Nathalie Doesn’t Care What Anyone Says About Her Man!

Nathalie Davis is someone who respects her boyfriend. So when she dates someone she is not trying to conceal their relationship, like her latest beau, “Earn” who posted pictures of them via facebook.

Nathalie reveals about her love life,

“It’s OK and continuously going good.” But there are a lot of pictures that leaked out. “It didn’t leak but it was put onto facebook. Like reporters take pictures of us and I don’t feel anything by it because we live our lives normally. We don’t feel suffocated.”

You’re the type that usually never hides your love. Nathalie disagreed.

“I’m not trying to hide it, but it’s more about giving respect to the other person and I don’t know why should we hide at all. When we go out places together people are bound to see us and those who read aren’t stupid to not know. As for our relationship it is they “Pee-Nong” relationship because we are 5 years apart. Right now I’m 23 and he’s 28.”

Recently netizens criticized your boyfriend saying that he doesn’t suit you at all.

“I feel nothing by it. I’m not a high school kid who wants to have a light skinned Korean wannabe boyfriend. We’re not dating each other because of that, we see it as our personalities can get along with each other, end. Some people they may not look good, but their personality is charming and when we talk to each other we understand one another.”

There’s a thread on a forum saying that, “Nathalie doesn’t emphasize on handsomeness, but instead rotten faces.” How do you feel about that?

“Perhaps the people who are reading are more rotten or the person who started the thread is rotten and probably doesn’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend at all. The have no confidence in themselves and we must take pride in ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you look good or not and it’s not like, they’re not good looking so this lifetime they have no meaning in their life at all. If you’re not satisfied with yourself and how are people to see what charms or cuteness you have? When I read it, I feel nothing by it.”

Have you taken him to meet your parents yet?

“They know and at times they’ll tell him to go pick me up. My mom somewhat trusts him because he’s older then me and it’s like he’s taking care of a younger sibling.”

Have there been talks about the future on marriage?

“No, not yet because we’ve only been seeing each other not even a year yet. It’s still a long way to go and I’m still young so I don’t see it as anything major. Dating each other day by day is happy enough for me. Being happy is OK enough for me.”

[Source via: Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

21 responses to “Nathalie Doesn’t Care What Anyone Says About Her Man!

  1. she has the right mind set about love… it’s not the looks, but what is inside that makes you get along or not… if it was all looks, she could be mistreated and have a terrible love life… kudos for her for not being a narrow minded person like some people who want looks only and all the haters out there!!!

  2. props up to nathalie for taking a stand! not everyone is after looks. those who criticize others are haters when in actuality they need to look at themselves first before they go and judge others.

    i’m proud of nathalie for never caring about looks in her previous or present relationship. she’s my new role model now.

  3. I think she could do better
    I’m not a high school kid who wants to have a light skinned Korean wannabe boyfriend. AGREE with that

  4. I’ve always adored Nathalie. Kudos on the new relationship girl! I wish you much happiness! 🙂

  5. Good for her for standing up for her love life. She looks good. He looks good. They look cute together 🙂

  6. maybe she can do better
    but we cant help who we fall for
    i’m 23 and my bf is 28 aswel but i think my bf is pretty hot 😛

  7. I’m so proud of her. Even though she is a celebrity, she’s all about what’s going on inside her heart and not all about outer appearance. Kudos to her!

  8. yes we can be harsh but i think people took it way overboard. i thought he was super ugly from comments made last years (i felt like it was a year and a couple months since they dated) but he isnt even that bad. i mean she could do better but hey like someone mentioned above, we cant help with who we fall in love with.

    im picky with looks but when it comes down to it, you just want to settle down with someone who you can relate and put your heart and soul to become one.

  9. Looks like Nathalie has someone to go with when she gets her eyebrows done. I’m just sayin’… not only is he u-g-l-y, but he does his eyebrows??

  10. She’s got the right mindset.
    That’s why there are so many divorces going on; people see a ‘pretty’ face, but not a pretty heart.
    Because honestly, after you hit that 60 or 70 mark, that SEXY face is going to be sexy WRINKLES, so get over it.

  11. Her answers are really good. Especially the part where she says “I’m not a high school kid who wants to have a light skinned Korean wannabe boyfriend.” Thats so funny that the young girls are so into that kind of look nowadays. Hopefully she is true to her words and is not simply using him for something else…

  12. I think Nathalie is thinking very clear. Not like other dara that is trying to hide their love, and if some pictures leaks out they will try to say that it was nothing. I’m sick and tired of dara that can’t axept the fact that showing their love is normal.

  13. I like the fact that she is open about her relationship. If you have the guts to date someone (why hide it).

  14. sounds normal to me just not the insults they said about her man. But the part her parents trust him enough to ask him to pick her up *claps*

    Some guys when they love they truly love and wont pressure the girl. idont get it, you would defend your boyfriend if someone tries to bash him. Why do the same to her?

  15. haha.I love it when she says “I’m not a high school kid who wants to have a light skinned Korean wannabe boyfriend. ”
    ha.Funny. But that is true most teenagers these days
    does go for the Korean looks.

  16. lol i love the part where she says about the korean wannabe bf haha and that those people who comment about rotten look they’re more rotten than him.

  17. I don’t see anything wrong with this couple. He’s fine, she’s fine. Sometimes, look can get you into a very unhappy situation so, as long as he respect her sincerely than nothing matters.

  18. he’s not ugly at all! I don’t know what people is talking about. He’s quite attractive actually. good for her!

  19. her boyfriend has a ruff rugged look which to me is better than that feminine Korean look.

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