“Pin” with support from kids and husband, promises to walk again in 2 months

Because of all the support from her children and husband, young actress “Pin” Kedmanee Wattanasin is starting to walk once again. She encountered an accident involving the bone in her left hip being fractured. Latest news is that Pin was last seen with her son “n’Jao Nai” out at an event. She talks about how she’s feeling,

“I feel almost really good now kaa. I’m starting to walk already, but the doctor hasn’t allowed me to use my full weight yet because they cut my pelvic bone to put in my hip. It’s like they glued it together, so if I put my whole weight on it, it will just fall apart. There are a lot of things that are connected together. I fell of a horse in February. At first I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me. Two months passed, I started realizing the symptoms of it hurting and not being able to walk. I’ve healed faster than an average person about 2x because I have good support, good physical therapy care, and I look after myself. Right now, I have to love myself a little bit more because I usually waste my time looking after my kids and doing other things. And right now, I’m staying with my mom. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t think too much and I feel slow. At first, when the doctor told me, I still didn’t realize that I might not be able to walk. I didn’t know how I would be. After a long while, I started to realize maybe I might not be able to walk. I just keep telling myself that I have 3 children that I have to look after. That’s when I practice, and I didn’t cry at all. There was probably one time that I secretly cried to myself, and I turned around to find that my children saw me crying. That’s when I told myself that I can’t do that. I have to be strong. No matter what, I promised them that I will walk again soon. Maybe in the next 1 or 2 months kaa.”

Source: DaraDaily

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4 responses to ““Pin” with support from kids and husband, promises to walk again in 2 months

  1. wow, i didn’t even know that happened to her, being told that you eventuallly can’t walk anymore must be really scary!!!
    wish her to get better soon!!!

  2. o i loved her then. her eyes are amazing. omg im really scare of surgery. props to her for allowing them to cut her pelvic though its only way for her. GET WELL SOON!! this is why i love family. no matter what they’re always there for you. ❤

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