Dan tired of rumors, gets scolded for lying to Patty

“Dan” Worrawech Danuwong is tired of all the rumors of him lying to “Patty” Angsumalin. He claims that he is responsible for the feelings of both parties involved.

He reveals that they love each other like normal, then all of a sudden these kind of rumors come and impact their love life. “Dan” Worrawech Danuwong complains that it makes him worried about his love’s feelings and doesn’t want other people to think that he’s not serious with her. Dan says,

“There are a lot of news saying that I’m hiding a child and flirting with a school girl. I’m starting to feel that it’s a bit too much na. And it keeps on coming. There was news with Nui Ketsarin, even she was confused herself. The picture that everyone is talking about, I haven’t even seen it because I don’t think there really is one. And if there is, I think it’s photo shopped. Nui and I have worked together for a long time now, ever since she was one of my dancers. Lets just say that whoever I work with can still be in the news with me. Before, when I was single, there were no problems. Now, since I have someone whose feelings I’m responsible for, not only n’Pat but her family as well. I’m afraid that people with look at me like why am I acting this way. Those who truly know me will know that there really isn’t anything going on.”

This young singer points out that he took Patty out to the closing of the lakorn “Sip Suan Buan Ruk”, but not to cover the news.

“Normally, n’Pat already goes to the set because she knows the people there. They day that we finished filming, she went and it’s normal. We go everywhere together already. We’re not thinking of covering the news with a picture of us because the news that came out is nothing anyway. I just think it’s already fair that I came out to let everyone know that yes I am seeing someone. But, there still is news. And right now, there is more news than before. It just makes me feel a little disappointed since I haven’t even done anything.”

Source: Zubzip

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6 responses to “Dan tired of rumors, gets scolded for lying to Patty

  1. I very feel bad for Dan and Patty. I hope their love stay strong and don’t let these news affect their love life.

  2. poor guy.. i think they both try to be as normal as any otrher couple. and denied as much attraction as possible. Not even accepted any magazine shootings etc.

    but well, i think reporters like him (in irony), since they always want to mention him in alot of gossip magazines -_-

    I hope they stay strong and keep trusting each other

  3. poor dan!! bleh the media gets too harsh sometimes! even though i’m sad you and pattie are together i wish you two the best ^^

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