“Tanya” accepts “Pinky-Peck” are still talking

Here we go again… Tanya Tanyares didn’t know about the news of Peck Sanchai taking Pinky Savika to Cha-um Racing Track. Meanwhile, she is accepting the fact that they are still talking to each other like brother and sister. Will Tanya move permanently to America? Did she kiss a lesbian inside a pub in Tonglor? Lets take a look at the interview…

The big-eyed n’ek, “Pinky” Savika Chaiyadej, had already answered to reporters that she has not contacted hi-so Peck Sanchai, husband of older generation n’ek (roon pee) “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul, even though people said that they saw “Peck-Pinky” at the Racing Track and around Cha-um, Petchburi. After running into Tanya who joined us at the opening event of KTB Shop smart card at Ratchada, we had to pull her aside and speak to her once again about the sad love triangle as well as her own news of kissing a lesbian in a pub at Tonglor and news of taking n’Leah to America to live permanently.

Pinky returned to Thailand already, are you worried about them seeing each other again?

“I would probably feel indifferent because they already contact each other kaa. It’s ok.”

Pinky said that she doesn’t contact Peck anymore.

“From what I know from p’Peck, they are still contacting each other. From her side, I don’t know kaa. I can’t answer for her.”

Have you told p’Peck to stop contacting her?

“Honestly, it has already passed that point. I don’t want to interfere in that area. If they talk like brother and sister, then that’s ok.”

You never gave him an ultimatum to not speak with her?

“Well, I have, but he said that they are brother and sister already, why can’t they contact each other? As for me, I’m ok with it. It’s ok.”

People saw “Peck-Pinky” in Cha-um going to a racing track together.

“This I don’t know kaa. I don’t know anything about it. I see the news, I’m just normal na kaa. Whether they go for real or not, I don’t have the ability to know kaa. It’s ok.”

Pinky said that it’s not her. Maybe Peck has another girl that looks like her?

“Really? Maybe it’s her twin (laughs). I really don’t know about this. If we talk, I would probably ask kaa. If he said that he really did go, then that’s ok. What can I do if they already went?”

When you said that you forgave Pinky, what has Pinky asked of you?

“Well, what is it that she would ask (laughs). There has been a lot of news in the past, if I answer a lot, it probably won’t be good. That day she asked me if I forgive her and I told her that I did. That’s all.”

What if there’s more news constantly coming out about Pinky and Peck, what would you say?

“Things about the future, I wouldn’t know what it would be like. Lets just let time take its place.”

Do you feel at all that you can’t take it anymore?

“I do have my times na kaa. I’m talking about the feeling with two people argue or have misunderstandings, but we’ve come this far already. We have a child already. Because of that, we have to be calm and talk to each other kaa. But one day, if it really has to end, it has to really end. We will have to accept it kaa.”

Will there be a chance to clear things between you two again?

“Well, I’m bold enough already. I can if we have to work together, take pictures, and talk together kaa. But right now, we haven’t talked together kaa.”

There was news that you will take n’Leah to live permanently in America.

“Probably not kaa. Honestly, we had plans to vacation to go see my mother this 16th of August kaa. p’Peck will be going too kaa.”

What about the news of you and a lesbian?

“Oyy! I have many friends like this. I studied in an all girls school, so this shouldn’t be a huge deal kaa. As for the news of me kissing a lesbian at a pub in Tonglor… I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years, I believe that the people who love me and the reporters who’ve been around me should already know how I am. I probably won’t do stuff like that. I don’t know if there is someone who is intentionally doing this to ruin my reputation, but that’s ok. Going out late at night is something that I haven’t done in a really long time kaa. Plus, I don’t hang out in the same group as p’Ik Promporn. I just respect her as and elder in the industry, but I’m not close to her enough to go out with her kaa.”

Have you talked seriously to Peck about your guys’ marriage?

“Honestly, we still continue talking about it because when we have problems, we have to clear it with each other and talk. Because of that, we still do kaa. There may be other things that come in and effect us, but til this day we are still legally married kaa.”

Is it true that you want to back up, but Peck won’t let you?

