Trans-gender Emmy Snatching Note From Aump!?

“Ring…ring” the phone is loudly ringing. “Jhey Rocket” rushes over in a hurry to pick up the phone and on the other line the conversation started out immensely with “Jhey Noo” saying she has something about P’Aump to gossip about.
Oh hell! After I heard about it I had to clear my head to accept the shock that’s going to rock the entertainment business.

After that the source revealed that she’s a friend of a friend of another friend of the little tranny by the name of “Emmy” and the source was afraid that I wouldn’t have an image in my mind to how pretty “Emmy” was that she sent me a picture of of “Emmy”. From what you see, she’s pretty, cute, and “Korean” looking. Not only that, but the source revealed that “Emmy” had gone under the knife to change genders and you can say now that she’s a full woman. If she hadn’t told me that “Emmy” was a trans-gender then I wouldn’t believe it. “Emmy” has had a load of suitors and in one of those suitors is “Note” Wiset the sweetheart of “Aump” Patcharapa. The source asked me if I remembered when there were news saying Note took a girl up in his condo and that she told me the girl was Emmy. Plus it’s been rumored all around the ladyboy circle.

Then after that the source started to raise the curtain that Aump has sharp eyes and caught Note bringing a girl to his condo and screamed out 3 times very loudly when she found out that the girl that Note was trying to take up his room was a tranny. With this Aump decided to stay still with the unfaithfulness by forgiving Note so easily. Aump then did a conference 3-way call, Aump-Note-Emmy and Aump said in a mature tone to Emmy to end it with Note (if that was me I wouldn’t even talk to her. I’d slap her continually) and not to let it get out to be a wave of rumors at all. Oh my gosh! You’ll have to call  her, “Goddess Aump” for acting to mature.

What hurts the most is that at the end of the sentence was that Aump complained about ladyboy Emmy that once was already enough. The source continued to reveal that Aump doesn’t know at all that in the end Note and Emmy are still secretly seeing each other! Oiii…but what I’m curious is if Note knew about Emmy being a ladyboy beforehand or did he find out afterwards? Or did he not know at all until Aump told him and before I even got to open my mouth to ask, the source just cut off the line without a warning or a good-bye.

Aow my questions weren’t fully answered and if the source only told me the story to shock me playfully. Telling a false rumor damages Aump and she’s been seeing Note for so long, so how can someone as sexy and pretty as Aump lose to a ladyboy?

I say to the readers, don’t believe it because it’s probably another gossip that has no evidence or maybe even truth to the story.

[Source via: TV Pool]

11 responses to “Trans-gender Emmy Snatching Note From Aump!?

  1. didn’t moddum the gay vj from that one radio show try to tell her that he was cheating on her and she told him to not mess with her love life?


    • i was thinking the same thing! don’t get me wrong, aump is pretty but that tranny is better looking

  2. OMG THIS IS TRUE!! lol So much for Miss Forever Sexy lol, couldn’t even keep her man from a tranny. Ew!

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