      • You are a piece of sh-t. Don’t be coming in here and be cussing at me. If the person that you are defending know how to conduct her self appropriately I wouldn’t make that comment. Does her elders think the way she stand is appropriate?

    • No, not very professional. Certainly not if she is expecting any endorsments on her return to Thailand. Unless, of course, her sponser(s) are one of the many massage parlours (read brothel)

  4. she’s asking for it, once she comes back to ‘Thailand’ she’s going to find it hard to get a place in Thai’s netizen and fans heart the way she’s acting and even responding to this. She’s not going to make it to top 15 and will have no support the way she’s going. ”End of that, because it is the way she is, can’t change herself since she’s born like that! haha!”


          • You think? With what? Please disclose what you base your opinion on! She is different from most thai girls as she has the courage to speak for herself and her mind. That this is not comprehensible by some of your nitwits, is no concern of hers.

  5. If shes representing our country, I would hope for her to be proper and classy about it. In my opinion, she should just take pictures normally like a beauty queen and not ruin them by acting like a Flamingo.

  6. Her rant dragged on longer than it needed to be.
    She doesn’t look that great in the photos than when I saw her from before. Lifting her leg is fine, but the way she did it is over done and might I say, it pretty much ruined the picture when she was the only one that did it. >_< She does it in a "superior" manner with her head raised really high rather than in that classy and jokey way that the other ladies are doing it. 😡

      • yup it takes one to know one, but sadly i do mine behind close doors not in public where everyone can see how much of a skank i am.

        if you don’t want criticisms then don’t try to be in the public eye. why are you even wanting to be a beauty queen? i’m sure it’s not for thailand because if you were out to represent a country that is sponsoring your trip abroad to represent them at least have dignity. i guess that doesn’t go in pook look’s book.

        in thai they call that “คนลืมตัว วัวลืมตีน”


  7. hmm.. im curious if khun dang will still want to promote her …

    she can do whatever she wants but doesnt she realized that she’s representing thailand? i lost interest in her.. >_<

  8. Its fine if she wants to pose with her legs up and look provocative but this is not the time nor the place. If you want to pose like that then do it on your own time. When you enter the MTU pageant, you knew that as MTU there are certain things that’s required of you such as behaving a certain way. If you have a problem with that then you should just quit.

    • And just what “certain things” are you referring to? A need to be impersonal? Or that you must try not be different? Or you are just one of the moral police telling people what they shall do? According to your standards of course. I have a surprise for you.

  9. the “leg lift” pose is ehhh but when it becomes your signature pose … it screams something about you!! is this the mup or whores on parade?? please keep your legs closed when you’re representing a country … esp my country!! ty!!

  10. oh and btw i can’t stop thinking about captain morgan when i look at these pictures!! maybe she should apply to be there spokesperson!!

  11. honestly, today “miss universe” pageant is a joke! from the look of these pictures, it’s not just “miss thailand” throwing up unprofessional poses but so are the other misses. i’m not a fan of this and i find the women to be quite unrealistic. also, miss thailand (all others) should watch what she says, posting, etc. for the sake of her sponsors and supporters 😀

      • ha someone has no life. alve YOU should get a life.
        just like you said “JUST LIKE YOU RIGHT..IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE..”

      • I think I have to rethink my previous comments. It would be more appropriate for her to have both legs around her ears. At least that is the way my friends and I remember her.

  12. Way to go! At least she’s not Fake or pretending to be prim and proper. I mean look at Boom, she pretends to be so prim and proper but we all know how Rang she is.

  13. Unfortunately she is too real a representation of a Thailand that is thrust daily into our faces – she is not ashamed of being a bitch – proud – its survival of the fittest, even if it requires clawing at everything to stay at the top. Miserable bitch.

      • well it seems like someone ( Alve)has a STRONG OBSESSION with this….Miss Thailand Universe? I dont even think that name suits her. Girl/Dude you gotta chill, people are just giving their opinions, you dont have to spaz at them and say ‘BLOODY, PIECE OF SHIT, LOSER’ all the time cuz thats making you everything youre saying. As you can see noone is liking your attitude on here so I’d stop if I was you and not got through all the comments just to bitch at poeples OPINION. (:

        P.S Like you would know either. and saying people are jealous of her. HAHAHAHAHAHAH youre just saying that because you have a bloddy life yourself so youre jealous others dont. HA!

  14. stinking conservative community here!
    thailand is so multifaceted, it is not just the inhibited, pervert crowd who sees straying dogs when a girl shows her leg!
    i know plenty of liberal thai people who dont see anything wrong on those poses.
    i support her exactly for upsetting the “moralists” and giving them a bad time!

