Noon not ready to have an heir, honeymoon set for September

Our beautiful actress “Noon” Worranuch Pirompakdee has come forth to share with us her honeymoon plans in September with husband “Todd” Pithi Pirompakdee. While there are still many lakorns waiting for her, we still have no word of our n’eks decision. As for future heirs, she still insists that it’s not time.

“We’ve already planned our honeymoon to be around the month of September, but we might change it from going to America to England or around Europe instead. We just don’t have time, so we probably won’t extend it any further than this September since we already ask permission from the channel. It’s true that I have lakorns coming in, but I probably won’t postpone my trip. Instead, we just might be changing the destination because Todd needs to go work in England, too. That why it’s more convenient to go there because we can work and have fun at the same time. It would just be him working, but after he’s done we can go out. I even told Todd that if we go this time, I want to visit Venice because it’s beautiful. I want to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.”

Will you guys be taking this opportunity to make an heir over there as well?

“Probably not kaa becayse I still need to work. I have to come back and film a lakorn. I look to see if I’m ready first. Right now we just want to live our life as a couple first, just two of us. As for this, I really can’t give an answer now. I’m working right now too, so that might effect the baby if I were to be pregnant.”

Source: Daradaily
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6 responses to “Noon not ready to have an heir, honeymoon set for September

  1. Oh geesh they just got married! Thai people need to just chill. A day after a couple announce or even seen together the question is “when are you getting married?”. A day after the wedding the question becomes “when will you have a baby?”.

    Chill out and leave them alone! They’ll have kids when they have it!

  2. Lol, this is a married celebrity’s life .Gotta wait for the right time and even if there is the right time, job always interferes.

    U know what ? There should be a new rule: once celebs get married, they should get a break for a couple months or a year to spend time with eachother.

    • muahhaa. to produce an heir to shut the rest of the reporters j/k — it’ll be nice that way they can decide what they want to do with their future regarding family but again it all come down to being ready ..

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