Om says “no” to sexy pictures, maybe if with Aump

If anyone wants to contact “Om” Akapan Namart to take sexy pictures, you might be out of luck because he’s too shy of a model to take those kinds of pictures. But if the female model partner is Aump Patcharapa, then there might be a chance.

“The kind of work that I don’t want to accept are the really sexy ones because I’m shy. Plus, my style is more of acting in lakorns. People have contacted me about modeling in swimwear, but I don’t know. I’d rather not. I’d rather do what I’m doing now, I’m not too serious about it. I’d rather just act in lakorns. I’m too shy. I’m already a shy person as it is, so if I have a photoshoot with something like that, I’d be even more shy. If I really had to choose, I can pose with whoever. I’m not too seriously about it. But if I really do want to pose, I’d probably pose with p’Aump Patcharapa krub. I like her acting. I’m secretly rooting for us to film as a couple. If I get the opportunity to work with her, that would be happy krub.”

Source: Daradaily

16 responses to “Om says “no” to sexy pictures, maybe if with Aump

  1. ahaha you gotta love om!! he’s so cute and adorable!!!
    i want him and aum to play a couple too.. i wasnt that satisfied with prajun lai payak.. T___T.. they were cute in there though.. hehe..

  2. At first I was like “whats up with Om always havin’ rumors involving Aum’s name?” but I guess he is kinda crushin’ on her. lol.

  3. They definitely have to pair these two again. These two would be the new P’ek and N’ek of the century!

  4. Lol he’s such cutie. ” I’m too shy” I wanna actually here him
    say that and see the expression on his face.

  5. Wow! not one bad comment about these two pairing. I hope directors and khun Dang knows that everyone love these two pairing. The are very cute together, I am with everyone here! **love Om and Aum pairing**

  6. If they’re going to pair up then it needs to be a really good drama not one of those stupid comedy.

    • amen to that. aumP is really good in comedy. im not so sure if i like her dramatic ones since i had hardly ever finished one.

      but who to be kidding. all he has to do is smile and that is already sexy enough.

    • Naww he is so cute!! Love seeing Aum and Om together. They are such a cute couple! Loved Ubathihaet 🙂

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