Aff Does Business with Songkran

In between her busy lakorn schedule, leading actress “Aff” Taksaorn takes on promotional work for ‘Garnier’. With her career still on the rise but her romance with Socialite beau “Songkran” Taechanarong going down the quite lane, it’s about time for an update.

Here Aff talks about the latest happening on her romance.

“My love life right now is good. I’m still happy. It’s been a little quiet lately but it’s good. If we were going to make news I only want to make good news. As for the rumour about us building a secret wedding home in Bonanza, well if that really was a wedding home it would have to be someone else’s wedding home”

“If anyone’s interested in buying it then go ahead because that is not my wedding home. Honestly, I’ve had a lot of free time lately because I’ve just finished filming my lakorn and the only work I have left is one more commercial and a movie so I have a lot more time to myself now, that’s why I decided to find some more work to do, something a little closer to me and Songkran has a Real Estate project & my family runs an Architect company so I think it’s a good opportunity for me to learn some new skills. I have nothing to lose here, I didn’t invest money into this, I just wanted more work experience”

Now that Pinky’s moved to channel 3 and given her history with Songkran, would you be comfortable about the possibility of working with her?

“Oh..that would be normal. I would leave it up to the executive, I’m okay with whatever because truthfully I only look at the suitability of the script and the character, those things are more important”

Source via Siamdara

21 responses to “Aff Does Business with Songkran

  1. If she’s free now, shouldn’t she be filming Plerng Boon? She and Aum confirmed already but there is no news on it. At least give the news out that your not in it anymore.

    • It’ll be nice to know but if they don’t get any update from the executive .. there’s nothing they can do .. what if they come out and deny it but later end up doing it — that would look bad on their part — taking action on their own regarding this lakorn. I know i’m anxious to know if there is one or not but i can’t be that pushy b/c aum and her has no authority to declare anything yet if the executive didn’t gives them the okay.

      I think it’s a good idea to expand her learning in other field as well — at least it’ll give her lots of idea and comfort as we all know — acting is not a 100% guarantee thing for dara too. If she feels comfortable doing many things .. go for it. I support.

    • Sometime we find love in the most unexpected way — so we need to look at this relationship in both positive and negative way — to say that she’s after the money is kindda rule out everything about Songkran — he sounds like a decent man with the kind of care he shelter her in .. if i’m her and a man do this to me, protect me and show compassion toward me in private and public — i would have fallen for him as well. Aff’s not that poor either so to speak that she’s after the money isn’t so right .. i know i used to think like that but after reading and seeing how he care for her occasionally, i think it’s something else that make her draw to him b/c to me, he seems to LIKE her alot more than she like him. He seems to be the one moving the relationship faster and farther than her so yup, we can’t really say it’s her who’s pursuing/chasing after him.

      • I understand what you are saying, but seriously this guy was known as a player… all I am saying is that he’s ugly, she could do a lot better, as in finding someone with both inner beauty and outer beauty, if she likes/loves this guy, I wish them the best. But for some reason, I wonder if she would even date him, if he didn’t have money or come from wealthy family.

        • But then you have to look at her past boyfriend — just b/c she end her relationship and start a new one with someone else, doesn’t mean it’s all about the money. From what i read, officer aof had cheated on her several time so if i’m in her shoe and see things happen repeatedly like that, i would move on to pursue someone else too. It’s better to like someone who love you more than you love them — and sure, the money is a major plus but Aff’s not those kind of girl who go for the money — it was SONGKRAN who take the first step (Gotta keep this in mind). She’s responding to him b/c of the things he does for her. To answer your comment, he may be ugly in other ppl’s eyes but i think he’s perfectly fine the way he is .. at least he’s better looking than some of the hi-so guy that some n’ek are dating now.

          • AH, i forgot to add on the inner beauty and outer beauty comment — in this world, it’s hard to find a man or woman who has both qualities. To put value in oneself that one is more beautiful and deserve just the perfect one isn’t right either. No one is perfect — having some flaw is what will make the relationship fun and challenging at the same time, isn’t it?

          • That’s true 🙂 I do wish them luck. I know he was the one that pursue her first, all I am saying is that he’s ugly lol. BUT if she likes/loves him, that’s great. I’m not the one that is going out with him hehe… I do not know her personally, I hope she is not just going for the wealth, we all know that money isn’t everything in this world. I know nobody is perfect in this life, but there are people out there with both inner and outer beauty. It is very rare and beauty is a wonderful thing. Inner and outer beauty is something that people should work to achieve. Too much of any one thing is never good, but some of each is a definite positive. I like your thoughts. )

    • But I think he’s good looking. To me he even looks better than Aum or Chakrit. Don’t get me wrong, I love Aum & Chakrit better, just talk about looks. It’s just the prejudice make ppl see him ugly. I think he’s fine.

      But like you guys, I don’t like this couple. I don’t know why either.

  2. she works with Garnier again woo!! woo!!
    and has one movie…

    Aff used to interview that..
    she does not feel good when people say her association with Kran, because of his wealth. That is humiliating her honor

  3. Is it just me or does her nose look completely different? I mean she WAS rumored to getting her nose done but when the news came out I thought it still looked the same. Seeing this picture it makes me think again.

    • Perhaps, it’s the angle and the lighting of the shot. in regular picture from fan — she looks the same to me — her skin so HEALTHY — i wanna know her secret — garnier? wish we have them commercial garnier here — sadly, they only have the anti-aging kind of stuff where i live. T_T

  4. seriously, i get the whole nickname thing, but Aff??? come on, that’s not even a word in any language. she should find a bf named Lac, then we can call them the Aff-Lac!! then she can promote AFLAC insurance instead of Garnier.

    • Funny .. i suppose before you make fun of other ppl’s name .. outta look at your nickname as well. The first thing that came to my head was .. CRISCO ingredients lOl .. anyway, just saying == name shouldn’t matter as long as it help identify who you are .. if we start looking at the definition of name — might as well call two of your children name — DUMB and ASS LOL .. It’s part of a language (j/k)

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