Ann’s 10 year love marathon

This is another love marathon couple that has the eyes of all the people in Thailand. As for young n’ek Ann Thongprasom, the Princess of Entertainment, and “Ae” Tinpun Thunthinirun, a young businessman, have been together for 10 years now and still no signs of a special day.

The young n’ek reveals that in the next 2 years would be a more suitable time, but she will have to wait and see how other things are falling into place as well. Whenever she is ready, she will tell.

“2 years kaa? That’s hard to answer. It should be around that time, but will it work? I’m not sure. We haven’t really talked about it that much. We haven’t even talked about us getting married or stuff like that. I don’t even know if we can or not yet. When the situation is closer, I will let you know kaa.”

We continued to ask, will we see a special day for you guys in the next 2 years? The young n’ek said that it was hard to give an answer. Whenever I’m ready, there’s always some problem coming in. She also adds that her love life is normal, going on to the 10th year now.

She also says that she does not look at her relationship as a perfect one, but as a way that they can both come together.

Source: ZubZip

48 responses to “Ann’s 10 year love marathon

    • People say this to me all the time, “You and your bf have been together 7 years?? when are you going to get married?”. We are still young, 23 yrs old and while it is considered we both agree that were not ready. I don’t know how old Ann is, but I think it’s wrong for them to keep asking. It puts pressure on people and I know from experience that I don’t like it! :/

      • oh but she’s pretty old. I think its perfect timing to get married around like 30 well haha its kinda late but not really.

  1. i heard that her career is going good. i also heard from a grape vine that some folks doesnt want to jeopardize their career so they avoid marriage? please dont thumb me down lol

  2. these dang reporters are annoying .they brought up the same topic every time they see her and her response is always the same..if she was ready then she will say so they dont need to keep nagging her about it every month..

  3. 10 years! It doesn’t take a person 10 years of dating to figure out if you wanna be with (marry) a person! You either want to marry the person or not. If you don’t, you’re just wasting time and holding the person back. What’s the point of dating if the relationship is not going to go anywhere? Whatever, none of my business anyway, just stating my opinion.

    • my aunt says you date someone you want to marry. if not, what’s the point in dating. i sort of agree and disagree with her. i do believe when one date, they do pick who they would want to marry one day. and when you date and when it doesnt work out, you break up, find another man you think is suitable for marriage and if that doesn’t work out. you continue doing so.

      i dont know, anne is not getting any younger and most likely his family would want a heir/heiress. if she holds too long, having babies would be difficult for her.

    • Yes you’re right, it isn’t any of your business but yes you do have the privilege to state your opinion.

      Not everyone believe in marriage and not everyone has marriage on their mind 24/7. Educated and successful people like Ann for instant have other things to think about and worry. Life and relationship doesn’t need to end in marriage. Marriage is not a task. If two people have understanding and love for one another then they can live anyway they want. If they want to wait another 30 years, then it’s THEIR rights too. It doesn’t mean they’re wasting time.

      Plus how do you know that her boyfriend wants to get marry? Maybe he’s happy the way they are right now. Like I said, not everyone believe that a life is complete when you get marry. That may be your belief, but not everyone’s.

      Kudos to Ann for not caving into peer pressure. It’s pathetic when people marry just because someone said they should.

  4. cant really blame anne. maybe its the guy who hasnt propose to her? she cant really say when will they be getting marry when they havent even talked about it.

  5. Just look at Nat Myria’s previous marriage and Tanya’s current marriage, I’m not surprised p’Anne said she had decided yet, Nat and Tanya are two of her best friends, their marriage might effected her aspects.

  6. i don’t thinks she’s waiting bc she’s not ready to marry him or doesn’t now if he’s the one or not. she is waiting on her career. for some celebrities, ratings do change or go down bc of marrige. that’s just how it is. i believe when everything falls into place, then she will be ready. to me, marriage is just a piece of paper. if you’re perfectly happy the way you are, why does it matter? as long as you two are happy.

  7. Why do celebrities like the rich and ugly people. Or just ugly and not rich. I wonder if celebrities have love in their relationship?????????????

    • When you get older, you’d realize that lasting relationships are not based on superficial elements such as outward appearance and wealth. Celebrities are people, too. They have good and bad relationships just like the rest of the populace. I’d imagine they must have some kind of chemistry.

  8. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. My bf and I just celebrated our 17th anniversary this month. I don’t foresee us getting married for at least another 3 years. (Only reason I’d get married is because he wants kids eventually.) I am exploring opportunities around the globe while he’s climbing the corporate ladder in the states. Enjoy the good moments you share along with the independence that you have. It’s really the best of both worlds in my opinion. Ann has the right idea. If you’re confident in yourself and in your relationship, then marriage is just a piece of paper.

