Yaya is Embarrassed When Doing “Love Scenes” With Rome

Having accepted her first role as the Nang Aek in the lakorn, “Kularb Rai Naam” (A Rose Without A Thorn) for Channel 3.

Newbie actress, “Yaya” Urassaya Sperbuen revealed,

“I’ve accepted the role as Nucharee who is the half sister with a different mother from Ploy (Cherman Boonyasak). In the lakorn, my character is very prim and proper. She see’s the world in a good way and trusts everyone easily. Ploy’s character who has issues will try to bully me and take everything from me. Even the person that Nucharee loves. In the beginning she’s engaged to Tah (Warith) who loved each other very much. The first scene I was shy when we had to do eye contact with one another. When Ploy came into the picture and stole him away then I met Rome (Patchata). The love with Rome is clear and bright, nothing noticeable. I’m not familiar working with Rome so when I do I get embarassed and afterwards there are love scenes with him and I was very happy to be working with a lot of actors and actresses in the lakorn that I had a lot of homework and studying to do. I’m happy that P’Pin Nuttachainun gave me the opportunity to take on this role and it was something challenging to me.”

Yaya promised to do her best, “I hope everyone would like it.” Yaya said.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Naewna]

8 responses to “Yaya is Embarrassed When Doing “Love Scenes” With Rome

  1. yaya could act and she got the looks! she seem to be a very sweet and shy girl too..i believe she will go far..best of luck to her and ill be looking forward to her upcoming lakorn with barry

  2. Yaya and Rome,, and Ploy and.. the whole cast has done a great job on this lakorn. i praise the writer of this lakorn. NOrmally i only watch slap and kiss lakorns because they’re more dramatic and reasonable, but this lakorn is great. there’s realistic drama.. and..everything:)

  3. Yaya’s character is extremely sweet, shy, innocent, and loveable. she played the role well. she did an awesome job!=)

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