Ploys says don’t watch this movie just to see her naked scene, “The movie is worth more than that”

It’s a fact, Ploy Cherman is a dedicated worker, so dedicated she was willing to do a naked love scene with co-star Ananda Everingham for an upcoming movie “Shua Fah Din Salai”.

The movie is making waves in the gossip press and the big question is – is that really Ploy’s naked butt in the movie or was it a stand in.

Ploy confessed, it is her butt and not a stand in.

“That was me, but firstly I’d like to say it’s a matter of what people are interested in.The movie is done by a famous artist, Malai Supinit, the role is immortal, the movie and the director is like a mentor to me. I think another reason why people are interested in this movie is because of the plot, they’re not just interested in the love scene”

“Yes I am showing a lot and Ananda is naked in it, did I get to see Ananda’s parts? I think this is about personal interests and opinions, if people were to go see this movie just to see my naked scene or something like that then don’t watch this movie because this movie is worth more than that”

“I gave my all working on this movie and this is my first and only time to do something like this. There were no more than 5 crew present while shooting this scene, I was taking precautions to save myself”

“A lot of camera techniques were used, people who didn’t need to be there were forced off the set, there were only 5 people allowed on that day. There were girls guarding the premises to make sure no outsider could get in the area. Mobile phones were also consficated so I hope no one would used these pictures for personal gain”

Source via Siambuntereng

Images of Ploy’s naked scene with Ananda;

Image 1

Image 2

23 responses to “Ploys says don’t watch this movie just to see her naked scene, “The movie is worth more than that”

  1. ploys sexy. Back to topic.. lol. I think her bf shouldnt mind because ploy is really devoted to acting. If he truly care and love her he wouldnt force her to do something she doesn want, right? Reading what she said she was really straight forward and i like that in an interview. Makes me really want to see the movie not for the sex scenes but because their passion for acting.

  2. That’s such a daring scene, i would be so embarrassed to do such a scene. Ploy is such a good actress, she can do anything.

  3. Two thumbs up! Both her and Ananda are great actress and actor. It’s the art of the movie. can’t wait to watch it.

  4. I’m proud of her… She’s a really good actress and she’s professional, and her bf should not mind because she’s only doing her job n being realistic as possible.. Can’t wait till it comes out

  5. Kudos to Ploy! I mean C’mon, a lot of Thai actresses can’t even do real kiss scenes. But they can do r scenes, where the guys get on top of them. I think that’s worst than a kiss scene haha. I would love to watch this movie.

  6. Wow she really has some balls to have done such thing. Especially in the society she lives in. Thai entertainment is gearing a lot towards the American entertainment. I’d be really cautious if I was her.

    • it’s not like it’s the first time someone in thailand made a movie like this. there’s plenty of thai movies with naked people in it

      • Right! And it’s not like Ploy always portrayed herself as an innocent purely white conservative nang’ek.

    • it’s not the first. ahaha. i have seen many (a few) but i know so that there are so many more of these kind of scene. it was worst than just a butt scene. it was everything from head to toe. example: jan dara

      • I don’t remember the nude scence you refering to, I saw breast and buttock that’s it. But I remember alot of humping. Maybe I’ll dig out the DVD.

  7. omg i didnt think any thai girls would really go all out like that…. U GO PLOY….. u got the body then do it….LOL

  8. Seriously it is not that bad lol. Many of those prim goody goody actresses do “r-scenes” all the time yet they can’t even do a real kiss. Like come on lol!

  9. Her boyfriend Navin Tar probably doesn’t mind, but I think she won’t be scoring any point with his parent.
    If she wanted to be their future daugther in law she better be careful of these kind of thing, because they are from a well to do family and society people, they might not accept her into their family because of it.

  10. I’m very shocked! I hope the Thai people don’t look at her any different. I love Ploy and “hooray to you for having guts to do this in Thailand!

  11. LOL no I will not watch this movie for this scene, but I will watch it for the beautiful pairing of Ananda Ever. Darn such good looking ppl..and together on screen? wow! hmm..anyone gots the storyline?

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