Ploy calls Diana a ‘dog’ on facebook?

Screen capture of Ploy Cherman‘s alleged facebook account surfaced on the internet sparking feuding rumours between Ploy and Narvin Tar’s ex girlfriend “Di Diana”.

In the SC of the FB account, Ploy called Di a ‘dog’ for giving an interview to the media press saying she still talks to her ex boyfriend & Ploy’s current boyfriend Narvin Tar.

Ploy Cherman on FB: “I don’t understand your purpose for giving out news to say you still talk to P’Tar on email when it’s supposed to be a personal matter!!! And don’t tell me you didn’t tell the press, if you didn’t then which dog told the media?”

When the press tried to confront Ploy about this, the actress simply walked away from the question. So far there’s no confirmation as to whether or not this facebook account is really hers.

Source via Gossipstar

38 responses to “Ploy calls Diana a ‘dog’ on facebook?

  1. the guy is handsome ! worth fighting for , hehe ! but this account sounds fake for me … the way “Ploy ” stated that statement …but if it’s true , so be it … it’s her opinion …but the dog part is just so degrading …

  2. ehh, I have a feeling Ploy won’t go that far on saying things like that. Maybe in Lakorns..LOL..i think the account is fake.

  3. That actually IS her facebook account. And I’m not surprised anyways because Ploy was always known for being like that. As in really straight forward and not afraid to say anything.

  4. Why is she getting so mad over this?! Doesn’t she do the same with Dome and don’t take nong Paint’s feelings into consideration. This is coming from the girl that still wear her ex-boyfriend’s ring. What goes around comes around.

  5. I don’t see it as a big deal. I think everyone would had said that, if you didn’t then which dog did. Plus it is true, Di is an attention seeker. She was the one who seek out the media to tell them that she and Tar are dating. So when they asked him he, in front of her said heck no, zero percent.

  6. hahah this is ploy’s real account! you can’t find this fb account on public search but you can if you go through the real celebs friends list.

  7. I agree with Ploy on this one! Obviously the ex-girlfriend is just crying out for attention and publicity. It’s natural for her to get mad.

    • And it’s good that she walked away from the press when they asked her that question. Instead of stirring things up, she just left it at that. Good for her!

  8. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Other people would do worse than this. I like Navin and Ploy together, just leave them alone. They’re really happy together.

  9. i don’t know but to me if someone called me a dog i’d be pretty pissed off. how dare they compare to me a dog. ploy has a mouth on her and like someone said it’s karma. what comes around goes around. she did the same thing with dome’s girlfriend by being an attention seeker and wearing his ring.

    so diana is doing the same back to her. i don’t see paint getting mad about it on facebook but talked like an adult with dome. ploy think’s it’s a game when she needs to grow the hell up.

    • That’s true, now that I think about it. Thanks for refreshing my memory on Paint and Dome. Lol. Ploy has the most stunning eyes ever! (Off topic, I know.)

    • I don’t think Ploy wearing a ring Dome gave her is wrong. I wouldn’t throw a ring my ex-bf gave me, jewelry is not something you can just throw away. Dome gave it to her, so it’s hers now, she can do whatever she wants with it.

      But as for Ploy doing the same thing to Dome’s gf, that’s a different story.

      • It’s the exact same thing she did, not a different story. And yes, you don’t throw away jewelry an ex gave to you but no one in their right mind would still wear an ex’s ring…I know I don’t, if anything, she could have cherished it in a jewelry box or sell it but you don’t go out in public with it because it obviously implies she still had feelings for him at that time. And she still communicated with Dome after they broke up, I didn’t see dome’s girlfriend say anything about it, in private, probably, in public, no.

        As for this Diana thing, I’ll go by what people are saying, I really don’t know her history with Tar…She may be an attention whore by saying she still communicates with him…Ploy did the same thing eventhough Diana wasn’t an official gf or whatever…Plus, she shouldn’t be mad or jealous over this small thing, he’s hers now, so what’s with the fuss.

        • in my post, i’m talking strictly about the ring. i’m not arguing or saying anything about ploy talking to dome.

          anyway, why do people think so much into things? a ring is just an object, the significance of it is what you set it to be. i wear my watch that my ex-bf gave to me, but that doesn’t mean i think about him whenever i wear it. it still works so i put it to good use. ain’t nothing wrong with that.

          • For you, an ex’s ring may not have significance, for Ploy, it certainly and obviously did. If you’ve dated someone long enough and they gave you a promise ring and then you break up, would you want to wear his/her ring still? You would, but there are loads of people who wouldn’t. Memories come up when you wear your ex’s jewelry, whether you put significance on that piece of jewelry or not, it will always be a remembrance of your ex, that’s how it usually is, but for some reason, it wasn’t for you. How would Tar feel if he sees Ploy wearing her ex’s ring? I’m sure he and loads of other people would go crazy over that. My boyfriend would have left me already if he saw that I wore my ex’s ring which I don’t and never will I ever think of wearing it.

