Poo reassures her acting is still good, doesn’t want news with guys

Rumor has it that the acting skills of n’ek “Poo” Praiya Suandokmai has gotten worse. Khun Dang, the big boss of 7 See, is disappointed in her acting in lakorn “Jao Sao Rim Taang”. Poo objects to these statements and adds that her acting is still good. She also asks to stop talking about guys.

“No kaa. I just closed the lakorn. It was fun kaa, I’m happy. I get to do a lakorn once a year, I like it. There was no problem, but sometimes they keep my lakorns to 30 scenes. It’s a drama lakorn. It’s tiring kaa. There’s no news na. It’s actually funny. I always have news like this. As far as I know, they said that they watch the lakorn and it’s fun na. The director also said that I did well on my crying scenes. I went smoothly kaa. Think about it, we filmed for 3 weeks and they already have about 70% of my parts done already kaa. Wouldn’t you think it went smoothly kaa? It will probably even be done before the due date. About my love life, it’s normal kaa. We talk, we see each other, there’s nothing much with Alex. We talk about BB too kaa. Right now, I don’t want to have news with guys kaa. I’d rather have news about my work kaa. I just don’t want to have news with them because I’m afraid that it’s going to be like it is now. That my work is not good because of it and how come I always change boyfriends. And it’s not even like that.”

Source: Daradaily

18 responses to “Poo reassures her acting is still good, doesn’t want news with guys

  1. lol how worst can her acting get when it was already bad enough..maybe she should concentrate more on improving rather than hooking up with men

  2. Her acting SUCKS! Why is she still getting nang’ek role, OH yeah i forgot it’s channel 7, boo!

  3. Since when was it good? Okay, I’m no hater, it’s just..the truth. That’s even worse when Khun Dang was the one that mentioned it. Maybe she should just continue to fully focus on school.

  4. well if its true that the ch 7 lady said that, and poo also said that.. i give poo props for standing up to herself ish

  5. HAHA yeah it was never good in the first place. She sucks as an actor & they still put her in lakorns. ridiculous.

    • oh, I like how she keeps saying she wants to focus on school & she wants to focus on graduating. but damn how many times has she flown back to do lakorns & hang with her bf & whatnot. colleges dont give you 3 month breaks like 5 times a year. -_-

  6. it’s the summer. school hasnt started. im not defending her but does it really take only 3 months to film a lakorn? wait a minute, it’s ch7. they can do a whole lakorn in a day cause their quality really stinks. im not saying all of their lakorns but let’s say most.

    it simple to not have news with guys. dont go meet guys. is it that hard? if they are just friends, request them not to take any pictures. it’s simple as that.

  7. Omg! She sucks!! She can’t act to save her life. I can’t believe ch.7 give her more lakorn to do, when she suck at acting. Yea, she pretty but no talent at all. She should just stay in school. 😛

  8. Oh and i heard her new lakorn is with Stefan Santi and i’m sorry but his acting is very sucky also. this lakorn is gonna SUCK!

    • lol poo’s acting and stefan’s acting both suck… if they are in the lakorn together, it would probably be the worst lakorn ever! the only thing that saves them are their looks.

  9. True her acting skill need improvement, too bad all the actress that start out at the same time as she did improve so much and make it way farther than she did.

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