    • its also a matter of respect that a dude give a girl. You are right, it is a piece of paper, but that paper mean a lot. That paper come with a commitment and total respect. When a women said they don care, thats just BS. I am pretty sure majority of women would love to get married, but the guys are not proposing to them.

      • HAHA I’m sure Tanya and all the other first wives love the respect and commitment that came with their marriage certificate. It’s funny that Goldie Hawn got more respect and commitment from her life partner then Tanya did from her legally married husband.

    • Kudos to you ABC! Other people probably give you the pity look huh? Thinking that you desperately want to get marry after so many years.

      It’s just funny how we so want to be modernize but our thinking are so traditional and conservative.

      • Actually, I’ve never had the pity look. Some people were initially curious, but those who know me understand that I am just confident and independent. Then again, I don’t live in Thailand and I was not socialized to romanticize about marriage. Many of my friends and siblings are not married. We enjoy the freedom to do what we want when we want. I wouldn’t otherwise be able to just accept a contract half way around the world. I understand that this mentality is not for most people. I’m just fortunate to have a partner who is mature, respectful, supportive, and shares similar philosophies in life. I’ve trained him well (he,he,he). Besides, his mom would kick his a** if he screws up.

  9. 10 yrs?, that is long!!…still she is not getting any younger, yet she is getting more lakorns and still is!!! or marriage?..seems like its career!!!!…..still really like Ann!!!..

  10. After reading all the comments I agree and disagree. First of all I would like to say that I am stating my opinion only. 10 yrs is long enough for you to decided if he is the one whom you want to spend your whole life with. You cannot keep them hanging by the string. Having babies at your thirties and older there are health risk for you as a mother and you child. If she want to focus on her career then you shouldn’t have a boyfriend from the start. If your career is going good and you cannot let go due to the fact that you wont be popular any more.

    It is great that she is independent and know what she want in life. Whenever she ready the she get married. She shouldn’t be afraid of marriage. Every one marriage life is different.

    You can either have one or the other but never both.

  11. If she doesn’t want to have kids marriage is not important. If she is looking to start a family with him she better get going. Having a child over age 35 is harder and your at risk of having a child with birth defects.

  12. LOL at YOUNG n’eke.. Ann is pretty hope everything goes well for her and hope she will get married the one day she is ready ^__^

  13. I feel like they are going through some problems and don’t want to make it public. You barely see them together at awards shows. Anne is usally by herself. Maybe Anne knows that he’s not the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with but it’s tough to say good bye to someone that you have been with for so long. Maybe she’s at the stage where she cares for him very much but no longer in love with him. The way she said ‘She also says that she does not look at her relationship as a perfect one, but as a way that they can both come together’ sounded more like she’s with him because of pity love….that’s just my theory.

    Anne, I wish you the best! 30’s is now the new twenty so don’t rush into a marriage that you don’t want.

    • that’s true. but most likely his side of the family would want a heir. they probably loves anne but dont want to force it upon her. i dont think he not showing up to awards with her means they have trouble. he’s no celebrities. he doesnt want to be a songkran- tagging along aff every single minute.

  14. Well in relationships you have to compromise. They’re probably not getting married anytime soon because he supports her decision to continue making lakorns because it’s her passion. If both party are ok with waiting then there’s no point in rushing. However, if one party is eager to settle down while the other is not then that’s when relationships fail. (Think Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston- he wanted kids, she doesn’t so he settled for hotter Angelina Jolie lol).

  15. lol fun..i like your last word..he’s differenf from songkran..
    even he’s not a good looking (don’t want to use ‘ugky’ because its like a humiliate)….but i think he’s a nice man….sometimes he look sweet to,but not handsome..:-p

    *Btw,i’m happy with ann decision that she still doesn’t want to get married yet….I don’t want her to get married soon,i want to see her more lakorn!!…

  16. Boy, you are all making me feel old! I am around Ann’s age (more or less). She has plenty of time for kids. Some of my friends and relatives have perfectly healthy babies in their forites. It’s all about good pre-natal care. I swim 20 laps every other day and am more active than many teenagers. During my recent trip from Asia, the airport personnel at LAX thought I was only 18! He was probably just flirting with me, but I’ll accept the compliment. I’m not nearly as pretty as Ann, so age has nothing her.

  17. I wonder if she has something going on where she is already married to him long before she became famous and never announced it…..hmmmm…just like Janet Jackson and her marriage to her manager Renee. They were married for 10 freaking years and no one knew until she filed for divorce!!!! Just a thought.

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