Pa Tob and Peemai are back together!

Pa Tob-Peemai comes out to show their sweet love once again, making all their fans jealous. Peemai reveals that she was the one who went to make up with Pa Tob.

They both came out to the event hosted by TV Inside Hot Awards. Pa Tob and Peemai came together showing their sweet love. Both reveal that they have come back to love each other again. Pa Tob explains that Peemai was the one who came to make up with him,

“We love each other krub, we love each other krub. I definitely gave Peemai another chance. We reconciled. We tell one another that we love each other every day. I do not dare to reprimand her. We’re not discouraged. There’s nothing to our promise, it’s still new. We just have to love each other more. I was sad about the past too, but I’ll take this as a new beginning. About the other girl, there’s no problem. She doesn’t have a boyfriend. Right now, we (w/Peemai) are back together and it seems smooth enough. We are gradually telling each other ‘I love you’ all the time. We’ve also talked about only telling each other ‘I love you’ only when it’s necessary. I gave in to her since the beginning. About the honeymoon, there is none. I’m going to have new work coming in as a talk show host. It’s a cooking show that I will be hosting every day Monday-Friday, Channel W True. I try to think of new things all day, every day. I will have Peemai come try the food too.”

Peemai also said,

“Well, we didn’t give each other any new promises. I just want to be good and listen to him more. I was equally as sad as he was. I admit that I was hurt. It took a long time to reconcile before he gave in.”

Sources: Manager & Thairath

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9 responses to “Pa Tob and Peemai are back together!

  1. I agree with lakornfan…and geez, Peemai looks kinda old in the pics above. It’s either her outfit, her “beau”…or both…hmm…

  2. as a fan of peemai, even if she’s dumb at times.. i still wish her happiness.. (sigh.. i was wishing you would start anew but,, oh well..) goodluck to the two once again..

  3. if they are not celebrities or rich one will even care about their on and off relationship

    this is just waste of media resources

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