Pinky cannot cut p’Peck completely, adds being brother and sister is not unusual

Flying to a different country for work and coming back home to find news with p’Peck Sanchai is no surprise for our big-eyed beauty. We still hear these news even though she already came out to say that they don’t talk anymore. But the latest news, there’s a gossip that “Pinky” Savika Chaiyadej bought a gift for her close friend, showing that there is still something going on and that they are still contacting each other. Latest, Pinky showed up to the “Beauty & Health Innovation” event at Central Jaengwattana and explained (Video),

“Ever since I came back to Thailand, I haven’t seen p’Peck at all.”

There is news that you bought a gift for p’Peck from India.

“I didn’t buy any gift, because working in India I probably won’t have time to buy anything for anybody.”

When you were sick and there was news, did you want to change hospitals?

“This, I don’t know because I’ve been going to this hospital for 7-8 already. If anyone is curious, they can ask the doctor or nurses there. Our family has enough money, I probably won’t need anyone to pay for me.”

Latest news is that you guys went to Petchburi.

“Just my luck again. I’m pretty good at disappearing, huh? The news said that I was having a conversation with p’Peck. I just want to say that if you want to know who was with p’Peck, you should go ask him. Who he was with has nothing to do with me (laughs).”

Tanya said that whatever has happened, she forgives you.

“I don’t know. You guys can go ask her yourself what she meant by that because I don’t know what that means.”

It looks like she hasn’t forgiven you.

“I don’t know because I didn’t do anything. I go to work and I do what I have to do for my job. The more we talk about this, the more we’re going overboard. I’d rather not talk about it. Lets just let the situation end.”

Are you going to stop talking to p’Peck or are you guys still brother and sister?

“We are brother and sister, that’s not unusual.”

Tanya says that she knows that you guys still talk to each other.

“Please go ask p’Peck. p’Peck probably told her something, I didn’t.”

You guys went to the racing track together, the same event that Noon and Todd went to.

“No kaa. I have nothing to do with that. I didn’t go.”

Are you afraid that the readers will think you’re lying since you’re not answering the same thing as p’Peck?

“I think the readers are tired of reading. The news keeps going back and forth a lot so the readers are probably confused as to which is right, but I’m speaking the truth. Because of that, what I said is what I said. If the news wants to write something different, go right ahead.”

The reason you cut your hair short, is it because your getting back at love?

“I don’t have love, so I don’t know who I would be getting back at (smiles).”

There is news about you and “Pan-Weir”, how do you feel about that?

“Me again? I’m involved again? Why does it have to be me? I’m confused. The news that I saw is a picture from the lakorn. Please don’t get me involved. As for Pan, she is my sister (nong). As for Weir, he is my friend. Lets not get it involved because I’ve been involved in a lot already. Let me work, let me rest.”

Source: Thairath

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36 responses to “Pinky cannot cut p’Peck completely, adds being brother and sister is not unusual

  1. I’m tired of these. Why can’t they just let it go? If her husband is really like that why can’t she leave him, what’s so good about him? They have a child, they are married that’s why she can’t leave him? WOW!! I her and saw people divorce all the time and they have a children and been married for ages.

    Why can’t Pinky cut tie with him? Good God! just for once, cutting tie with him you won’t die. I’m sure it will save you some face. Not talking to him anymore but still “brother and sister”? WTH, woman, if he cheating on his wife with you and what make you think that some day he will not cheat on you with another woman. Think of it, the woman he loves and wants to be with since the first place he even has the gut to does that to her and you are just a girl that he pick up what make you think you are going to last him? SOME women can’t think!!!

  2. i didn’t bother to read her’s or tanya’s. they’re both effing annoying.

    tanya’s retarded! i’d understand that fact that she has a child and it’s hard for her to think about divorce, but as a woman, how can you even put of with that kind of crap from your husband? if he cared about her, then he would stay away from pinky even “if” there’s nothing going on. i mean, if you cared about the person you love, then you’d go out of your way to make sure that they trust me. well, at least that’s why i’ll do. i say, either kick him to the curb or stfu (not literally shut up, but you decline to answer questions relating to her personal affairs)!!