            And one question…Why don’t I see her wearing it now? She doesn’t even occasionally put it on anymore because she obviously has someone she loves now, so she probably stored or threw away that ring which was of significance when she was with Dome.

        • Your last comment summed it up. Ploy shouldn’t react the way she did. As a woman who once went through the same situation should understand what Diana is going through. They could be talking as friends. I don’t dislike or think that ploy is a bad person for reacting like this. She must really like him for her to react like this. Jealousy make a woman do and say crazy things.

        • I totally agree with you LPK about Ploy. Only insecure people like Ploy will throw a fuzz over small thing like this.

          About Diana, I met her before..she is beautiful in person and super cool, and not an attention seeker like people are thinking.. I don’t recall her giving out an interview that her and Tar dated. The media just speculated that they were dating because they seemed so close. But Tar came out to clarify to the media that they were only friends and nothing more. Though it was obvious that she did like him and was hurt by his rejection.
          Anyway that was so long ago..What is a big deal about Diana talking to Tar? They are good friends way before Ploy was in the pic. Ploy need to grow up and stop being so insecure!

  10. yeah karma. i think us girls have better things to do than to have a catfight over a guy. anyway don’t like ploy doing that naked scene; i think it’s degrading.

  11. Why make a big deal out of this? I believe 99.99999% of people in this earth are not Angels. That’s the way she is, so let her be. I am sure you have your moment, and no one is perfect.

  12. thank goodness i aint no celebrity, my facebook is sometimes filled with my frustration, and when i get frustrated, i can be a real bitch cursing left and right. but you know i dont have issues with any girls.

    it has to be ploy’s real fb. come on, she walked away. she would have denied it if it wasnt really her account.

  13. As a public figure, Poly shouldn’t have said that she said on her FB. Yes, I understand that people get mad but she is afterall a public figure. First of all, I don’t get WHY she is mad about when she herself did it to Paint. Secondly, why is she so offended that Diana admit to the media that she still talks to Tar? I mean you don’t hear Paint complaining about her keeping contact with Dome. Besides, if Tar can trust her than why can’t she trust Tar?

      • Could be that fun, or it could be that Ploy, Dome, and Paint know that Ploy/Dome is really 1000% over. Maybe Paint know for sure that Ploy doesn’t feel that way for Dome anymore and vice versa. Ploy and Dome they both came to a total dead end and ended their relationship but for Di and Tar, Di didn’t have a chance with Tar. She thought she did and told everyone so, but Tar publicly corrected her. So maybe Di still have hope so of course Ploy would not be happy.

        However I believe she doesn’t have anything to worry about. If Tar wanted to be with Di, he would already. I hate girls who get jealous so easily.

        • that is true, but im sure tar has told ploy that he is completely over his ex. still, she shouldnt have written that. she is all up on dome like nothing happened by wearing the ring out in public announcing that it was given by her ex. either way, ploy is in the wrong.

        • If Poly don’t feel anything for Dome anymore then why did she even bother to wear the ring given to her by Dome at the event with Dome? Clearly, Poly has finally let go of Dome after she got with Tar.

  14. I thought I heard from Daokajai that Diana and Navin Tar never went out at all. She did try to say they did but he denied it.

  15. Or maybe Ploy isn’t insecure and maybe she does trust Tar but she’s pissed because Di came out and said that they still talk and that will give ammunition to the media to stir things up. Now the media will go hunt Ploy down and ask her stupid questions like “Aren’t you afraid that Di and Tar will start liking each other again?”. Or they will create news and said that her and Tar relationship is rocky cus Tar is still talking to Di, the flames will reignite ect ect.

    So maybe Ploy is just pissed that now she’s going to be hounded by the stupid reporters over some stupid comment Di should had kept to herself.

    • Isn’t ploy also giving ammunition to the media by posting this on her Facebook? Celebrities need to understand that just because it’s their facebook doesn’t mean it’s “actually” private, it’s something all stars should have taken note of by now. Whatever you say on the net, on your twitter, on your facebook, etc will always start something if it’s worthy of a big stir up in the entertainment. That’s why reporters are hounding ploy now…Because she fed them a whole new controversy. That’s the reason why she’s getting asked by reporters all these questions also…It will lead to questions such as, “Are you possessive of Tar?” or “Are you a jealous girlfriend because you don’t trust tar? or “Do you hate Di?” Di and Ploy both fed the media ammunition (Although both had different intentions, Di probably wanted attention, with Ploy, she did this out of anger) and now it’s both of their faults if they are being constantly asked by reporters or in fake rumors.

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