    • while i understand what you’re trying to say, i have to agree with everyone else that there is a time and place and way you can show individuality, creativity, and liberalism without being offensive and gaudy.

      if she is just being herself, then good for her but in this situation she’s not representing just herself, she’s representing her entire country. that requires some degree of dignity and pride. showcasing your legs all the time and as high up as it will go neither shows dignity nor pride (as much as people may try to argue otherwise). it’s the inappropriateness of the situation that causes people to criticize her, not really the action in itself.

      case in point, you wouldn’t think it’s appropriate for an elementary school teacher to walk around in a bikini teaching little children because the situation calls for a certain way of dressing and acting. she should have realized this going into the competition instead of trying to defend herself so immaturely.


        • Alve,
          HEYY ILLITERATE CHILD. Stay in school for the rest of your life and learn how to chill. “Such comments can only be spewed from a loser like me” ? is that really all you can say?? “Get a bloddy life”?? youre being the loser. 1 of you are against like 10 people on here so obviously youre the loser. I’d rather have a bloddy life then having NO LIFE like you.

          • So if 10 people have a different opinion from yours, then they must be right? That is what you are saying. Oh dear.

          • I’m not saying the more people think the same then this one person then they’re right, but this alve person is getting too overboard with others opinions. Bitchingg at others just because because he or she disagrees. It’s useless. -.-

  15. Dear me,
    500 web sites closed daily by Thailands “Big Brother” Government, Thai Elites in Government handing jobs to their sons, Billions given in bribes, the Military deciding who they will allow to be in power, and you want to talk about high someone lifts their leg………No wonder Thailand is dropping behind all other Asean countries…….

    • HELLO this is an ENTERTAINMENT website. meaning it revolves around the entertainment World. if you feel like this is stupid then don’t read it. go and try to change thailand too for that matter. and Alve stop being such a fool. Yall obviously on the wrong website.

  16. LOL

    This is what people are up in arms about? A few snaps of a woman’s leg? Big deal. This is a beauty contest and showing a little bit of leg is not a bad thing.

    Like the poster Northman said, Thailand has more important things to talk about.

    Perhaps this is a truer representation of Thailand. Not the friendly smiling locals in the tourist brochure, but the I have money and I can do what I want, when I want. So sit down, shut up or hit the road.

  17. oh WOW this is not a discuss economies website if you want to bitch & rant about the more important things then ya’ll should go find the right website. stop being so serious about what people put about some bitch tryna be a slut by over doing the leg lift pose. this is a site about gossip & entertainment news.

  18. ANYWAYS! she was on the same flight as my aunt when she flew back from thailand she said she was ugly in person.


      • Hi Alve!

        You’re my number one fan!
        I love you girlfriend!
        Let’s get a starbucks and discuss our future!

        OI! AppleSauce let’s not be encouraging anymore sit downs!

        See you Alve! XOXOXOXO

  19. and who are making the remarks against her? They’re cowards hiding behind the internet. Same as on this blog.

    • How are those who criticized her cowards? Those people who want to be in the limelight have to know how to endure criticisms and harsh judgments. Instead when you’re entering the Miss Universe pageant you are being judge by the whole world. You are not only being judge by those judges that you have to impress the day of the event.

      If she can’t take the heat and the criticisms then it’s best for her to drop out now. Power to her for talking back, but she needs to realize it’s not Thailand who is making judgmental remarks towards her, but those from all over the world also.

  20. She looks extremely arrogant, do not know her personally, maybe lovely in real life or maybe pappa is rich, like all other Thai Miss Universe models they come from a rich background. That is what I hate, it is about looks and not about money but all Thai Miss Universe models have a rich daddy.
    I never understand Miss Universe I have seen way more beautiful women in Thailand than her. Bit more stylish behaviour would make her look better.

    • Spoken again without a clue and knowledge.
      Do you know that miss teen Thailand live in Kamala, her father owns a restaurang and a small hotel. Not by any means rich as you propose, I really really hope you have been to Thailand to utter such stupid opinion.

      • i think you’re the one that’s uttering pure nonsense. if you’re blaming others such as slenstra for speaking without a brain, you should blame yourself. first of all, miss universe and miss teen thailand are in totally different leagues.

        if you look at the past winners of the MISS UNIVERSE pageants and not the miss teen universes pageants, you’ll realize that most of the winners ARE from a very rich and wealthy background.

        maybe its pure conicidence that alot of the past winners are rich?