    As for pinky, how shameless can you get? seriously!! have you no morals? i don’t think the girl’s got any!! she’s been claiming all along that there’s no romantic feelings between her and that fugly douche bag, then why not completely cut off all ties? it’s not like they’re related and there’s an obligation to be in touch? i might live in the US, but i come from a pretty conservative community, so to say that i’m in a different country and that i don’t understand her plight is a lot of bull. i’m just saying that if i was in the same situation as pinky with all the rumors that i’m having an affair with a married man, then i would completely cut off all forms of communication. i don’t think i would want any association with a married man, platonic or not. i think she’s coming from the view that she doesn’t like him in that romantic way, then why there’s no reason to cut communication, but if the girl has any morals or kindness, then she would be thoughtful enough and stay away from a married man in respect to his wife. this girl has no morals!! she’s an immature brat. i’m the same age has her and i would never sink so low and be so immoral!! i would be more understanding if she have a lapse of judgment and got involved with that fulgy guy, but from the looks of it, it’s not a lapse of judgment, but more like someone with no morals.

    • Giddy I agree that Pinky need to get a life and move on and away from this pathetic-cheating-loser… but if you read the post up there, she did said she didn’t see him. And it wasn’t her that was with him. So just hope that she is telling the true… or someone come up with a better proof LOL.
      BTW I do wondering who “the people said they saw him and Pinky at the race tracks” is? How come they didn’t get proof to show everyone? LOL

      I think everyone involved just need to shut up and move on and stop bullshitting back and forth with the reporters and seeking attention from the media. They just need to say whatever is on their mind and move on. Tanya and Pinky just need to ignore the reporters and keep both their mouth shut and there won’t be any thing to reports. And we don’t have to see their pathetic news all the time. 😀

      • I think this time Pinky is telling the truth. I mean if she was lying where are the pictures. I don’t think Pinky would be stupid enough this time around to want to hang out with Peck publicly. Because if Pinky did hang out with Peck publicly like the reporter said, then there should be a picture of them publish right now. Besides, Pinky has been to India this whole time for her movie. Not trying to defend her or anything.

        I think the only way for this to end is for Tanya and her ugly husband to work things out. It seem to me their communication is no longer there. Obviously they can’t work things out. They should just get a divorce at this point. Staying with a careless/cheating husband is not healthy for her and her daughter.

    • money, that’s why. That’s why it’s so hard for Tanya to take a divorce (which I would have done since he’s been showing his true color and seems like he will not stop doing so). And Pinky can not really cut the tie ….

      yeah, you guys are right, this is all pathetic and why am I in here..LOL

    • well this is how i feel dk about you guys but if i know someone is lying about something they did do, i would want them to get caught and learn their lesson. I know it’s mean but that person will never learn if they dont get caught/punished. all i really want is tanya to divorce peck once for all. Then she can start her own life with her daughter in america and or thailand. Forget the money especially if it brings you this much humiliation and embarrassment. Shoot, if i find out my man is cheating on me, id leave him right in beginning especially with such bold proof. he can look forward to paying child support lmao.

  3. Well i atleast commend Pinky for trying to end all the drama. and i think its the paparrazi stirring stuff. Seeing they mentioned her as a third hand with Pan-Weir. How random is that. while she’s trying to shut down this plague, another couple’s name gets thrown in with her??? thats not cool.

    And i don’t get why Tanya keeps feeding the paparazzi information either. saying stuff like” from what i hear from peck they’re still in contact to a status i don’t know,” blah blah blah.

    AND if she really cared about her daughter she should have just moved away with her daughter to avoid this saga and seeing parents fight and argue, if not constantly avoid each other and travel to different places. Where’s the hapiness in that.


    • OMG, I so agree with you. I think the only reason this whole thing hasn’t die down is because of Tanya. She is constantly talking to the reporters. How hard is it for her to just say, ” no comments, or I don’t want to talk about this any more.” I mean that’s what she always say all the time, yet she still TALKS. So, really it’s Tanya. If Pinky did hang out with her husband at some car track like the reporter said then there should be pictures or leak picture of them.

      I used to feel sorry for Tanya, now I think she is really pathetic. After all she is staying with her cheating/carelss/heartless husband of hers.’ So serve her right. I doubt she is staying with her husband because of her daughter, it’s more that she is weak to walk away.

      To me, I think Pinky may have end it all but her ugly husband doesn’t want to end it, so to keep his pride he lie to his wife saying how it’s Pinky that still want to talk to him.

      • Yes, agreed. toooo much of this he said he said he said crap. Tanya won’t even confront Pinky about it, shes only listening to what Peck is saying or what he’s supposedly doing. NO legitimate proof.

  4. You gonna give the thai media props for always bringing this up. This is pretty low of her, she’s an excellent actress and pretty gal but she wants an ugly man. *shakes head*

  5. “I don’t know because I didn’t do anything. I go to work and I do what I have to do for my job. The more we talk about this, the more we’re going overboard. I’d rather not talk about it. Lets just let the situation end.”

