Rumor: Mint Possessive of Mark?

There were rumors recently that an eye witness saw actress, “Mint” Nutvara Wongwasana from “Ngao Rak Luang Jai” and actor, “Mark” Parin Suparat were at a pub shoving down their tongue in each other’s throat. Which Mint came out to deny it and doesn’t want the the rumor to spread anymore and then recently a source who is a make-up artist at Rama 4 slipped out that…

At the event for Channel 3 which is held frequently in Hua Hin. At first Mint came with Mark, but Mint went to use make a pit stop at the restroom and when she returned she didn’t know why Mark was sitting there talking to “Mint” Chalida Vijitvongthongi, the actress from the lakorn, “Waan Jai gup Nai Jom Ying.” Mint from “Ngao Rak Luang Jai” was boiling with anger on her face that she took a glass of wine and splashed it in Mark’s face!

It left “Mint” Chalida shocked because Mark only came to her to ask her how she was doing and greeting her, but, Princess Mint (whose face is similar to “Aump” Patcharapa) was angry that her evil girl aura came out. Did she think she was in a music video?

Oyy.. something this corny .. I think the make-up artist just took a plot from a lakorn and made this all up! For sure!

[Source via TV Pool]

13 responses to “Rumor: Mint Possessive of Mark?

  1. LOL i think that it’s funny that mark’s first lakorn was w/mint n and now his next lakorn is w/mint c!! i heart mint c tho she’s uber cute mint n only looks like aump from certain angles …

  2. HAHA, lakorn much? It sounds too false. I know that both of them are good friends, but I don’t think they like each other in that way.

  3. Mint doesn’t seem like that kind of person. I think they are more of good friends (mark + mint)

  4. hahahah…they are so making this shit up! lol. bs to the core…i see a lakorn…the make-up person is trying to play director. lol

  5. She doesn’t look a bit like aump…maybe from a side angle, but not straight forward, and she’s is not pretty. Aum looks way better.

  6. It doesn’t seem that Mint would do something like this. It sounds fake. I hope she come out to confirm it.

  7. haha…funny.. for sure Mint Nutvara Wongwasana, didn’t do that.. maybe it’s just a rumor or a upcoming lakorn…

  8. It sounds like a lakorn but I’m sure it’s true. Just wait & see the next story. And I’m very sure mark & mint n. are dating.

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