Kwan takes a guy out for a late night movie

Oh boy! It’s been a while since Kwan was last seen with a guy. Ever since then, Khun Dang, the mother of 7 See, has been praising her. But not too long after that, Miss Kwan Usamanee was caught by the paparazzi!! She was seen going to the movies late at night with a guy. Because of this, Kwan comes out to admit that,

“There’s really nothing to it. The guy in the picture is really just my friend. He’s actually pretty girly. I usually don’t have many female friends. Most of my friends are female, if not gay. If people don’t know, they might think it’s a guy. Right now, I can assure you that we are really just friends. I already told you before that if I ever have a boyfriend, I will let you know. I don’t hide anything anyway. Even if I did hide it, I know that I can never hide it completely… if I do have one. Right now, my job and my education are primary because I’m almost done. Once I’m done, I’ll probably be able to accepts more jobs than this.”

Source: Gossipstar

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14 responses to “Kwan takes a guy out for a late night movie

  1. Kwan never admitted about having a boyfriend. She don’t open up about her love life like other dara are.

  2. oh my goodness!!! she’s a young person not some frigging granny that is probably too tired to go out! who hasn’t been out late at night with their guy friends?!! this is hardly scandalous!!

  3. She just went to the movies, not some motel or hotel so why are they making it seem so scandalous. I do it all the time with my bf, much more enjoyable than morning/afternoon timeslots. Now give me a pic with her slobbering on another person’s face than we can talk. Reporters need to get over it.

  4. The movies has lots of people there, why worry?they’re not their secretly quiet alone and that guy does seem pretty girly. Hehehe

  5. LOL Love how she says she can’t hide anything from them completely anyways. So true, those paparazzi hounds lol!

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