Sara did not steal pa’Tob from Peemai, clearifies that she does not like lesbians

“Sara” brushes the notion of pa’Tob pursuing her. She explains that pa’Tob is a kind person who takes care of everyone on set, not just her. She was surprised to find out that pa’Tob broke up with “Peemai” because they looked like they really loved each other. On the other hand, she is also confused as to why people are looking at her as the 3rd hand. Sara declares clearly that she does not like lesbians.

Confused after being pulled into the news as a 3rd hand of young actress “Peemai” Sumonrat Wattanaselarat and lesbian husband pa’Tob Parinya Kuwantrakool relationship.  “Sara” Leigh, the young actress from lakorn “Suay Rit Chit Sode”, is rumored to be involved with pa’Tob after pa’tob broke up with Peemai. It was said that after pa’Tob broke up with Peemai, he went to pursue the young halfie actress of Ch3. It was said that pa’Tob takes care of this young halfie looking actress when they are on set. But after interviewing Sara, she reveals that pa’Tob is a kind person that takes care of everyone on set.

“Whenever pa’Tob come to the set, I’d have to say that he really takes good care of everyone. You can even go ask all the actors/actresses on the set of ‘Suay Rit Chit Sode’. pa’Tob is naturally a nice person.

Did he come and flirt with you?

“No kaa because he already has a wife. Plus, I don’t like lesbians….. I don’t go that way, but I do admit that pa’Tob is a kind person. When he arrives on set, he has food for everyone. When they are at the set, they take care of each other (pa’Tob-Peemai). They are both really cute.”

“When there was news of them breaking up, I never called and asked because I never get to see Peemai much. But sometimes I do see her at the set when we filmed the lakorn. I was also surprised when I heard about the news because I didn’t want them to break up. When they were at the set, they were really cute.”

After having news with pa’Tob, did he ever call you because he cared about your feelings?

“Well, I have not talked to pa’Tob or Peemai kaa. I think that everyone is still confused about the news, too. Everyone on the set are also confused because there’s really nothing to it. The people on the set even said how can it be because there really isn’t anything going on. I actually do want to know as well how I got into this news when there are other female actresses on set. I’m really confused kaa.”

Sara expresses that she does not like being looked at as the 3rd hand and reveals that she will not accept pa’Tob if he really is pursuing her.

Are you afraid if people look at you as the 3rd hand?

“I’m not afraid, but I just don’t like it because being in the news as the 3rd hand is already bad in itself. But I don’t think pa’Tob would come and flirt with me kaa. I don’t want it and I won’t accept it kaa (laughs)”

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8 responses to “Sara did not steal pa’Tob from Peemai, clearifies that she does not like lesbians

  1. Sara too pretty to be a lesbian and didn’t one of the article sayin that pa’Tob is goin back to her ex-gf? O.O

  2. I live Sara! She’s gorgeous!

    That Pa Tob is fugly…I used to think Peemai when I first saw her in Hua Jai Sila. Now she’s just weird, not cuz she’s a lesbian, but how she is.

  3. Damn,I think it is so CRAZY how she got into the news
    with both of them.I wouldn’t believe it if she’s a lesbian.

    • I never noticed the similarity until you mentioned it! But no, this is not S. Lane…they are both pretty girls though!

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