Lookkade worried, son is a flirt

Lookkade Metinee Kingpayom praises n’Sky, her most dearest son, as being a cute child. Right now n’Sky is a year old and is the most mischievous child ever. Taking care of her child by herself makes her realize how tiring it is, but obtains happiness at the same time. Her son is more attached to her than his father, making her not want to be distant from him. Sometimes she has to even take him to work with her. She secretly talks about him being flirtatious even at a young age because he gets excited when he sees a lot of pretty girls. As for language, right now she is teaching him to speak both languages, Thai and English. Even though this pretty mama mumbles about how hard it is to take care of a child, she still can’t help thinking about her next future children. She reveals that she wants to keep it natural, maybe 2 more kids. She also adds that she doesn’t care which gender they are, but her husband loves girls. “If we have a girl, our family would be so happy” said Lookkade.

Source: Zubzip

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8 responses to “Lookkade worried, son is a flirt

  1. Not familiar with the actress. and i dont understand why this is news. aren’t all tots mischevious in some form? and how cans she tell her son is flirting?

  2. huh? i dont understand. she takes care of her child by herself but she is also having a husband, that doesnt make any sense to me.

  3. awwwe.. it’s good to see lookade & her son healthy.. hehe.. i’ve always been a fan of hers and she is so beautiful still too!! n’skye is so adorable!!!

  4. she is a beautiful actress! im a fan of her. its kinda cute how she said her son is a flirt! hehe 😀

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