Songkran Get’s Paid 3 Million To Act on the Silver Screen

After having a taste of acting in the movie, “My Best Bodyguard” and having taken a little break for his knee surgery, Songkran Taechanarong is back in shape and ready to return back to the silver screen in his next role, “Blind“.His latest work will have him becoming a full fledged leading actor for the first time.

With this work, Songkran was approached by “Mod” Nopporn Watin, Directoring Executive of famous company, “Epic” and with Songkran’s father, “Khun Paiwong” Taechanarong helped pushed his precious son into the movie business to let him get a feel of what it’s like working in the entertainment industry.

An insider from the movie set revealed that the movie will be somewhat of  a mystery-suspense type of movie. Songkran will be playing the role as policeman named, “Tor”, who will be investigating  the case and soon to find himself and the cause to the mystery of the story.

In the beginning there were rumors that girlfriend, “Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukchareon was asked to play the leading lady of the movie, but due to some issues, they were left to find someone else for the role. There have been news that they did find the leading lady for the movie, but we’ll have to wait for when they start filming the movie to find out.

As for the price of what Songkran will get paid to be in the movie, rumors were said that he will be getting paid about, 3,500,000 baht (roughly, 108,678.77 USD) to be the leading actor of the movie.

But we don’t know if his role before was less then what he would be paid now or if it will go into his savings fund to ask girlfriend, “Aff” Taksaorn for her hand in marriage in the future.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Dara Daily]

9 responses to “Songkran Get’s Paid 3 Million To Act on the Silver Screen

    • Actually she’s in the my best bodyguard movie. I don’t think there is nothing wrong with songkran. I actually adore him and can’t wait to see him act

  1. The guy isn’t that bad looking or a bad guy. He seems like a nice boyfriend to Aff but i think Aum is wayyy better looking

  2. y would they ask this person to act. can he even act. y pay so much money for a guy that others might not even watch. y not just pay well known actors like tik, por, aum, ken, and so on to play the part if ur going to pay so much for a guy that hasn’t act before. all the money down the drian if he can’t do the job right.

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