Ploy smiles, Tar trust that she and Dome will not return

The both have returned to work together in the lakorn “Ruk Mai Mee Wun Thaai” as for the beautiful “Ploy” Cherman Boonyasak and handsome “Dome” Pakorn Lum. Many people are anxious whether or not this old flame will rekindle once again. Ploy comes out to guarantee that there is no way.

“There is nothing kaa. p’Tar probably won’t interfere with my job na. I have accepted this job for a year now, even before my relationship with p’Tar. He understands because I have my obvious reasons. p’Tar is normal about it. Work is work. p’Dome and I are far from getting back together and making it the same. A fortune teller has predicted a return. Once there are rumors, fortune tellers will always emerge. I am not sad. I went to visit fortune teller Wor Wachintmatee. He told me not to take anything that isn’t beneficial to me. I know what I need to do and that’s all. p’Tar trusts me. Another thing is that p’Tar and p’Dome have met each other already and they’ve talked. They even asked each other to take care of me na. I’m happy.”

Source: DaraDaily

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10 responses to “Ploy smiles, Tar trust that she and Dome will not return

  1. Navin is a really great and kind person, I don’t think he would ever have that doubt in his mind about Ploy. 🙂

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