Chompoo Only Nice To Those She Can Benefit From? While Her Fan Club Say’s She’s Arrogant

Sexy, beautiful, outlandish,and conceited actress, “Chompoo” Araya A. Hargett is only nice to reporters, but arrogant with her fan club. Meaning that if she isn’t “Chompoo” Araya A. Hargett, she’ll try to become the mother of sexy, “Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuea.

But her fan club had came out to give their take on it saying that she is no “Aump” for sure because the real “Chompoo” is much more conceited then that.

When reporters met up with “Chompoo” at the sacrificial opening ceremony for “Dok Som Sii Tong” they went up to her, but the actress said, “I don’t want to decide on what the situation is talking about yet.”

With your fan club, what kind of interactions do you have with them?

“My fan club should know how my personality is and they understand my nature, but when I see the news it says that, “This actress is only nice to those who she can benefit from.” It’s true that I’m nice to everyone and when I see someone who is nice and sincere to me and I would know about it that instant, but I think we can’t do something that will please everyone.”

After this when you see or meet someone will you smile and “wai” (Thai traditional greeting) them first from now on?

“I will be like how I am. Meaning that in my nature if someone is nice to me then I would be nice back to them, but if someone isn’t nice to me, I’m not the type to get angry at them. I would stay still and distance myself from them.”

There are rumors about you and Aump all the time. Some will pair you two up even the one’s that call you two “Rungsissingpipai” daughter-in-laws and at the same time both of your sweetheart’s. Note and Nott had rumors about hiding girls in their condo’s.

“It was probably a monsoon effect that came in and passed on by. Right now, I can accept it and deal with it. Personally I think that my life right now is happy, there is work for me, my personal life is happy, my parents are in good health, and everything is going good. I have everything that I ever wanted that I don’t know what else I would want in life.”

Have you ever thought that someone is trying to discredit you?

“I don’t feel anything by it, but the fact that someone is trying to pick me to go compete with someone else. I think it’s normal in the Entertainment Industry to be compared to someone else. It’s something I can’t stop. I rather stay still like I’ve always been doing.”

With the news that came out have you talked to Aump about them?

“We haven’t talked to each other because different people lead different lives and with the news that came out we have to focus on our own lives and take care of our own problems first (laughs.)”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

22 responses to “Chompoo Only Nice To Those She Can Benefit From? While Her Fan Club Say’s She’s Arrogant

  1. if they are really her fanclub, should’nt they stick by her anyway? like pinky’s fanclub stood by her after all that happened between peck, tanya, and her. so in reality, the supposed fanclub aren’t really fans of chompoo? ahahhaa.

    • Not if she was arrogant to the fan. I mean Pinky’s situation is different. She had issue with a third party not with her own fans. So no, fans should stick with someone who doesn’t treat them well.

  2. she looks like shes been crying up on that picture. shes cute and sessy no doubt. but no comment on her and her fans

  3. Her FAN CLUB thinks she’s arrogant? Wow..she must’ve pissed off a LOT.

    It’s disappointing if this is true. As a celeb she should know better.

    She should treat her fans well since they will stay loyal, support and defend her no matter what.

    • Exactly — that’s how RAIN survive most of them bad accusation — it’s b/c he was nice to almost all his fans despite some bad encounters (busy schedule) — they defend him EVEN the LITTLEST things LOL (the power of CLOUDS).

  4. if her fans are coming out saying it is true then I think it is but i feel like the way she acts has always been a bit bitchy & the tone she talks in.

  5. without her fans she wouldnt be where shes at now so if she continues to act the way she is then she could easily lose those loyal fans of hers..ive always thought she had a conceited and bitchy look about her but i was like it could just be the way she look..maybe its not just the looks afterall

  6. Her face Sorta does look bitchy. If she is arrogant with her fans, at least she’s lucky her fans didn’teave her.
    And her beating aum will never happen. I don’t find chomppo hot or pretty or sexy at all. Shea thinking to high and maybe selfishness and jealousy has occured?????:o

  7. yeah she’s got a nice body but I don’t know, i just feel like there is something wrong with her face. like her eyes, nose and mouth are mismatched. sorry…just me maybe

  8. ^^probaly why shes always showing her cleavage and wearing short-short dresses so she could continue to dominate the sexy title and replace aum.

  9. i really love chompoo’s face lol but not so much her body. it scares me actually. when i saw her picture in that purple tight dress, i thought i saw a purple twig. her waist was just scary in that picture. it was no photoshoot, it was a candid photo or at least that’s what i remember it was.

  10. all i know about a fan club is that is very faithful to his star except if this one is arrogant with them. i mean, who wants to spend his time doing all to his star if this one acts bad to you? no one. shampoo should be really arrogant with her fan club if they say that.

  11. She talk like a bitch, she’s not that beautiful to talk and act so arrogant! **Viewers are her employer** without them she won’t make money ** Its her job to treat them right!!! —- CELEBRITIES MAKE A LOT OF $$MONEY and if the Fans Nag u its pretty normal — EVERYTHING COMES WITH A PRICE! Live with it or LEAVE IT!

  12. i have no idea what to said in this problem but i do agree on the fact that chompoo have a nicer body then aum and aum is not that pretty so……..i think some fan is just juelous(just saying what i thought)
    And i think that if u are a star and u have a nice body u would want to show the world too and that doesn’t mean u want to race someone and beside look at all the star that show their body
    and i didn’t hear anyone saying that those star trying to race other.

  13. I never thought of her as beautiful. She is alright.. I have watched her lakorn and am not a big fan of her lakorn. Her acting skill is not up to other actresses.

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