“(laughs) Not at all kaa. It’s not to that point. There’s no boundary kaa. It’s just that I don’t know what level I’m at. Lets just wait until the day that I really have to, then ok, it’s over, enough.”

So, there is a chance for it to be over?

“I don’t know about the future kaa. We’ll have to wait and see. You’ll never know, it could be a happy ending or the opposite.”

Have the parents from both sides ever ask about the news?

“They did ask na kaa. I always talk to my mom and dad. I talk to p’Pecks mom and dad, but not a lot kaa. They don’t really want to interfere. It’s a personal issue. They rather have us clear it between ourselves.”

Source: Thairath

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27 responses to ““Tanya” accepts “Pinky-Peck” are still talking

  1. Yes here we goes again … Tanya is bullshitting a lot now. The more she talk the more her story has flaws. Why can’t she just answer “yes or no” about the pub scenes? Why the heck would she went into circle trying to explain what type of a person she is or who the other person is? She is just stressing the truth or lack there off so she can have more attention focusing on her pathetic family life.
    Peck has been a cheater and has always cheated through out their marriage so they’re probably on the end of the rope already. Now they’re both just trying to find an excuses or some where to put the blamed so both of them can feel that they’re both not at fault if their marriage were to failed.
    She is also contradicting herself with her answers, on one she said they(Peck and her) talked and he told her stuffs(like still talking to Pinky)… on the other respond, she said him and her don’t talk anymore LOL.
    Make up your mind girl, and instead of concentrating on what is on the news today or what to do or say to reporters to get attention, you should concentrate on your family and try to work thing out or move on. If you and your husband isn’t falling out or apart you’d have known where your husband is or whom he was with at all time. If your husband is screwing around and went to places or different Country with other girls(as the news reported); so as a wife, where the hell were you to not know where your husband went or gone to?

  2. OHMYGOD, when will we stop hearing about this drama??! i’ve read so many interviews about these three, and everything is different. WHY cant they all agree on one thing?? as in END the DRAMA!! so annoying.

  3. “I would probably feel indifferent because they already contact each other kaa. It’s ok.” <— ??

    Okay earlier, i said the same thing about tired of seeing them. But this interview is different. Tanya sounds different… i feel she lost hope in her marriage

    • lol, she probably lost hope long time ago when she decided to stay with a cheating/careless/heartless husband of hers. The only way Tanya will divorce her husband is if “he” is the one that is asking for a divorce. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Some time I feel like she is instigating things even more. I want to see the pictures of her husband and Pinky when they went to the race track together out the public where everyone can take a picture of them two. Then I’ll believe that those two are still talking to each other and how shameless Pinky can be.

      I’ll just re-post my comments from Pinky article. I truly believe that it’s her husband that doesn’t want to cut ties with Pinky. So, Tanya is upset by that. Therefore, she won’t stop yapping about it.

  4. “But one day, if it really has to end, it has to really end. We will have to accept it kaa.”

    It ended a LONG time ago when he first cheated!!

    • lol,,…I laugh so hard when I was reading Tanya’s comment. Then I scroll down and read yours and I was laughing my a** off. lol….Too Funny. Her husband has already came out and told everyone he doesn’t give a rat a** about her all he cares is himself. And only “himself.”

      What does it going to take for it to really, really end for Tanya, lol. Even though I already know the answer to that.

    • Agree. I’m tired of people keep giving Tanya an excuse that the reason why she can’t leave her husband is because of her daughter. blah blah. If the marriage is broken they did try to fix it and it’s not going no where then it’s best she leaves. Her daughter deserve better. i know every child doesn’t want a broken home but if there’s no love within the marriage why do you want to keep torturing yourself and your family. Because this type of “love” where a husband/wife cheats on each other it’s not a good example for a child to pick up. Sooner or later once her daughter is older and she sees/know that her dad has cheated on her mom, so therefore it’s okay for her bf/husband to cheat on her. Since her mom seems to be okay with it.

      Now if Tanya would’ve divorce her husband a long time ago, then at least her daughter will know that it’s not okay for a guy to cheat on her. At least she’ll know how the saying goes,”cheat on me once, shame on you, cheat on me twice, shame on me, cheat on me the third time, now I’m just pathetic, lol”

      I’m just speaking from a mother point of view (since my son is about the same age as Tanya’s daughter). I have been in Tanya’s shoes before so I know what she is going through but some time enough is enough and Tanya needs to realize that.

