Pang threw in 8 digits to open a beauty store

Latest news reveal that actress “Pang” Ornjira Lamwilai has opened a beauty store called Medivisage Clinique. With this store, we guarantee that everyone’s body will look cute Pang will help you!

“Well, it took millions but I can’t tell you because the Bureau of Internal Revenue might come check. It’s almost 8 digits kaa. The reason why I’m going this is because I think that beauty is always paired with women kaa. Women are more worried about how they look each day. It’s not just this, but it’s also because I got the perfect opportunity to do this. Luckily, I’ve been looking for this doctor already. There was someone I know that knows this doctor, so I ask them to come to business with me splitting it into 4 shares. We dare not to argue with each other because we are all really close friends. We all go to the temple kaa. Everyone has a good heart. I already checked kaa. As for the work, we’ve split it kaa. The doctor will take care of operations, my guy friend will take care of management, my girl friend will take care of finance/accounting, p’Are will take care of marketing that is also mine. I made it clear that I want to be personal, taking care of all our customers and giving our time to them. As for the price, I believe that it will be just like any other cliniques out there. Everything we use is natural. If you’ve tried it and aren’t happy, we will take care of you after your purchase. We’ve been open for about a month now kaa. We’re constantly getting customers kaa.”

Source: Daradaily

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