Pitta Reveals Tanya is Distraught Over News of Pinky and Peck

Pitta reveals Tanya is distraught over Pinky-Peck’s scandalous news never ending. As for herself, Pitta na Patalung says all she can do is give her courage, but would not want to interfere because it’s their family’s business. We would’ve thought that the love triangle would have ended by now, but ever since “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul came out to reveal that her husband, “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul is still talking to actress, “Pinky” Sawkia Chaidech. Tanya admitted to knowing about them contacting one another, but she is not going to stop them because the male side assured that they’re level of friendship is only brother-sister term. Not only that, but there were news that Peck secretly went to look after Pinky at the hospital. Recently Pitta na Patalung, close friend of Tanya was approached by reporters asking her about the situation going on and if Tanya had ever confided in her about it.

“Tanya has came to confide in me at times, but there is nothing much that I can do. The only thing that I can do is encourage her and it depends if Tanya is comfortable or not. I have to look at it if it’s right nor not. I’m younger then her so, I probably couldn’t give her much advice and it’s their family’s business and I shouldn’t try to get myself involved with it too much. So all I can do is encourage her and calm her down. In the beginning she has complained about the situation and at first I thought it was over, but it isn’t (laughs). Tanya was probably shocked when there were new news coming out, but she just left it alone and let it be up to the future. She wants to raise her daughter “Leeya” the best that she can.”

“As for the news saying that they’re living separately, I rather have Tanya speak about that herself. It’s not because I’m also close to Peck and it’s difficult for me, but this is their family’s business. When I see Peck I’m normal, like for Leeya’s birthday we saw each other and I don’t see Peck as much as Tanya, so when I see Peck I’m normal. I still respect him the same and I don’t have any problems to not speak to Peck. It’s a different topic.”

[Source via Rakdara]

20 responses to “Pitta Reveals Tanya is Distraught Over News of Pinky and Peck

  1. In my point of view. If Peck call Pinky. Pinky don’t need to answer the phone. If Pinky answer the phone. That mean Pinky still wanted Peck. I am in the same situation like Tanya. So there for I know what she go thru. It more of Pinky fault. It takes to hands to clap. So Pinky need to do something or else. She will lose reputation

  2. How do we know for sure she still talks to Peck? Because Tanya said so? If i remember correctly the last time the reporters tried to ask her about Peck she said they nolonger talk and she did not want to talk about this anymore cause its over and changed the subject right than and there. I’m not saying she was never at fault but it just all needs to end. Reporters will continue to ask questions as long as they continue to get answers, if all parties truely want the news to stop than stop feeding the media.

    • i get your point of view, but what “if” the reporters stopped talking and asking about this, but this was still going on between the 3 of them, but noone knows? Yes if both parties just stop biting on eachother, but behind all this, we wouldnt know if it has stopped.

  3. If its true that she still talk to tanya s husband. Pinky is a horrible human being!! What is wrong with her! Leave the married man alone! Is she desperate?

    • Pinky is a horrible human being and Peck is not??
      Why do you assume as if it’s Pinky who approached him again? We wouldn’t know that. Don’t be biased just because he’s married. He, too should know VERY well. Peck is at fault just as much as Pinky is if there are still any acts going on, which I highly doubt. He should also be concerned of his daughter just as much as Tanya is. <_<

  4. Pinky is pretty and young why would she want Peck. Does she think this is fun? Wrecking a woman’s life and a young baby’s life. Does Pinky believe in sin, carma? That baby is so cute and does Pinky have the heart to see that the baby needs a father around her, not Pinky around him. This brother sister crap isn’t very convincing if they still have complete contact forever.

  5. We really don’t know if Pinky and Peck are still really seeing each other but they both must know that you can not go from having an affair (emotional or physical) to having a platonic friendship. Once the feelings are there, it can not be completely erase. Especially if the affair was somewhat ended by discovery of others not to their own accord.

  6. after reading everyones opinions, I do feel now that I’m on Tanyas side, not Pinkys. If we were to choose from a mother who had a child point of view, or a young actress, it’ll have to be the mother and child. Who wants their kid to have a dad cheating on their mom? and if Pinky still hasnt stopped connecting with her husband, then what does she want with this old man? shes young and beautiful and still has a long life to go through, she can find someone suitable and young for herself, not trying to steal others husband.
    I really dont understand Pinky now. Whats haappening with her?

  7. im okay with the communication and keeping in touch but i dont buy it. i think the three of them should have coffee together and think of a way to shut reporters “nosey mouth”

    • lol Are you serious? This isn’t a lakorn where you can sit down and talk to the woman who almost wreck your home. No matter how “over it” she think she is, seeing that person will be painful. However I do agree with them finding a way to shut the reporters and here’s a suggestion. Pinky stop what she’s doing and get herself a new fling. Tanya either divorce that scum and get herself a new fling as well. As for Peck, well he can go die. As for the little princess Leeya, the sins of father shouldn’t be hers to clean up or face. Yup now I’m agreeing with majority of the people that Tanya should say goodbye.

  8. wow pitta should definitely talk some sense into tanya but then again she shouldnt be making decisions for them and Their marriage.. this is crazy the more i think about it. tanya i think its time to set pecks boat free and set out. You can do better sister

  9. Tanya just want peoples to feel sorry for her and make peoples hate Pinky by still talking about it. I just don’t understand why when she was the one who said that everything has clear up, that she understand, that she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and move on. Pinky came out and told report her side of the story and end it but Tanya still feel like she need to talk about it. This kinda thing you need to keep it between the 3 of them why put ur life out there.

    • lol it’s people not peoples!! tanya doesn’t need anyone to feel sorry for her!! aight!! put yourself in tanya’s feet!! at least she’s not exposing that ….. girl pinky!! I dislike pinkly soo much!! what is she thinking??

  10. this is fuckin stupid (excuse my language). all three of them need not to get a life or get out of sight. if tanya doesn’t want to divorce the guy then just shut up and accept your fate LOL actually i guess she has now it’s her friend that is talking and the reporters.

  11. As an outsider it isn’t her business to get involved in Tanya’s family business. I’m sure you have had those type of friends who you tell what they should do but they go and run off to do the opposite. Maybe Tanya is like that? Really it’s …not our place to tell them what they need to do and should do because in the end it’s their life that they’re living not ours. They’re the ones who have to live with their decision for the rest of their lives not us. So Pitta did the right thing by not getting involved and by only encourage Tanya into whatever decision she finally decides to choose.

  12. I just dont get why Tanya or her friend is still talking about this. OK, so it might still make Pinky look bad but t the same it might maker her look pathetic as well. So what if they are still talking? Your still with him, so nothing has really changed other than you’re willing to accept the fact that your husband is not only yours to keep. I’m not siding with any side but just wanted to say at this point in time I’m starting to pity Tanya. If her husband is still talking to Pinky than have enough respect for yourself and kick his ass to the curb. Its not like she can’t afford to raise the child on her own.

    • you nail it honda, tanya is pathetic. I can’t even feel sorry for tanya cus she allow it but still talk crap. Tanya is give out stupid interview sometime. One interview she said that she will move to the side for pinky then the other interview she said she will NOT divorce no matter what. What the hell do she really want? All she use was the baby issue which i think its full of shit.

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