Nat shows off her new bag from Aum

Nat Myria is so  impressed with her gift from “Aum” Atichart, she showed it off to reporters at Siam Paragon.

“I got it a week and a half ago, it was worth the wait because it’s exactly the colour I wanted. It’s metallic gray, he got it in the colour that I want, a special one and I’ve already called him to thank him for the gift. I usually thank everyone who gives me gifts”

Do you carry this bag with you everyday?

“Almost everyday. It’s easy to carry and it’s big. I normally like big bags and this bag goes with every outfit. As for driving his car, I only borrow it occasionally. I don’t drive his car everyday”

Someone saw you going in to the movies with Aum at Central, you were in disguise

“I was not in disguise. I was dressed normally, Aum was just wearing a hat and I wore sunglasses, that’s all. No disguise or anything. But sometimes we go out without make up. That day we went to the movies, we didn’t intend to walk around but someone did recognized us and they smiled and I thanked them”

“We went to the movies at 8 O’clock. We didn’t intend to go late but we were free at that time. We’re usually working during the days so after work we met up to see a movie. I didn’t think we were hiding or anything. We’re pretty simple and easy going, nothing flashy”

Source via Khaosod

18 responses to “Nat shows off her new bag from Aum

  1. She looks not only happy but beautiful than ever as well.
    I do wish Aum is that Mr.Right for her, she deserves a much better man than Tao Somchai.

  2. missmonica that was a bit rude. You dont like people bashing on pancake and weir but you bash other couples? wtf

  3. this couple feels like the most realistic celebrity couple at the moment.

    if their happy then I’m happy for them too

  4. The bag kinda looks like a Hermes bag but bigger. Hermes looks better. But anyways I’m just speculating about her interview on how she said they weren’t in disguise but she was just wearing sunglasses. But who wears sunglasses at 8 PM when there is no sun out?

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