Rome & Aekachai?

According to recent rumours, leading actor “Rome” Patchata Nampan has undergone plastic surgery to raise his nose bridge.

Gossip star revealed Rome’s new modified appearance shows a slight resemblance to famous country singer “Aekachai Sriwichai”.

Do you see the similarities?

Although at this stage, no one knows whether or not Rome has undergone surgery. He is yet to give an interview on this matter but at the present moment there is growing speculation about his changing appearance.

I wonder what Rome would find more offensive – Being accused of getting rhinoplasty or compared to Aekachai?!

12 responses to “Rome & Aekachai?

  1. Lol!!!

    Oh well, not sure if he did go under the knife. I mean, if he has back to back lakorns to film plus other promo work, where on earth does he find the time to go under the knife?

  2. i always thought his nose was good enough, i think he has one of the best looking nose, next to aum atichart

  3. hmm.. i’m going to have to compare rome’s nose with older pics to see if he went under the knife or not.. i hope he didnt..

  4. No. If Rome did his nose. that’s not a good thing for his reputation. Guys that do plastic surgery if it’s not for their health and it’s for their looks just keeping going and going and doing more plastic surgery which will not end well

  5. LOL thai media love to accuse plastic surgery on everyone. They need to find better rumors cause lately it’s just, plastic surgery, gay or not gay, cheating or not cheating.

  6. That was one thing I didn’t like about Rome, was his nose. I don’t find him attractive 😦 Sorry ladies… I know many of you think he is hot. I think his nose look the same, he has on lots of make up as well. I don’t get why these asian actors/actresses are getting plastic surgery, we are asians not western. We should love the way we are.

  7. he looks so plastic in these pictures. looks like a madame tussauds wax figure. it might be the make up and the clothes

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