Mario Welcomes Title, “Phra Aek Robot”

Mario get’s criticized for being too stiff on screen.

Until he was given the title, “Phra Aek Robot” (Robot Actor), young Mario Maurer accepts every criticism and admits that the reason why he’s been away from the screen is to improve on his acting skills. Mario asks to give him a chance to work on his acting.

“There are a lot of people who are criticizing and rating my acting in a bad way, but it’ll be my motivation to better myself. It’s true that I’m doing my best, but at times it requires experience. I try to do the best that I can. I never said that I was born great or have the experience at hand, but all I ask is to give me a chance to work on my acting. I want to give it 100% the next time I’m on screen. The reason why I’ve been gone for quite a bit is because I’ve been taking acting lessons because I’m still stiff right? I have been on set of my next movie and hitting the gym and I’ve been going out to events more. It’s not because I’m trying to recall my ratings back, but we call it promotion for the movie, so you’ll see me around a lot. I’m not coming back to reclaim my “hot” titile, but I’m coming back to do the work that I love and this time around is good because there is plenty of work.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Dara Daily]

11 responses to “Mario Welcomes Title, “Phra Aek Robot”

  1. u know who else is a robot actor? Son lol…anyways..most of the good actors are from ch3…he’s joining them so mayb he’ll get some tips from my opinion

  2. I watch a few of his movie and his first lakorn. His acting in his movie are better than his lakorn acting.

  3. I think people are way too critical about these actors and actresses. In my opinion Mario, Mart, Stephan, and the other actors that have been criticized in the past are fine. Mint Nutvara was also criticized for her acting (she is one of my new favorite actress) . People have to realize that its her first drama. I thought she did good for a newbie. Thai soap operas are just a depiction of life with a alot of drama in it. People have to realize that it’s not a high budget Hollywood movie.

  4. I wouldn’t quite say Mario is a robotic actor. You want a robotic actor? Son Songpaison, THAT’S a stiff, robotic actor right there.

    I think instead of criticizing Mario’s acting skills, they should switch their attention to his thick make up and bizarre wardrobes. Anddd~ maybe get the boy a tanning bed cause the boy is so white I fear he might turn into a vampire.

  5. Yes I agree that he’s acting was not that good due to his stiffness in screen, but for me he is just a beginner in this business… and nobody’s perfect, I he want to improve his acting skills, then he should do whatever it takes be at the most of it.

  6. Duh.. He has been nominated and already won best actor awards. I think this is enough to say that he CAN act.

  7. These type of awards are not seldomly initiated by envious people who, as it may be in the case of Mario Maurer, are envious about his quick rise to fame. Having won a best actor award, Mario doesn’t need to worry about his acting.

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