Emmy confirms that she knows Note, Aump calls to clear

Sounds like this is becoming a bigger problem than it actually is! Since the gossip that Note Wiset took a girl to his condo that was not his sweetheart, miss sexy Aump Patcharapa Chaichuer, but a transgender named “Emmy” Ratchada Krutamas. After asking her, she did not deny anything.

“I am surprised kaa because no one knows about this besides my friends. I admit that we do know each other kaa. There’s not much to this. p’Aump did call me kaa. We talked nicely, there’s nothing to it. We already talked to each other so there shouldn’t be any problems. With Note, someone introduced us kaa. About going to his condo, I don’t want to answer this, is that ok kaa? This is between two people. I don’t want to say too much kaa. I’m afraid kaa, but p’Aump was really nice kaa. At first, I didn’t even know it was Note. I really didn’t know. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I want it to end here. There’s nothing more to it then this. I didn’t steal anyone from anybody. I am not the third wheel of anybody because I really didn’t know that it was Note. This was a long time ago. If I wanted to be famous, I probably wouldn’t have left it this long.”

Source: DaraDaily
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16 responses to “Emmy confirms that she knows Note, Aump calls to clear

  1. Nasty! At least Todd cheated on her with a real girl. Aum is an idiot. So much for being the most wanted girl.

  2. Ladies, I had sex with your boyfriend. You should leave him immediately. Just leave him okay because I said so. LOL

    • todd is not gay. todd is aum’s ex boyfriend.

      aum is now dating note ,who was the one cheating on aum with the tranny.

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