Pictures of Min Before Acting Debut Garners Attention

Actress, “Min” Pichaya Watthanamontree‘s pictures before debuting as an actress leaked out by a “good hand”. The leaker leaked out the pictures all over the internet. There are pictures of Min in her teenage years before she fixed her teeth and plus comparing her pictures now and the past from one another. Which rumors are all blending into one saying, “Plastic Surgery” before she entered the Entertainment Industry. But! If Min Pichaya is beautiful because of plastic surgery or not, she’ll have to come out and clear that up herself.

[Source via Gossip Star]

24 responses to “Pictures of Min Before Acting Debut Garners Attention

  1. i think she looks the same. it’s just puberty, growing up, and taking interest in her looks that makes her look better.

    • I agree. When your a kid or a teenage you don’t really care much. Baggy-comfy clothes. She’s a grown woman now, so of course she’s going to look different. In fact she’s grown to be a pretty woman now.

      • I agree too. She looks the same to me. It’s the makeup and taking care of her skin that makes her look better. If she did get plastic surgery though, I would like to know where because it looks so naturally done that I want to know where I can get it done too 555.

  2. She got her eyebrows done and grew out her hair. She still looks the same from the nose, mouth, and eyes.

    • i agree too! she just has longer hair which she style it differently and she just got her eye brows plucked to make it more arcy…overall i like her makeover…it’s not like she went out to surgerically fix herself…it’s just make up with the help of a great stylist. lol

  3. Looks the same to me.. just her eyebrows was what I think was different. Her nose still looks the same and eyes. Makeup also makes people look different right?

  4. She looks the same to me. I think it’s the make-up that makes her look…Glamorous. I think shes pretty still especially her eyes and smile. Anyways, I think she had nothing done.

  5. i think she just grew out of her tomboy looks and her braces definitely helped. people look different as they grow.

  6. She looks the same. I think she just grew into a woman, that’s all. Her face looks skinnier now than from her teenage years.

  7. Nah … doubt she had plastic surgery. She is actually quite sweet looking as a teen. I would say, Min is natural … together with good make-up techniques and other beauty tricks, she simply becomes a stunning woman.

  8. she looks the same..the only difference I can see now is that she has longer hair and groomed eyebrows…no plastic surgery

  9. she doesnt look like she undergo surgery. looks natural to me but in one the her older picture, she looks like she’s on crack lol

  10. Yeah she is much prettier now but no she did not have plastic surgery that’s for sure.
    it’s called growing up and developing a better look. She did not have plastic surgery.
    I’m sure of it.

  11. she still looks the same to me. just cuhz her eyebrows are done and she’s mature and all grown up. I don’t understand why people would make such a huge deal out of it. And of course she fixed her teeth, she has braces back then duhh. lol.

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