  21. Please learn the difference between “then” and “than” if you are going to post a blog. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the information, but sadly, I never said I was a journalist nor an English major. My blog is indeed MY blog and if others happen to read it than more power to the blog.

      I’d like you to translate Thai into English. For English not being our native language we seem to be doing perfectly fine. =]

    • you’re certainly not welcome. wtf kind of rights do you have to tell them to learn how to spell? it’s their blog. they can do whatever they want. only lurking idiots like you come on because there is major news that your half idiot pea brain f**ktards can’t read in thai but wants to f**k thai girls so you try to learn their culture.

      if most of you f**ktards didn’t realize this is an entertainment blog not the f**kin news regarding politics or poverty in thailand. if you don’t like it then GTFO!

  22. Grammarplease, if I type in Dutch, do you understand it? I bet you are an English native speaker who speaks one language and nit noi Thai.

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  24. The current Miss Thailand certainly shows a lack of class, charm, decorum and understanding of the contest.

    To represent Thailand a person needs intelligence, confidence, grace, dignity, charisma and an outstanding personality.

    Its sad the current Miss Thailand seems to be lacking in all the above.

  25. To Alve.
    Your aptness to render myopic presupposition interpolations is clear evidence to have a peanut for a brain and after more than one hundred negative responses to your childish messages surely its time you looked for another vocation. May I suggest you try finding work as a cleaner of public toilets as you seem obsessed with the word Shit ! You certainly have the qualifications peanut brain and shit mouth!

  26. translation is a bit off but i think the girl has no right to do as she pleases… she signed up to be a representative of thailand, she knows she’s not supposed to go out posing as a centerfold to the world. if she wanted to do as she pleases, she should have never applied on the pageant, she deserves the critism. being miss thailand is a job, you can believe it or not but it is.

  27. Cannot believe she is representing Thailand. I hope she does not win because she is not professional at all!

  28. That is the UGLIEST LEG pose ever..LOL…notice its like that in every effin pic she takes!..WTH….so much for Miss Thailand…

  29. Wake up critics, you don’t win anything if you don’t beyond limits and borders.
    Go back in time and see what the other winners have done and you will find these pictures embarrasing to even discuss because it’s abloluely nothing to talk about.
    When she comes back to Thailand she will be saluted by the younger generations and they are the ones setting standards.
    I whish there were less hypocrits in the world.

  30. I have read a lot of ribbish here but this one takes the prize.

    Sheäs in a beatuty competion, not being a teacher in elementary school.
    From what rock did you crawl out from?

    • ummm..have you bothered reading my whole comment?? you’re completely taking it out of context. what rock have YOU been under?

  31. Wow this is such a hot topic hahahah. Oh gosh guys, it’s just a girl doing a leg pose. So what that she represent Thailand. Thailand is not a conservative prim and proper country. You can pretend that it is and deny all you want, but truth will be the truth. Thailand is NOT a prim and proper country. Just because you put your hands together and wai your elders does not make you prim and proper, it just say you have good manners.

  32. all u haters get a life damm be serious i was watching the miss thai universe and everybody was talking about why they where 2 piece bikini and not 1. Hey we r in 2010 soon 2011 thailand has to change a bit adapt to the situation. Things has change we proud of ur pretty ladys u got in ur country.
    Don’t hate be a part of it because after if she wins u r not gona say yeah she is from thailand.

    haters haters every where hahahhahhaha

  33. if most of you f**ktards didn’t realize this is an entertainment blog not the f**kin news regarding politics or poverty in thailand. if you don’t like it then GTFO!

  34. Poses are trashy. If that is her, then represent herself when she is no longer wearing the crown. She is representing Thailand not herself. So she needs to shut up and do her job by actting more appropriately. Someone needs to take that crown away from her.

  35. the ones that put up their legs, they did it with class except her. i can understand the rage. plus it is a beauty pageant. you’re supposed to be prim and proper. that was established 80+ years ago.

      • So are you saying that since it’s not 2010 and not 1925, Miss Thailand can and should represent her country by poses that looks almost no different than the porn model from playboy?

        That was not classy. 1925 or 2010, Miss Thailand or any other Crowned person should act appropriately. you think that if the judges knew she would do this, that she would have won?

      • im not going to argue with you that the world has changed. it is constantly changing, a fact i cannot change. what’s the purpose of the pageant that no one ever follows now. so you want a trashy potty mouth girl to win. even if the world is changing, there are standards that has to be meet. i dont know what’s up with pageant nowadays, cause these girls are not representing what they are supposed to be doing.

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