Peemai Tries to Reconcile With Pa Tob

“Peemai” willingly opens up for the first time after having “Pa Tob” dump her. As for young, “Peemai” Sumonrat, reporters followed her to the set of her lakorn, “Wayu-pak Montra” in the vineyards somewhere in Nakhon Ratchasima. Which Peemai admitted it was her fault that she ended up being hurt because of love. She admits that they do live in the same house and that she is trying to reconcile with “Pa Tob”. She says the opportunity is a 50/50 chance because she was fired from the sitcom, “Poo Gong Jao Sanae” and apologizes to the bosses for not ditching work.

Did you really break up?

“First, I have to say that, P’Tob and I ages are far apart from one another. We didn’t have time to explore each other’s personality. Our age difference is 20 years apart and also it’s because of my stubbornness. So when he says something to me as for someone being older then me it’ll be short, simple, but harsh and I’m too young to understand. It’s true that we’ve had problems over differences for a long time already and we’ve broken up like this plenty of times before also. In the beginning I would break up with him and then he’d break up with me and it’s been giving him a headache over this for quite sometime now. When it comes to the point where the problem has build up he just kept silent and say, “Er…” only. It’s true that what had happened I didn’t know how to separate personal life from work life because when there are problems at home often it affects my work.”

“It has impacted a lot of adults making the ones that love me disappointed, including P’Tob also who thinks and wonder why I’m not acting grown up already.  So, we don’t understand each other enough. (Truthfully did you want to break up?) Really, I didn’t want to break up. I know I was wrong and I want to apologize to everyone especially P’Tob’s family who put their trust in me  and I’ve disappointed them, even my own family. My parents are disappointed in me also. I think that since I’m wrong I should try to fix it, but if he gives me another chance.”

From your 1 month separation, have you called or tried to reconcile with each other?

“Really we weren’t separated from each other at all, but we did live in separate houses because if we lived with each other for too long we would fight with each other every day.”

Can you say that you’re single now?

“You can say that the both of us aren’t single, but we’re in the stage of trying to understand one another. Trying to prove to the adults to see and adjusting myself to become better.”

How did you feel when Pa Tob came out to say that you 2 have broken up already?

“Sad, very sad, but I think it was right that I got what I deserved. Truthfully, he’s told me he wanted to break up with me a long time ago already.”

Can we ask you why he came out to give news like that?

“He told me that I would know how it would feel like if one day I didn’t have him. Saying nothing is ever good enough and I’m not understanding this and that. (How did you resolve the issue?) At first the small things we could work it out, but the major problems it was because I was at fault. It was like he’s teaching me a lesson to say what you decide in life is not something that should be played with.”

What has the bosses say to you?

“I really don’t know if they would give me another chance or not and right now he’s on break from work. In the past I have only ditched work once. In my whole entire life of working, I’ve only have never gone to work once and once in my life will this happen.”

“As soon as I realize I don’t have him anymore I fear because he’s a hot commodity amongst the women and I have thought about it, how would I live without him. Right now we are starting to talk to each other. P’Tob has walked half of the way. You can say that this is a big lesson in my life and in my life I have only hoped on 2 things, succeeding in work and love. These 2 are very important in my life and if I lose one it’s like losing a big part of my life.”

So does that mean you 2 are still living together?

“Yes, we are still living together. I didn’t go anywhere and if he tried to tell me to leave, I won’t leave. When in the past, I’ve left plenty of times before.”

[Source via Entertian Teenee/INN News]

4 responses to “Peemai Tries to Reconcile With Pa Tob

    • Peemai is after the money. Why else would she stay with that person for so long. Word of advice to gold diggers, work for it to gain the trust because when you go far too early to take their money, they’ll realize it.

  1. referencing from the earlier post:

    If this he/she Pa Tob really loved her, he wouldn’t have gone back to his ex as fast as he did. He wanted the young grass and he got it. Plus, he’s so conceded. He thinks girls are all about him… psshhh, I wouldn’t even touch him with a stick!

    Peemai is stupid. She doesn’t love him either, it’s just an infatuation. She should have just gotten as much as she can out of Pa Tob and just left, but that’s just my opinion.

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