Love Triangle Turns to Love Square? Eye Witness Exposes Tanya

Are you confused?? You thought the love triangle was about to come to an end, but who would have ever thought that the love triangle would turn from 3 to 4? Recently a very good eye witness came out to expose on a very famous web board that they saw someone who looked exactly close to actress, “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul with a handsome woman getting sweet at a very famous pub around Thonglor with a group of friends in the same group as host, “Eark” Promporn.

That’s not the end of the story, but the gossiper said that not only were they sweet with each other, but there were some kissing going on also for everyone to see! A lot of people are going off on their own speculating the reasons why to Tanya has behaved this way. Some say that it’s her way of getting back at her husband “Peck” Sanchai for having his fling with actress, “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech, but whatever the truth is we’ll have to wai for Tanya to come out and clarify it herself!

[Source via Gossip Star/Sanook]

30 responses to “Love Triangle Turns to Love Square? Eye Witness Exposes Tanya

  1. Mmm..who’s the “very good eyewitness”? I’m not buying it.
    I don’t think a mother and public-eye figure like Tanya would go around doing that to her image. Reporters already jumping to conclusions that it was her, aiyaiyai.

  2. This “eye-witness” should have been smart and took a picture or video. Eye-witnesses are useless these days without the use of the technologies we have today, so this story shouldn’t even be out!

  3. ok so someone who looked “exactly close” to Tanya, but wasnt Tanya? what? And if this really is her way of getting back at her husband, well thats the wrong way.

    Lets say she really did do that, and Pinky thinks Tanya isnt gonna forgive Peck, and Pinky goes for her move? ‘IF”. This is getitng over and carried on too much. They should get all “4” of them and face to face! Talk & Done. Go separate ways!

  4. Omggg!! Seriously c’mon People we Still Talkin bout Tis Subject wit pinky and the Whole Luv triangle!!! I am A pinky Fan So Just Wanna Put That Out There 🙂

  5. People people don’t get your panties all twisted in a bunch! There are no hardcore evidence but mouth and recollection of the eye witness who may have not even know if it’s Tanya or not. Stop assuming until Tanya comes out to clarify it like the end of the article stated.

    Thonglor is a very popular place I’m sure if only that one eye witness saw then there should be more to defend them and come out to say they saw Tanya too but there isn’t anyone backing up their story.

    IMHO it was probably a Pinky fan who got tired of Tanya and made it all up.

  6. Oh god. This is complete bull. She’s a mother now, i’m sure she’s not gonna do this ever.

  7. Oh, Please! She a mother of a beautiful daughter. If she go then that “eye-witness” person would have seen mother and daughter together. Tanya would never leave her child except when she work. Other then at Tanya had mention on all her interview report that she want to spend as much as she can with her daughter and rise her to be a good women. Her focus is her daughter NOT her husband or PINKY.

  8. It would be nice if these so called “eye witnesses” and reliable sources had some valid proof. I’m pretty sure that if they could make it to a famous pub, then they’d at least have a cell phone that could take pictures or videos. Until there’s actual proof, this is just all a story fabricated by someone who wants to stir some more trouble.

  9. Again?!?! It’s always scandal after scandal after scandal! These actresses, actors, models, singers, and whoever the hell else need to do something else with their lives besides creating stupidity. Someone tell these entertainers to actually ENTERTAIN with their TALENTS. My Goodness -__-

  10. i swear these news are just getting way too over-board.. blehh!

    and HELLLOOOO!! to the “eye witness” wtfudge man.. take some pics as proof!! the world is so high-tech rite now.. if u got no proof then stfudge up………………….. argh!

    i’m pretty sure tanya is taking care of her kid than going out and making out with another person.. sheeshh..

  11. I’ll probably believe it if there were some pictures or a video or something, but even so, why not? Her husband’s a scumbag, so why shouldn’t she get back at him?

  12. She is just trying to get back at her husband for cheating on her with pinky. If she really wanted cheat on him. Why would she do it with a lesbian. We all know that she is not gay. I don’t believe this news anyway.

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