Pancake Releases Weir and Gives Him Freedom; Has A Lot of News To Prove It

Lately there has been numerous news saying that the love of actress, “Pancake” Khemmanit Jamikorn and beau, “Weir” Sukollawat has come to a dead end. Which lead the couple to come out and clarify all the news that their love is still going strong and there is no end to it. The rumors are saying that Weir would like to go party often and on top of that is attached to a girl name, “Cherry“. If Pancake found out about this, what would she say? Hmm…?

Pancake revealed, “It’s true, I have known about it through the press and Weir called me to tell me that, “Today there is this and that type of news.” He called me to tell me and I was OK with it. I think it’s a corner-part of his life and it’s probably nothing.”

Have you talked to him if it’s true or not?

“The news said that he was giving out money? Come give me money first.”

They said that Weir tipped “Cherry” quite a bit.

“With this, I don’t really know, but I think it’s probably nothing. “

Does Weir normally party like this often?

“He would mainly hang out with his friends instead. I’m not really sure about it.”

Does he tell you that he went out?

“He doesn’t tell me at all (laughs). He would tell me there’s nothing and if he goes he would go out to eat with his friends, but in the corner-part of his life that’s his time with his friends. That I understand.”

Are you concerned about Cherry?

“I’m not concerned at all.”

Are you open about it if Weir goes out to party and a girl comes to sit with him?

“I rather not know about it instead. It’s true that we don’t sit and talk about these sort of things, but with this I think everyone should have a little corner-part of their life. I think Weir has responsibilities and he’s a grown man to know what is right or wrong. So, I don’t have to sit and worry about it.”

Does he have any signs of being a cheat since you’ve known him?

“He’s a very interactive person, but as for being a cheat, I’m not sure.”

Do you get stressed out with the news?

“I don’t stress over it. I’m just unconcerned about .”

The reason why you’re unconcerned is it because of the distance rumors were spreading about?

“I didn’t mean it like that. We’re together, we’re friends, and whatever else. Everyone has something of their own activities and if it doesn’t effect or bother anyone then it shouldn’t be a problem at all.”

Do you have other guys coming to hit on you?

“I don’t have any because I don’t go anywhere anyhow. The most thing I’ve done is a closing party for the lakorn or go out with Weir. I don’t go party anywhere.”

When a situation comes up like this do you tell Weir to party less?

“I think he should know what is best for him. Due to the past experiences he has met.”

Does you parent ask about the news?

“My mom would know about it before I do. She would watch from a distance instead. She doesn’t get involved with it.”

In the past Weir has had  many news like this, has it ever lessen your feelings for him?

“If we can get pass that stage then I say it’s, OK. It’s like a judgement test for everyday. I believe that not everyone will do something right everyday. There will be some wrongs and some right, but if we can get pass it then it’ll be an example for the future.”

Personally how possessive of Weir are you?

“I’m possessive normally and for him to take very good care of himself.”

Do you warn him about having too much news like this?

“No, I don’t warn him because he should know better. He probably doesn’t want people to talk about it and if I nag on him about it he might do something different. So, he knows what’s going on himself. Everyday it’s like w’ere a family already and we have good feelings for each other. I think that’s OK enough. We have a lot to learn and grow from for the both of us. It’s better if we take little steps instead and everyday already we’re happy enough.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Daily News]

26 responses to “Pancake Releases Weir and Gives Him Freedom; Has A Lot of News To Prove It

  1. Oh come one not more. Hopefully nothing will tear them apart. I really love this couple.
    From the updates of them on YouTube, they still seem the same. News news news -.-

  2. I find her so bland. Indeed she is pretty and has the height of a model but dang, get out and have “some” fun. It’s ok to enjoy life a little regardless if you are famous or not. Im not saying for her to go party hard but go out and do other things besides open and closing a lakorn event. Lol. I find it scary that her mother keeps her eyes out for Wier from a distance on her behalf. Haha..creepy.

  3. From reading Panacke interview it seems to me like they’re not bf and gf. I know she wants to give her man some space and all but I’m getting no emotion coming from her whatsoever. It just seem like they are more of a friend then in a relationship. From time to time I feel like they are only in this relationship for publicity.

  4. i think that if weir and pancake really date for real and not the channel pair them up, then i think weir should need to stop going out like this having news….and if he still want to be and actor he should stop partying a lot like this, this make him very bad looking for others plus me now….

    My Opinion:

    but i think it’s better if weir should let pancake go because he don’t really suit her and she should get a better man then weir….

    please do not be mad..this is my opinion…

  5. She seems like a good girlfriend, she’s not clingy or barging in on his every business. Seems like a very stress-free and happy relationship.

  6. I don’t know if its a front that she’s putting on or if that’s really how she feels about her relationship with Wier. I’ve never seen anyone talk about their bf with no affection what so ever. When they’re out together everything just looks to script. It would not surprise me at all if their relationship turns out to be a publicity stunt.

    Side note, I would prefer to see Wier with someone with a little more personality than Pan. Pan just seems like she is forever playing some sort of role.

  7. Wier= Wierd
    Pancake= stale
    Their love life= flatline
    That is why Wier is picking another CHERRY and Pancake is dumb and clueless

  8. As in the passed interview, Weir doesn’t like clinging women, he likes his woman to be independent and can look after herself, I think that’s why he chosen Pancake…she is hard working and doesn’t seek his attention all the time….

    • I agree with you. I don’t think Pancake’s bland for not wanting to go out and party. You can have fun without having to party, get drunk, and be involved in stupid news. Plus, the girl works everyday and goes to school so I’d be surprised if she’s out partying because she’ll have no time to rest then.

      I honestly hope their relationship is not a publicity stunt too because they look good together. However, if it is then I feel bad for both of them to have to be together for ratings, for money, for fame. Being a dara is so stressful! 555

    • Not like clinging Woman? what do you call a woman ask your guy to where the same stuff when they are out in the public like the stupid bear tee shirt they have on? Just lame

      • That’s not being clinging. Clinging is when you want to be with your bf/gf 24/7. You call him every time of the day to check up on him. You make him call you every time of the day to check in.

      • Wearing the same tishirts is ok. Besides those bear tshirts are for their bear shop. It’s called work.
        And the problem with wearing the same shirt is???? What creepy?? They’re a couple, couples gotta match sometimes. 🙂

  9. They don’t match they look more like brothers and sisters. IDK their relationship seem so boring like they lack chemistry or something is off.

    I want Weir and Pinky together though LOL

  10. I like Pancake and Weir’s relationship. They give each other space and do their own thing. They can survive without each other. I hate girls who put a leash on their boyfriend, giving them rules and regulations. I hate girls who feel that it is their god given right to know where their boyfriend is every second of every minute. I hate girls who NEED to be with their boyfriend all the time. I hate girls who believe their boyfriend need to ask them if they can hang out with their own friends. Girls like that shouldn’t date and guys who allow their girls to do that to them should just wear a skirt and put a bag over their heads.

  11. To me, thus couple is a good example. They don’t go out late at night together or do or say anything to disappoint people, they’re sayings teAch lessons, and they like going as a FAMILY. I envy their actions and sayings. Great example for kids, excluding weir smoking and drinking cuz most Asians do too.

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