  5. I feel sorry for her.Its must be very hard on her.
    Its hard to leave her husband when theres child involed.
    Its not good to raise a child alone.
    The child will have problem growing up.
    Her husband should just stop talking to Pinky.I mean u got a wife.She can be ur friend too.
    Shame on Pinky!
    Only solution to end this is for her to leave him if he
    dont quit this drama.I know its hard,but leave him.He is no good. Staying with him will just give him the more man power to keep on doing since she wont take any action. He know he got it under control and on the lead when shes not doing anything about it.

    Anyway,why is Pinky talking to a married men? Pinky is so pretty and smart.I love her as an actress.

    • I am a fan of both Tanya and Pinky, but I don’t feel sorry for either of them.
      Tanya has money, she’s an A-list actress.
      She has money, it wouldn’t be hard for her to take care of a child alone.
      If she goes to work, it’s called hiring a babysitter.
      Tanya is not old, she can find someone new that truly loves her.
      And with enough love and care, the baby will be fine growing up.
      In my opinion, her husband shouldn’t do anything because that’s the way he is.
      Tanya needs to accept her “husband” the way he is because he will never change.
      She needs to stop being an attention seeker making up excuses and divorce his ass.
      Tanya is stupid. THE END.

  6. I blame the reporter for bringing this all up. Very tired of this news, they all need to shut up and deal with this privately

  7. Damn these reporters.Sometime you Love them but
    sometime you just hate them so much.We should hear
    from Peck side of the story.Since, Pinky already says she
    does not know anything & Tanya already told her side of
    the story, we should hear from that Peck guy.He haven’t been
    coming out to talk at all, it have always been the ladies.

  8. Why don’t she divorce her husband?! Her marriage is already falling apart..she NEED to move on with her life..this is not good for her!

  9. i betcha this is going to end up being a love square and tanya has a lesbian lover on the side. one can only hope.

    and don’t blame the reporters, without them, you wouldn’t have anything to read on dirtii-laundry. then what would you do without your daily fix of dirtii-laundry??

  10. I’ve said this once already and I’ll say it again. The reporters won’t have anything to write if the ppl don’t open their mouth. I’m a fan of both but I think Tanya needs to stop feeding the media if she truely wants it all to stop.

  11. just like what i have said before, this news wont die down any time soon especially since pinky switched to ch3 which is gonna cause more DRAMA. the news reporter will love it and eventually take advantage of it every way that they can

  12. it wasnt such a good move for pinky to switch to ch3 when the news hasnt gone away yet. now shes gonna have to deal with it

  13. I just think its total bullsh*t that she doesn’t care that her hubby and Pinky are still talking as “brothers/sisters” when she admittedly said they had something going on in the past. Like if that were true, she should not even let him near her at all and have them cut all relations. This shows she just wants pity and wants everyone to side with her since she is such a good person lol.

  14. You know at the beginning I felt so bad for her but today I say she’s the biggest idiot and damn annoying now. If you decide to stay with your cheating husband and accept that he will continue to cheat on you then accept it quiet and stfu. The more she talks the more people start giving Pinky pity.

  15. Honestly, at this point she’s just bringing it onto herself. The two of them (Pinky-Peck) are still mingling and they can careless about how she feels or what she thinks. I don’t know how anyone can feel sorry for Tanya anymore when she doesn’t even respect herself.

  16. This Tanya Chick gotta pick up on herself. If i were her husband i would have her for fun also. Just look at what she says ” OHH, its ok.” “I dont know.”
    Dumb Dumb woman. where the heck did her brains go?! dont feel sorry for a women who doesnt care about herself, she keeps putting herself out there for people to talk. if she a real woman, kick her husband out, or get back at him with a suitable gentleman, a man who wont make tooo many news for her children to know in the future. no need a stupid daddy like that old man!

  17. i guess i am the only one who thinks this saga is extremely entertaining. i cant keep away. i tell myself it’s useless to read but guess what i end up clicking this anyways. shit. if only we all learn to ignore this ahahahaha.

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