    At least Pinky has some brains to not talk to the media much compared to Tanya. I’m in not means commended their saga, I’m just sayin.

  6. Oh god, tanya-peck, and pan-weir??
    When it comes to couples is pinky always involved?
    Pinky is getting ruined, or is she ruining herself ?

  7. i agree this guy is UGLY!!!! he must have a 12in personality…but pinky isn’t all that either so i can see them together.

  8. I use to stand in the middle when it comes to this love triangle, but now I’m leaning towards Pinky. All this bs about how she’s still talking to Peck and they’re still doing and going here and there together. Where is the hard core proof of these allogations? Has it ever occured to ppl that just maybe Peck or Tanya is lieing? Or maybe Peck is lieing to Tanya which causes her think that Pinky is still after her man when really her man is off messing around with another girl. And if Pinky is still messing with Peck than teach her a valuable lesson and put all the proof out on the table for the world to see. Like someone else said sometimes one needs to be punished to the extreme to realiz what they did is wrong and unacceptable.

  9. gosh why are some of your comments so long and you guys are basically talking about the same things you commented earlier about this saga? it’s just something i notice.

    i don’t have anything to say about these 3 anymore except that that are f**kin annoying!!

  10. I have not comment on this saga yet. So far, I have not seen any solid proof. Therefore, I support Pinky. She said she’s not talking to him anymore. Tanya said Peck said they still are. Screw Peck. And Tanya believes him? Until I see proof, I’m on Pinky’s side. Peck is an a-hole. Tanya knows that & she’s still with him. She accepts this kind of treatment, which makes her a dumba*s. Being a shameless b*tch is better than the dumba*s.

    • Lol…I totally agree with you about being a shameless b*tch is better than the dumba*s.

      great way to put it…lol..

  11. I think Pinky has cuts the tie with Peck already. Tanya needs to stop answering to the reporters. People are getting tired of this drama. I think Pinky is telling the truth…I need to see proof in order for me to believe that she is guilty.

  12. Of course Tanya won’t shut her mouth because she is still playing the pity card. Really, I was siding with her in the beginning because I pity her daughter. Tanya knows that the majority of the audience will side with her since she is the legal wife, which is WHY she is still talking about it to the media. She is smart because she is ruining Pinky using the pity method, it is a win-win situation for her. As long as she keeps feeding the media about how Pinky and Peck are still talking (according to Peck) then she’ll still be the victim, regardless if what she says is true or not. What annoys me the most about her now is when she say that she wents it to stop OR prefer not to talk about it BUT reveal new information (that maybe is false or real) to the media. Seriously, IF Tanya stop talking then the media will do the same because clearly Pinky wouldn’t want to talk about the situation. You got to admit that Tanya is overusing the pity card and people are starting to doubt her. I mean if it is really true that Pinky and Peck were together recently then I bet she would have ‘accidently’ reveal it to the media. BUT since it is not true (lol, if it is then there should have been a picture by now, come on, it’s like one of the biggest incident in Thailand this year) Tanya would of course make the media keep guessing and assuming that it is Pinky. All I’m saying that Tanya needs to STFU because it is her choice to stay with her ugly husband, no one is forcing her. Seriously, I’m SO sick and tired of her always revealing crap to the media when she supposely don’t care anymore or supposely don’t know or supposely want it to end. As for Pinky, it is best if she cut all ties with him because no matter if her relationship with Peck is pure or not, it is not looking good on her side. I’m sure that she got some moral left her because she usually behave well in the past. Plus, Pinky practically grew up in the audience’s eyes, and she wasn’t a bad child from what I remember. I understand that people change and make mistake but it is never too late to correct yourself (however in Pinky’s case she needs to make all the right decision now or it will affect her career). I’m not too sure how bad this incident has affected Pinky’s career but from what I heard she is schedule to film a lakorn so I guess it is still too early to say that she wasn’t affected or she was.

  13. I absolutely agree with you!!!

    Tanya needs to STFU! I don’t even know her and she freaking annoys me. That’s how much I can’t stand her right now.

  14. I’m so sick of this Pinky news with Tanya and her husband. I feel soo bad for Tanya. This all needs to end, i mean obviously Tanya is still really hurt from this scandal. I can tell that she has trusting issues to with her husband now and that’s affected their relationship alot. News reporters, and papparazie need to leave them alone

  15. lmao this is getting out of hand. all three of them have different answers. i dont think they sat down together to resolve this and that is something that they really need to do. it seems like tanya isnt even talking to her hubby. and some of yah being biased. i dont think he’s ugly lol i dont know what to say to a lot of people i know.

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