Celebrity Moms

August 12 is Mother’s Day in Thailand and what better way to celebrate mother’s day then to tell our mother’s how much we love them in a way that we can only express it to them.

You can say that half of the year that has passed by had many celebrities who transformed their roles into first time new mothers or experienced mothers. No matter the difference Entertain Teenee did a list honoring celebrity mothers on their special day.

In NO paticular order, here are a list of the celebrity moms and their younglin’s.

1. “Aey” Anchulee & Nong Avery                        11. “Mam” Kataleeya & Nong Mack and Nong Kin

2. “Cindy” Sirinya & Nong Leila                            12. “Noi” Bussakorn & Nong Khun and Nong Jun

3. “Lukekate” Methinee & Nong Sky                   13. “Took” Chanokwan & Nong Praew

4. “Ploy” Chidjun & Nong Techino                      14. “Dao” Apisara & Nong Jing

5. Buachompoo Ford & Nong Matt                    15. “Guitar” Siripit & Nong Dtangdta

6. “Yui” Pattamawan and Nong Prim                 16. “Bam” Janitsata & Nong Vegas

7. “Aom” Nawadee & Nong Mang-gon               17. “Aey” Teresa & Nong Orca

8. “Tanya” Tanyares & Nong Leeya                     18. “Note” Nutthakarn & Nong Porjai

9. “Beau” Sunita & Nong Hani                                19. Annie & Nong Angie

10. “Ying” Narawan & Nong Praao                      20. Lena Christiansen & Nong Sebastian

[Nong Guy & Marsha]

[Yaya Ying & Mae Noi]

[Pancake Khemmanit & Mae Noi]

[Film Rattapoom & Mother]

17 responses to “Celebrity Moms

  1. I would say the cutest babies here, is Cindy’s baby, Ken and Noi’s baby and Tanya’s baby. All of them are cute but these 3 stand out the most.

      • No…it’s the fact that this person is comparing the looks of BABIES by saying only a certain 3 stand out. ALL of the babies are gorgeous. Neither of them stand out from the other because they are all precious.

        • it’s because we of all people judge ahahaha i know sound kind of heartless but it’s but we do. i admit, all the baby are adorable but the two that made me cry aw was tanya and mam’s babies just from the above picture of course.

          anyways i like tanya and her baby picture most. it didnt look like a photoshoot well compare to the ones that were.

          • You dumb asses. You’re dumb as fuck if u think its okay to judge babies. Smh…assholes.

  2. oh the babies r soooo cute!!!…lol..i like the olde kids too!..once u see them with their parents, u can definitely see the resemblance!..

  3. AWww. I love the picture of Noi and Nong. It’s soo cute. He’s grown into a cute little cubby toddler. Hahah. Love love loveeee Him

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