“Air” breaks relationship with “Nat”, guarantees he’s not a women hater

“Air” reveals that she just found out about Nat’s court case regarding domestic violence against women. She also adds that Nat is not a mean person, but is just hot-tempered like everyone else. Air reassures that she has never been beaten or attacked by force. She believes that it was an accident and urges everyone to give Nat another chance. In addition, Air reveals the reason for breaking up with Nat; they both want to focus on their work and be happy being alone.

She is another young actress/tv host that had a relationship with young Exact actor “Nat” Thephasadin Na Ayutthaya. He is the actor that is currently in court for domestic violence against women (his girlfriend), where the verdict is currently in process. Because “Air” Pantira Fooklin didn’t want the media targeting her or asking if she’s ever been beaten whilst in a relationship with Nat, she comes out to explain that Nat is not a mean person. That he is only hot-tempered just like every other person out there. She also reveals that she just heard about the news from the media.

“I’ve given p’Nat support sometimes, because I believe that none of us would ever want to do anything wrong. It has been a long time already and it was an accident. He didn’t mean it. I would like for everyone to give him another chance. p’Nat has never told me about this before. I found out the same time as the media kaa and p’Nat has never told me anything about it at all. I don’t want to go ask him too much about it because he already told everyone. I just want to give him continuous support.  It’s like when your friend has a problem, you just tell them, ‘Hey, it’s gonna be ok na. It’ll be over soon.’ I just believe that everyone will give him another opportunity.”

Are you scared of p’Nat after knowing the news of him hurting women in the past?

“I’m not scared at all. After knowing his personality, he’s not mean like that. It probably depends on the relationship kaa. I am like his younger sister. He would probably not hurt me physically. And when were are together, he never acts on his emotions. p’Nat is hot-tempered just like any normal person, but it’s not to the point where he’ll fight. Like, sometimes there’s traffic and he’ll just complain. He’s just hot-tempered, but it’s not to the point where there will be a problem where he would use force.”

Air reveals the reason that she’s putting a break on her relationship with Nat is because they both want to focus on their work and they just want to be happy single. She emphasizes that their break up has nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend and the situation.

“We’ve both have been brother and sister since the beginning already, but everyone else sees us as boyfriend/girlfriend. So when p’Nat comes out and tells me that he wants to focus on his work, I don’t know why it looks bad, but in reality there’s nothing to it kaa. Like I said, we are brother and sister since the beginning. When we started talking to each other, we realize that it’s too much. We both had a lot of work, plus we also had to spend time together. We don’t have that much time. We didn’t even think about this. Now we’re just happy, we’d rather be single.”

“The reason that I’m distant and not involved in this news is because p’Nat is a good person and understanding. I believe that it really was an accident. I’m not afraid of anything. Right now, I need to put a break on the relationship. I don’t want to develop anything yet because right now, I’m really busy with work. And I’m tired.”

Have you guys talked about it?

“We still talk to each other like normal, it’s better. It’s been like this since the beginning and we’re happy. We don’t want to develop anything any further. We both should focus on work first. We need to know what things come before other things.”

“Right now, I haven’t been able to see or talk to p’Nat. But whenever I or p’Nat have any problems, we can talk to each other. But, if all of a sudden we just want to call each other to talk, there probably won’t be any of that anymore kaa. I understand that we both are busy working, and p’Nat has various things to do. And we both would rather just want to spend time with ourselves. The news really has nothing to do with this. A lot of people around us have also called. I don’t want anyone to look at p’Nat badly. Mom and dad are also worried because the news makes it look like he dumped me, but it has nothing to do with that at all. No one got dumped kaa.”

Source: Manager

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