Worried Father of 2, Ken Fits Schedule For Action Drama With Chompoo

Back to his home lakorn production, Yuma that actor, “Ken” Theeradeth Wongpuapan is back to action lakorns once again in the lakorn, “Rahut Torachon” (Code Outlaw) pairing up with actress, “Chompoo” Araya A. Hargett. Everyone is worried about Ken because now he is a father of 2 and if he would still be fit like before or not. Will he be able to take on the action roles fully like before or not or if he would have to be worried about be safe since his life is more valuable then before?

With this the actor revealed that he is still fit and mindset like before. He can take on the action role because he normally works out just like before, but as being more careful then before in his work, Ken said of course he would have to be careful then before.

“You ask that since I have 2 children do I have to be more careful? The production team does everything for it to be safe for us. The director wants everything to be safe for us and tells me that there is a stunt double (smiles). I know you can do it, but he would always look out for us, but now we’ve grown up so we rather do our work with style. We’re more careful and not impulsive like before like when I was younger we did it for fun, but now we practice the part more. Like the scene that passed by, we had to do to 8 practice takes in order to not miss and everything goes smoothly.”

[Source via Siam Bunterng]

6 responses to “Worried Father of 2, Ken Fits Schedule For Action Drama With Chompoo

    • Let’s not say it’s a replacement between Anne and Chompoo. UMA 99 was planned a lakorn two years ago for Ken and Chompoo, since they did well in WeeWa Woon and Big Boss of UMA 99 Khun Yu reconciled with Ch3, they resumed their previous plan, it’s quite understandable. As for Ken and Anne, they have 365 Wan Han Ruk, they’re still one of the hottest on-screen couple, nothing has been changed, if there is a change, time will tell us and prove everything.

  1. I love Ken soo much. He’s like.. everything to me when it comes to thai lakorns. but.. i dont like Chompoo.
    She’s really snobby. if she was nice, and not a showoff like that then. she’d be alright but.. ehh

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